Dark Lyrics


1. Misanthropic

[Music by : R. Cabeza, F. Estby. Lyrics by : M. Kärki]

Since the dawn of time
it has reigned supreme
it's running through our veins
a primal legacy

Deep within a blackened heart

The surge of raw aggression
rages deep inside
unavoidable instinct
waiting to be free
live for vengeance
revel in violence
in the heat of conflict
hatred takes control

Embeded in our genes
hate lay hidden
blood is the trigger
to the acts of the forbidden

Supressing the rage within
denying the inbred fire
instead of using it right
they kill their dark desires
enforcing the ways
ignorance of evil
the only true emotion
restrained in moral chains

2. Pagan Saviour

[Music by : Autopsy. Lyrics by : Chris Reifert]
[Pagan Saviour is an Autopsy cover tune]

Visions from the altar
Ripping through your soul
Seeing through the master's eyes
Young flesh the goal

Brutal rampage
Destroy the house of christ
Obey your master
Another victim violently dies
Head torn off
A trophy raised to the sky

Bloody priest
Dies in pain
Stomach chewed open
Lying on the grave

As you bathe in the piss
Your master rains upon your face
Hear the calling from the abyss
Pagan destroyer crushes your race

Final reward
Bestowed upon you
Look into his eyes
As your head is removed

3. Shadowlands

[Music by : D. Blomqvist, F. Estby, R. Sennebäck. Lyrics by : M. Kärki]

Who watches the watchers
hiding behind the light
who'll pay for their crimes
will you die for their lies
the star and the crescent moon
symbol of slavery
soaked in blood
throughout history

Fanatical minds
enforce the way and law
pound the weak into submission
forced into misery
betrayed by their leaders
they're sent out to die
on blooddrenched fields
all praise allah

Deadly, Opium for the mind
it dulls the senses and kills the soul
Garbage, Holy verses of the koran
justify their war on other lands

No fear of dying martyrdom awaits
it's easier to die than to live

4. Afterimage

[Music and Lyrics by Fred Estby]

Given a gun become god for a day
on my way to carry it all out
take on blowing the bitterness away
contribute with my share of grief
from being trapped in life
become a prisoner in death
if there was something else worth dying for
i'd give myself

A promise of blood in the air
blow it up burn it down for all I care


Bring on the ultimate human hunt
rid the world of filth
killing time of my life
drowning in self created guilt
revenge is not a deadly sin
it's an obligated call
there is no regreting there is no doubt
religion is nothing betrayal is law

Faith slipping essence of crime
rule the rest of my borrowed time

In the age of an overkill
bridges burning fast
cant clench the fire
of a fury so vast

5. Shapeshifter

[Music by : D. Blomqvist, F. Estby. Lyrics by : M. Kärki]

A long dark tunnel
lies before me
through the pain of afterlife
i reach for the light

What was shall be again
though in a different form
erased and blank
i enter life

The path lies open i'm free to choose
from the multitude of options
to let my instincts guide me
through this long and winding walk

Greeted by depressing fear
can't go forward but can't go back
cold and dark remembrance
the years that pass before my eyes

My body grows weak and die
the cycle of death is complete

restrained in moral chains

Matti Kärki - vocals
David Blomqvist - lead guitar
Robert Sennebäck - rhythm guitar
Richard Cabeza - bass
Fred Estby - drums

Produced by Fred Estby and Dismember
Recorded at Sunlight Studios, October-December 96 by Fred Estby
Engineered by Fred Estby
Mixed at Sunlight Studios, December 96 - January 97 by Fred Estby
Mastered by Peter In De Betou at Cuttingroom Solna, Sweden

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