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1. Hymn To Mead

Bienvenue compagnons dans ce hall rempli d'épées
Là où nous guerriers tombés, festoyons et combattons
Les verres se remplissaient et les barils se vidaient
L'odeur du sanglier nous remplissait le nez
Mais il ne faut pas oublier, nos frères d'armes qui sont tombés
Avant que cette corne touche vos lèvres
Levez-la aux Einherjers!

They fought with us, now they are gone to Valhöll
Drink and sing well, Odin is to be pleased

Feast with us my good friends in memories of the braves
For they were companions in war and in mead
Sorrows are not a shame so you can drown them in mead
For it's the best way to honour their death

Nous voilà compagnons sur la grande plaine brulée
Là où les armées combattront et se détruiront
Le ciel se remplissait et les corps se vidaient
De leur sang une dernière fois ne perdez pas la joie

Mais il ne faut pas oublier tous les deux qui vont tomber
Avant que Fenrir mange la Lune
Levez votre hache au Ragnarök

2. Duel Of A Hundred Lights

Across the grazing field two armies gather around
Waiting for the battle to begin, looking at each other
Trying to gauge their strengths they found their numbers are even
The generals rode their horses to the center of the plain
They chose a duel was to decide their fate
Each side then rallied his most glorious warrior to fight for their own Jarl

Swords and axes swing the air, shields and armours block just fair
Blood and sparks in many sights in the Duel of Hundred Lights
We cannot already tell who's going to win this fight
One army will go to Hel at the end of this bloody night

The battle still continued no hits were ever made
Exhaustion was bringing this to an end
Shields were blasted in shards
Swords were slippery from sweat
Chainmail slowed down their pace
The two armies watched nervously
As swings were getting lame no winner was still in sight
But in a desperate swing guided by Tyr himself
They stabbed each other to death
Bravely, they battled

The warriors fell both dead
The night became silent for a brief moment
Each Jarl rallied his troops
So they can break this tie forsaken by Tyr

3. I - Us, Travelers

From luscious forests to rocky steppes,
From the green lands to the snow covered peaks
Us travelers have been everywhere
Looking for a place for the brave to call home

We have soon, so many things
You people wouldn't believe
Attack ships on fire by the Strait of Gibraltar
Flaming arrows glitter near the Constantinople Gates!

From the white dunes to the highest cliffs
From the fjords of the North to the eastern jungle,
Us travelers have been everywhen
Seeking for the time when our golden age will rise

We have seen the midnight's light reveal the scum of Jötunheim
Humans devoured by feral greed
As the Colosseum trembled with cheers
But now, the winds of time shove our sails to the new world
The land of the vines, of savage beasts
Flat horned behemoths, a place for the brave to call home

We ran upon a thousand roads
We glided on the waves of a hundred seas
By the fury of the darkest fate
We've been exiled in strange aeons
We sold our talents to highborns
To the merchant's guild or royal navy
By the blessing of the weirdest fate
We've been promised to a Frakking badass life

From Upsalla down to Thingvellir
By the laws of the North we have been found guilty
Us travellers have been thrown ashore
Now we're going to find the place to call home
Banishment is a convenient and amazing form of punishment
Now we have the chance to make a new kingdom our own
And sow the seeds of our legacy!

4. Northern Sea Journey

Our longboat has sailed on the seven seas we sought many delights
We fought the mightiest knights
Our axes are ready to strike with ease, we conquer this new ground
We defend what we've found
Our oars are swift and the wind is strong
Now lands await at the end of this sea

The Northern Sea is not foreign to us
Its violent storms, its temper is known to the vikings since ever
The stars and the winds are our allies, don't misuse them at any cost
Or in the ice sea we'll be lost

Untie the ropes get on the ship and prepare the journey
(We all must)
Share our hopes what we find shall be all written in lai
This famous tale of us Vinlanders will be folklore
And our names will be known for the discoveries we will make

Our longboat is docked and we wait the need
We don't look at the east we rest and let us feast
Our cups are filled with this tasty mead
We thank Eric the Red for his land we've been led
Our journey is getting near the end
We leave Greenland for the Vinland as we cast off

Rolling hills and riches await us
Leif Erikson and his tale have always guided our sail
The skraelings will flee our heavy steel
Loki's created these goblins we shall kill these living sins

5. Steel And Steeds

They won't take the name of a king
They fight for many tales to sing
With the power of their steel and steeds
They will ride to the endless fields

One thousand years ago not so far from here
The son of a king deserted
He rode to many places and to many marches
Finding men inspired by his quest

But on his journey he made enemies
Rules of this land were afraid
Their dream of a freedom was too great for them
To be left alive in this world

They won't take the name of a king
They fight for many tales to sing
With the power of their steel and steeds
They will ride to the endless fields

Strike against the ground
Charge towards the storm

He rode with his blood brothers
With their swords pointed to the sky
As Freyr watched upon him
Blessing his men with power and might
They didn't need more
But one day the king attacked our friend
He fought bravely guiding his own to victory

They won't take the name of a king
They fight for many tales to sing
With the power of their steel and steeds
They will ride to the endless fields

Strike against the ground
Charge towards the storm

6. Exiled

From the green fields of Ireland
Comes a banished scholar
Truth invaded his writing hand
He claimed the sun was a star
Condemned for heresy, condemned for liberty
No walls could shelter him, the light of hope was dim

Liberty he found with us

Thrace is another's home, a dark and stoic man
Raised in the culture of Rome
War and raids were his ban
He met with many races, he went to many places
To the Vinland he once went,
With his master's death he paid his rent

He will make his name with us

We are all exiled from our native lands
We don't think of going back there
We will conquer and live by our own hands
We claim the Vinland as our own lair
This land calls for our victory, prepare yourselves for discovery
Unknown lands are dangerous, conquering is far from gracious

The Vinland standard we shall raise
The Vanir and Æsir we shall praise
The old continent is is just memories so make yourselves at ease!

In the heartland of Europe lived a honourable count
His rankings were amongst the top
His mighty castle up on a mount but pious he was not
Some wanted him to rot
Accused of heresy, he went away
In the North he wanted to stay

He will make his fief with us

Grim fjords and dark skies built a ferocious man
Christianity he denies, berserking he killed and ran
Burning every church he saw, raiding the next abbey
He had a taste for things raw
His ship sailing to the next bay
He will shed much blood with us

7. II - The Call To Freedom

Nous avons voyagé par la montre et la boussole
Afin de vous porter un présent
Une facon de connecter avec les entrailles de la Terre

Et de tuer l'inertie qui envahit nos vies

(Roi, Mendiant et Poète)
Les empires tomberont quand nous nous lèveront
(Savant, Voyante et Maître-lame)

La liberté de nos fils est à la portée du poing
What we leave for this world is a kingdom of awe
What we build with our hands is the ale that ease our soul
What we yell at the top of our lungs is the call to freedom, to our home
The songs we sing and the stories we tell are retaliation to the downfall


Ge royaume est celui de la feste infinie
Des légendes et présages de la sagesse d'Odin
Que ceux qui arrivent à garder leurs sens
Ecrivent les mémoires de cette nuit

8. Thùnn Kivavit Ankris

Ossnjallr maðr Hyggsk munu ei lifa
Ef hann við vig varask En elli gefr
Honum engi firð thott honum geirar gefi

Thamr eg rás enos tid Al böf dæ kornisjá sáley
Kále klád thor to vososi deblaum bery
Stév a bri se fimm de brusli
Rejdnald haplley a sjen tla beyr
Nu kump thon djuska dei Remuv kebab ondira
Sken vudra lotonn soy boan tubarnak

Deyr fé deyja fraendr deyr sjalfr it sama
(Thunn kivatit ankris)
En ordstirr Deyr aldregi hveim er sér gedan getr!
(Thunn kivatit ankris)

Sjpopo mankey do sjur deyr djeub skeypo kuafu dirr dey plysr
Gildo rua fok of fvit, kyak
Ralu mey du bua maur pla reychafey servi fruaja
Tanka mua Distoriam sey maur doput ley tepassey
Tadunney un estid sja tai unn kriss debanga tu furr moa thfu

9. Flaming Sails

Sur la froide mer du Nord
Suède et Norvège
Envoyèrent leur flotte de guerre
Se battre dans les fjords

Rain of fire coming from every side
Along with the sounds of the screaming men
They jumped from the ships
Fleeing from the flaming sails

The waves are fierce
The wind is growing stronger
Ægir's fury will win
Against us mortal men

Les vaisseaux maintenant en morceaux
Flottant sur la mer glaciale
Qui d'autre à remporté cette guerre
Que le dieu des profondeurs?

10. Vinlanders (Defend The Land)

The enemy ambushed the land
They've taken all the gold we had
But never will they take our pride
And the faith we have to our gods

The blood of the elders
Is pouring in the rain of pain
Our wives and our children
Defend themselves in vain

Something has to be done
We can't let this go on

Us, Vinlanders will sacrifice our lives
To defend the legacy of this land
We will crush every enemy we'll see
With the power and the glory that'll lead us to victory

We fought for days and days
And never saw the end
Many men have given their life
To the good of the ancestors land

Now that the battle's coming to an end
After several weeks of assault
We're now claimed as the heroes
Who saved the honour of our land

11. Deadly Shores Of Wasted Hopes

They came from the western lands
With faith in an unique God that rules them all
They thought they could convert us
With swords and with empty words of gifting
We fought for our gods
We fought for our own pagan land
Perkons didn't strike them down
A sign that the battle we fight is in vain

Spearheads that pierce through metal
Axes that are always fatal
Arrows that are never amiss
The men will not survive this
Perkons with his rolling thunder
Dievas with his role as father
Saule with her rays of pure bill
The gods will not survive this
Now, forever, we all must defent the land

As the battle leaned for them
There was nowhere to leave but the shores
And then waiting for harsh judgement
We knew there was no hope left for this
They fought for their God
They fought smiting us vile pagans
Our ways will not survive time
Their ways will prevail for we are lost

Now, forever, we all must defend our sacred ways

12. Venturing Forth

We are venturing fourth far into the unknown

Hills extend before us all across this land
Don't make it such a fuss, it is not what we planned
We don't care, we are lost, but we're not ready to unpack
The sun is setting behind us but we are not looking back

What shall we find on this side of the earth?
How did we get to the end of this sea?
When will we find our homes and our wives?
Where are the places that will welcome us?

Now we gather around with fire and with song
We're ready for one more round, it has been too long
Drink your horns filled with mead, for
It's the end of your days
We are Distoriam, Thor
Don't leave us from your gaze!

Sir Thomas Samæl Friedrik Rex I: guitars, vocals
Frakkur the Wise: Irish bouzouki, pibcorn, vocals
Sophie the Tavern Wench: keyboards, hurdy-gurdy, vocals (backing)
Yann "Stormblood" Pouliot: bass, vocals (backing)
Sire Le Brave: guitars (lead), vocals (backing)
Le-Tappeux du Pied-Chaussé: drums, mandolin, flute, vocals (backing)

Thanks to wangdelphi for sending these lyrics.

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