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1. Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom

[Music: Nödtveidt/hman]
[Lyrics: Nödtveidt]

I - have travelled through eternity
I will - reign once again

You will never rule again!

Hunger - A thirst for your pain
I will - see your kingdom burnt by sins

Join my crusade of a time left to come
To spill the blood,
You're the ones who never saw the sun

Now I hear it, the calling
I hear the calling of the mist
The ancients and their slumber
Eenai, will rise again from the sea
From the sea...

2. Frozen

[Music: Nödtveidt]
[Lyrics: Nödtveidt]

Far beyond all light
Within the black and the coldest breeze
Caressed by the dark, I had my sleep

Awakened by the moon
Nocturnal life, my powers to be
Keeping myself alive by sucking your mortals blood...

Frozen winds of immortality
as I drown in obscurity

Still feeling the taste of blood...
It makes me so strong...
I spread my wings...
Into soul winter I fly...

Tears in my eyes turns into fire
as where I belong...
The cold within, it chills my skin,
my heart and soul...
In ecstasy I shred myself
to release whats held within
In solitude I'm having my pride
I, Transylvanian son...

Frozen winds of immortality
as I drown in obscurity

I fall deep into whats for me unseen
Eternal flames lick my face
In purgatory I'm all within
But I'm forever bound to my frozen soul...

3. Feathers Fell

[Music: Zwetsloot]

Feathers fell... like leaves from a tree
Blood ran... like water from a sea
Angels cried... as the rain poured
Feathers fell... they'll fall no more...

4. Son Of The Mourning

Evil son......
Spread your wings of deepest black
Spit on "god"......
May his lies be forgotten

The son of the mourning
A gift to our earth
Christ stands tall no more
So bestow your force upon us

Gaze into the wall of these restless souls
Eternally, lost in fear of your
godforsaken son

You have tasted suffering
That dove of life has died
Paralyzed and terrorized
By the fear you feel inside
Caught within the floods of blood
Evil, departed sea
Immortal but now it's like to forever bleed!

We saw the truth
And it's the draining of the blood
of your false redeemer
The mourning son has now control
So what if it's evil

5. Mistress Of The Bleeding Sorrow

[Music: Nödtveidt/Zwetsloot]
[Lyrics: Nödtveidt]

So dark...I'm facing my destiny
As far as pleasure led my disciple was me
For ages I have been searching for my bride
Since she passed away grief became my guide

As darkness falls above
- It will be there for centuries
My mistress of sorrow she will hear my call

I sort of entered the other side...
when those words were called up to the sky

As darkness falls above
- It will be there for centuries
Mistress of sorrow, please hear my call

As darkness falls above
- It will be there for centuries
No mistress of sorrow ever heard my call

[dedicated to life]

6. In the Cold Winds Of Nowhere

[Music: Nödtveidt/Zwetsloot]
[Lyrics: Nödtveidt]

Search for my subconscious
Lead me into myself
A need to discover the dark
A will to enter these gates
Oh, This temptation
to end this empty life
In my dreams I saw my real side
A journey through forever
my visions oh so bright
Watching eternity open
as I turn out life's light
Oh, this temptation
to leave this earthly shell
Deep inside, the toll of deaths bell

In the cold winds of nowhere

With a sigh I pass away
Falling, into harmonic sleep
Then Ill find my prophecies wasn't lies
Falling, into the abyss I come...

I...I am dying...
Death...Does heal me...

In the cold winds of nowhere

7. Into Infinite Obscurity

[Music: Zwetsloot]

8. The Call Of The Mist

The darkened sky above possesses a sense
of far beyond
Dismal visions from a distant past summons
a fate unknown
Ancient visions sweeps fast by your blinded eyes
A raven flies over the cenotaph, an ancient
force to rise


Caressing the ground of the evil one
Infinite songs heard clear and strong
This once so placid place is now
where the dead speak and walk
The call of the mist - suffocation
of all life
Conjuring of souls, then lain in

Devour my souls in eternal blasphemy
I'm the mourner of the ones who died for you
Swallowed by the dark embracement
Open wide the somber gates!

My god has horns......

9. Severed Into Shreds

Holding a magic cube
Not knowing about my fate
Prince of darkness leads
my way down
As seas of morbid
thoughts and shaped sets
in this evil spell
Deformed being laughing
at you
Now you are in hell

Growing dead
Deep inside
The fear of my fate
Will I ever wake up?

Hook after hook
Tearing your flesh apart
A red cascade flows
Is it nice to bathe in
Malignant severing
Slow excrucation
Cutting you to shreds
Why this abomination?

Severed into shreds!

10. Satanized

Searching the meaning of life
Pages of satanity unfolds
This is a nice hell, paradise
Open up for Satan, and bleed

Fallen angels, come for me
My body is dying, I'm no longer me

Come forth and open the gate
As we are burning the symbol of Christ
And forever we'll be satanized
Demons now come for me
My body is dying, I'm no longer me

Behold my power, and die!
Legions of hate will conquer
All will follow my spell
I lead people from Christ

Satanized I was born
Satanized I will be

11. Born In Fire

1997 Necropolis Records

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Thanks to chaossphere666 for sending tracks #4, #8 & #9 lyrics.
Thanks to Tiago Cattani for sending track #3 lyrics.
Thanks to pablo_ramirez26 for sending track #10 lyrics.

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