Dark Lyrics


1. Unworthy

open the sky
and watch the heavens fall down at your feet
you were never worthy
your life is as pure as the air that you breathe

what made you think you could ever take this for granted?
you're begging for forgiveness, but do you even know what it is to repent?
one day you're at the altar, that night you're getting trashed
i cant stand the fact that i'm living in an era of hypocrisy
I dont care about the choices you make
what you do with your life is your decision
but at the least do me a favor..
stop lying to yourself
your selfish antics disgrace those who are truly devout
you call yourself a christian?
you say that term as if it alone will save you
try committing to something other than yourself for once in your life
sure you say it's true on sundays,
but please just answer me this...

is this your ticket to heaven?

2. A Softer Hand

coming straight from the mouth of this worthless coward
"i feel like everyone around me is only out to use me"
suffering's an everyday concept, it's bringing you down to your knees
and it's sad to say that this is an all too familiar place
"hey shawty what's your sign?
if i plays my cards right i know i'll get lucky tonight"
now tell me what was going through your head
when you looked me in the eyes and told me you loved me

this is the end of what was
you disgust me
and thats never going to change

sometimes i wonder what it must have felt like being passed around
like a little rag doll
i'm sure you've heard it before
but the only thing you're good for is that thing between your legs
every night theres a new man sleeping in your bed
taking full advantage of the hospitalities of your one night stand
i hope someday you wake up and realize theres more to life
but as for now, you brought this on yourself
nothing new for trash like you

3. 65 Geneva Drive

how can you live with yourself knowing what you've done?
what drives a man to hurt his only sister?
she already lost her mother and now you're throwing away everything she had built
we all are searching for closure, but you're doing it in all the wrong ways
i have seen our family fall apart
now tell me, would grandma be proud?
it's been a year since she has passed
and not a day goes by that it doesnt hurt to face the fact
that she is never coming back
open your eyes, the search is over. you'll see that you're all to blame
just admit it, you've been consumed by your guilt
you took her life, took it for granted. now this is what you deserve

consumed by guilt
things will never be the same

4. Later T'mater

i wonder if you're listening, cause we've been through this before
its hard for me to say why i would give you a song in your name
maybe its the fact that you were "the girl of my dreams"
but all in all it could just be that "that's just who i am this week"

you know it's kinda sad really. all i ever wanted was to be your friend
we had endless potential. i even loved your family
but clearly you didnt feel the same
was it really that difficult just to let me back in?
i tried countless times, but the shutdown was inevitable
i wasn't looking for answers. i got over that years ago
sometimes i just wonder why you threw it all out the window

but now life is better than it ever was before
i've got everything i could ever need
so much of my story has yet to be written
and as for last questions, i'll leave you with these:

remember all the summer nights were spent on your porch?
looking at the stars and talking about our lives
we were both so young and free
it wasnt long til i could see that you werent the person you used to be


remember all the time you promise me things would never change?
back in the days when the things you said meant something to me
well i do. and now you're just a memory i'd soon rather forget

5. A Need For Change

dont be afraid to live the life you deserve
we're all here with a purpose
i've been down to the depths
given up on love, given up on life
but it's times like these that have shown
true character can be found in even the most lost of souls
i was heartless. lustfull. losing faith
i turned my back on the things that i held dearest
and looking back on it now,
that was never me to begin with,
just the walls i'd built around my shell
personal demons will destroy you from the inside
i saw a side of me that i'd never seen before
but now i'm seeing how much more powerful love can be,
when it overcomes all the hate
dont let your selfishness tear you apart
trust me, i've been down that road before.
it took the love of my life to show me the light
and now i'll never look away
a new me is what you'll see
as a new beginning unfolds
everyone has demons they hold in their past
it's what we do to grow from our mistakes
that show who we really are
it's time to say goodbye
i'm leaving them behind

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