Dark Lyrics


1. Domestic Prison

Barefoot and pregnant
cooking his dinner obey his demands
he's the breadwinner
he comes home from work and slaps her around
forces her to fuck
then leaves her on the ground,
life without parole in this domestic prison,
since you said, "I do."
your life has been hell,
captor of his cell never speak up
play the helpless role,
do what he wants
hes swallowed your soul


macho attitudes stem from inner fears
your forced to hide your emotions,
never showing tears.
From the way you were raised to the image on the screen,
your true feelings still remain to be seen,
lash out in embarrassment,
your egos been deflated,
end dominance before it becomes instated,
Break free of the chains,
we want no gods or masters,
no one to be enslaved by chauvinist bastards,
domestic slavery
shall become the past,
destroy restrictions
liberate at last might just right
trust and honesty,
love and compassion
distributed equally


2. Mass Graves

Twisted dreams of a thousand-year Reich
distorted hopes of a master race.
From '33 to '45 the Nazis reigned throughout the years
racial hatred has sustained
innocent victims-wrongfully enslaved
endless corpses-buried in mass graves
The worst massacre in the history of "man"
To rule the human race was the fascists plan
6 million people slaughtered in vain
6 million murdered in Hitler's name.

corpses churned out like a bloody slaughterhouse
bulldozed into ditches like fucking trash
the graves covered along the consciences.
We must not let this ever happen again
to the whole idea we shall put an end
scum of the earth still exist today
We shall put them out of the way


3. Complaint

it's been said before,
well say it again,
won't stop screaming,
'til we make amends,
it's nothing new,
But nothings changed,
The fights not over,
we continue to complain.
complain until you end their pain.
Our voices cry,
our anger mounts,
people who care,
that's what really counts,
instead of criticizing,
why don't you help,
we need support,
to free them from this hell,


4. A Life's A Life

Countless creatures kept to die,
bash their brains to find out why,
electric shock includes stress void of results are these tests.
It hasn't helped us in the past,
so why do you make their suffering last,
of course it's 'cause you're getting-rich you don't care for life one bit,
we've beat disease by changing ourselves,
so take these cages off the shelves,
we only want them to be free,
a life's a life cant you see?
Test the limits of their mind,
it sheds no light on humankind,
the medical industry is a farce,
Here's where liberation starts.
Placebos to keep you content,
you know not where money's spent,
you find the labs which kill to cure but are they sure?
You cant be sure you didn't see what happens past those walls,
if you did,
you'd be appalled,
our bodies are not structured the same,
liberation our final aim...
uvisection is scientific fraud!!!

5. Pay For...

claim your honest,
your prices fair your only goal is to fill your wallet,
pay for their shit,
you're a rip off,
down right thieves,
costly sellouts,
money grubbers,
pay for their greed.Take what we've done,
smash it to bits,
hungry for profit,
starving for gain,
pay for their greed,
Don't come here to empty my pockets
I wont support business ideals,
Pay for their shit!

6. Unrest

I saw a black man on T.V.,
brutalized by authority,
he was,
He was beatened to the ground,
clubbed over and over,
just another case of abuse of power,
it just so happens all the cops were white,
6 on 1 the pigs prove their might!,
race crimes committed throughout the years,
police thrive off the public fears

now is the time to rise from this staggent slumber.

Stop the racist crime,
before its figures grow in number,
besides proof beyond a reasonable doubt,
amidst the angry ories and shouts,
the guilty party get off scat-free,
in their white-ex cop community,
basic rights stripped because of ones race,
among the jury,
not a single black face riots insure public outrage and anger suppressed for fucking ages,


some times it takes more than shouts and banners,
we must fight back but not in this manner,
you haven't challenged those who are to blame,
your cells and innocence the ones you maimed,
these ignorant scum they have to pay but there's gotta be a better way,
human rights pertain to all the people,
we've got a long way to go before we're truly equal,


7. Reality Distortion

Behind walls of lies the plain truth,
which some attempts to deny and hide,
reality's grip is slowly loosened images falsified.

The media shit has your brainwashed.

Open your eyes stop being blind you clearly see the horrors are real,
miserable conditions,
agony prolonged,
yet you ignore the pain they feel.

Their propaganda has fucked your mind.

Chickens debaked,
chicks are smothered,
pigs are starved,
bulls castrated,
veal cows fed hormones,
female cows constantly impregnated.

Mans tyranny over other living beings cannot be justified or proven safe,
people starve while doom cows eat what could be theirs,
factory farms are modern day concentration camps.

The conditions these animals are raised in are inhuman and extremely cruel,
forget these fairy tale images that the media has so conveniently led you to believe they are reared to live and eventually die in misery,
they've put family farms out of business you profit from the animals suffering so it's up to you and I to stop the torture!!!

8. Down My Throat

As individuals we have separate opinions,
some of them may clash while others concur but you,
you rush your views like some sort of Drug.

And criticize all who beg to differ.

Your views are shoved right down my throat I'm your equal,
no fucking scapegoat.

Your militant actions prove how shallow you are,
why cant you regard opimous that aren't your own.

Who are to look down on me?
So my discontent it grows and grows.

Your beliefs are forced right down my throat,
my respect dwindles as my anger bloats!

9. Tortured In Entirety

Their entire life is spent
Chained by the neck
In a tiny wooden crate
No light or fresh air
Liquid diet causes diarrhea
Suffering from loneliness
For 16 weeks until the butchers knife ends it all

10. Religion Is A Fraud

Another set of rules to keep you in line
They've reserved you a space so you bide your time
Something to look forward to, something to make you feel safe
So you gave all your support to the church and state

Religion, religion, religion is a fraud
And so is the myth you refer to as god

Send your kids to school, hope they'll fit the mold
Make them learn they'll be punished if they don't do as they're told
But it's punishment enough growing up in these times
They don't need a godwash to cleanse their minds

Something to keep you content until you die
Pray every day to Jesus and all will be fine
Why don't you grow up and observe all the lies
God's only in your head, when will you realize

11. We Stand Corrected

We've never claimed to be politically correct
Have you ever heard the term nobody's perfect
We do what we can to preserve the earth
No matter what you do, they estimate your worth

Fucking critics leave me alone

One false move the P.C. are there to tell
You want to seem better than everyone else
Have you nothing better to do than put people down
You're not helping matters, you're only making bounds

12. Faction Disaster

Another movement - struggling to maintain
Senseless in-fighting - strengthens the strain

Factions hinder our dreams
So let's end them by all means
Learn to accept differences
And fight as a unified force

In a scene - where unity's achieved
Bigger problems solved - petty arguments relieved

Factions create divisions

13. Human Garbage

You're raping mother nature
As ecosystems collapse
Under the tremendous weight
Of a dominant mankind

Suffering earth - mankind's to blame
Suffering earth - reconstruction the aim

Wildlife expended
Exploited for human gain
All at mans leisure
All at nature's expense

Entering the woodland with your traps and your guns
Stalking helpless animals for sport and for fun
But your idea of sports is as sick as it gets
You slaughter and you maim without any regrets
Well someone's going to stop you, I promise you that
We wont sit back and watch it end as wallets grow fat
Millions of us out there know what you do is wrong
And together we're effective, our movement holds strong

14. Without Sincerity

You strut around the stage like a fucking god
You're in your own world, that's where you will rot
In it for a buck, you're never sincere
The end of this dreamworld is all that you fear

Rock star fuck off - you make me sick
Rock star fuck off - your attitude sucks

People are just fans, all lower than you
They mean nothing, but neither do you
Girls are your groupies, pieces of meat
And end to this bullshit, I anxiously greet

15. Neglected

Brought into this world on quite unfair terms
Subject to abuse, with lessons to learn
But no one to teach you, you're teaching yourself
Misery and fear is all you've ever felt

Left on your own - unfortunate soul
Fend for yourself - in this world you're alone
Screamed at and hit - treated like shit
With no one to trust - neglect's all you get

Beaten unconscious, a daily routine
Nowhere to sleep, hungry, unclean
Sift through the garbage and find your next meal
This isn't TV, it's quite fucking real

16. Same Old Shit

Sometimes when I'm falling down drunk
I may seem bothersome 'cos you're strag
But then again so are you

Same old shit

When I wake up tomorrow
I'll be my same old self
Without a single worry

Same old shit

But you, when you awake
You'll be the same ignorant fuck
That you were the night before

Same old shit

17. For What?

A minks fur savagely ripped from its back
So wealthy cunts can flaunt their riches
I can't see the glamour in wearing dead flesh
All they see is dollar signs as the animals perish

And for what? (glamour!)

Lipstick rammed down a rabbits throat
Hairspray shot into its eyes
So cunts can look and smell like shit
Why aren't they the ones that are made to suffer?

And for what? (sport!)

Electrodes strapped to their splintering skulls
Radiation surging through their bodies
Repetitious tests once again prove useless
But still you continue to ravage and destroy

And for what? (science!)

And for what?

18. Squandered

Gallons of oil spilled into the seas
For constant advertising fallen trees
The atmosphere breached for senseless glamour
Careless bastards, with nature they tamper

What a waste
What a fuckin' waste

Cruelty practised for vanity's sake
Profit's from fashion, an image that's fake
A life's a life, why can't you see?
If only you'd end their misery

Our resources squandered for wealth and greed
Taken by the rich from those in need
Without conservation doomsday nears
As the ugly head of gluttony rears

What a waste
What a fuckin' waste

19. Mindlock

Bunch of fucking mindless goons
We must rid the senseless fear and
Dare to evacuate your shell
Trendy fucks go to hell
We must break free of cliques and
Insurgents, outcasts, not allowed
Well fuck you and your limited thought
Your individuality´s shit

No more mindlock

Why can´t you think on your own
True feelings never shown
Don´t be afraid to speak your mind
Leave your fears behind
Why can´t you think for yourself
Instead of following everyone else
Take your rules that are so crass
And show them up your ass


Fashions chains bind you together
Ruining sense of creativity
You´re drowning in your peers believes
Stricken to conformity

[1st verse]

20. Green To Grey

More forests fall, more land is cleared
Progress and development instill its fear
Slowly but surely earth's wasting away
But they never fret 'cause they're still getting paid

Buildings replace forests
Earth turns from green to gray
A hazardous environment
Uncertain of another day

The sun is shining, it's rays burning strong
Your skin begins pealing, somethings gone wrong
But you see, without trees there is no shade
But they don't give a fuck as long as money is made

The soil crumbles and washes into the sea
No roots to secure it so it becomes free
Village water contaminated, unsafe to drink
When will these bastards fucking think?

21. Critics

There is no competition
We're not striving to top the heap
Unity will never be
If we insist on judging others
Don't take it at face value
Why can't we just lend support
Instead of building obstacles
We feel impelled to overcome

This is no contest

Your opinion is respected
But you always cut us right down
Without bothering to give it a chance
Jump the gun, attach your label
By assessing, you're dividing
Constructing walls which need not be
Who are you to find fault
We're "only" human and you are shit

Life is no contest

22. Dog Eat Dog

No sympathy or empathy
Only greed, fear and deceit
No unity or trust
For life you must compete
Striving for existence
A human stampede
Survival of the fittest
Oblivious to other needs

You´re damned to hell if you don´t abide their laws
Another fault in an endless wave of flaws

Trampled by progression
Run into the ground
The carelessness of man
Never cease to astound
Selfishness, avidity
Fueled by dreams of wealth
Blinded by ignorance
Not hinking of our health

In a dog eat dog world it´s are struggle to exist
An army of selfish pigs who want out to enlist

23. Deprived

In a third world country
Another child is born
Dying of malnutrition
its parents weep and mourn
Stomach is bloated
Desperation in its eyes
Beside an empty bowl
Its emaciated body lies

It could have been avoided if someone had been concerned
What would you have done if the tables had been turned!

Poverty stricken people
Neglected and alone
The place we call hell
Is the place they call home
A stagnant culture
Income nearly ml
Their governments abandoned them
Crush all hope and will

Spending billions on weapons, their minds are set on profit
The poor are still downtrodden, it´s time we fucking stop it

Another child is born
Famished, underweight
Hunger pains cripple
Death lies in wait
The wait is soon over
For famines slave
The child is then buried
In a tiny, shallow grave

It never had a chance, from the womb to the grave
Another life deprived, another U.S. dollar saved

24. Give It Back

Capitalist pigs
Suck the earth dry
Corporate leeches
You don´t own me

Give back the land

Slumlord pigs
Swindle the poor
Why is it up to you
If they freeze or starve?


Compete for riches
At others expense
Materialistic fools
Increase government control


25. Victims Of Tradition

You grew up "normal", parents taught you well
Learn to trust in god or your soul will rot in hell
It´s natural to hate those different from you
Namely blacks, gays, Hispanics and Jews

CH: Victims of tradition

Obey your teachers, every word the speak the truth
Even if they say music´s the downfall of our youth
It´s wrong to deviate from what they call the norm
You´ll be condemned if you choose to not conform


Turkey on thanksgiving, flags waved on the fouth
Steak dinner every Sunday, after mass of course
Get married in a church, three children and a wife
Safe and secure in your traditional life


26. Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish

Exorbitant prices must diminish
Exorbitant prices must decrease

It´s gotten out of hand
More money they demand
Inflation rising
The economy´s about to rupture

All your stinking cash
Shove it up your ass

Fortune their conquest
They´re robbing us blind
Seeing to their own needs
Less fortunate forgot

Enough money to wipe your ass

Exorbitant process must diminish
Exorbitant process must decrease

27. Smash Divisions

You´re narrow minded
Building walls we´re trying to destroy
Bigoted morons
We´ve had it with you, you fucking annoy

Smash divisions - and all who build them
Smash divisions - to hell with them

Black or white
Male or female, punk or skin
We´re in this together
Together´s the only way we´ll win


What makes you better than anyone else?
Keep your foolish thoughts to yourself
Bashing gays
Just because they´re different from you
This isn´t Auschwitz
You´re not Hitler and they´re not your Jews


28. Lack Of Intelligence

You're just a macho pig

Drink a 6-pack, ready to unload
Anger is building, ready to explode
Feel you must prove your courage and might
Find someone weaker, now you must fight

Macho pig

Your arms are big, your brain is small
If there's anything in your head at all
You're nothing more than a mindless jock
Pumping your iron, go pump your cock

Macho dick

You're just a macho dick

Stumble around, show off your muscle
Liquid courage, you're drowned in its puddle
False sense of strength, wound in a cocoon
Macho bigot, your day will come soon

Macho pig

Macho pig go fuck off!!!

29. No Values

They live on the streets, can't get a decent job
You view them as bums, you label them slobs
You beat them up, you spit in their face
What the fuck would you do if you were in their place?

No values

Alone in the dark, the freezing cold
Only part of the famine that infests this world
You always put them down because you are rich
Well what would you do if there was a switch?

No values

30. Solidarity

Narrow-minded views
Discolored red, white and blue
Proudly wave old glory
Hand on heart, it's the same old story

Faithfully defend your precious flag
How could you risk your life for a rag?
By choosing this path of nationalist pride
Feelings of solidarity stay bottled inside

Flag burners beware!
You'll be thrown in jail if you dare
This frame of thought's insane
Flush tradition down the drain

We'll never be free with such restrictions
Paranoia and false convictions
If there's a chance for solidarity
Let's step aside and let it be!

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