Dark Lyrics


1. I Saw Them Die

[l: Kaerki, m: Estby/Kaerki]

No limit, no number too high
To commit the sickest of crimes
Homicidal enjoyment,
Afrenzied lust to kill
Something they never understood
I crave blood

Twist of the knife
Internal adjustment
Mortal flesh impaled

I saw them die
All empty of their life

I'll be thy master
Your sinful messiah
Evil incarnate
Pain and pleasure, death defined
No end to my reign of hate

2. Massive Killing Capacity

[l: Kaerki, m: Cabeza/Estby/Kaerki]

Unseen and deadly
Phantom of the skies
Tool of massdestuction
Child of an insane mind

Millions are dead
Millions will die
Rejoice this day
As death rain from the skies

Deformed fraks
Survivors of the blast
Incinerated existence
Even death can last

Winds of destruction
Sweep the earth
This is the new order

No turning back
Drop the iron first
Uncountable casualties
Life cease to exist

3. On Frozen Fields

[l: Kaerki, m: Cabeza/Blomovist]

I rise from my trench
Blood rushing in my head
Out into no-man's land
Out to join the dead

Sick of living, unwilling to die
Killing just to stay alive

On frozen fields of horror
March through the firestorm
Mangeled victims lay
Forgotten and forlorn

To voiceless cries only
The deaf ad here
Blinded I rage uncontrolled

Fool killing fool
Conflict makes us tick
Pig killing pig
The human race is sick

Pain twist my body
As my enemy splits my face
Another fucking victim
Left to die in a bloody haze

4. Crime Divine

[l: Estby, m: Cabeza/Estby]

A life under bod
Blind - still walking
Mental murder
Deaf - still talking

Crime divine
Mindread, explored
All reason dead
Brainwashed, forlorn

Experience the sour
Taste of holy pain
Oppressed and forsaken
Religiously insane

Breed in chains

5. To The Bone

[l: Cabeza/Kaerki, m: Cabeza/Estby]

In this mud of lies I crawl
Emptiness is burning me
Blind hatred
Drives me to extremes

Thorns of lies
Pierce my mind
The bitter truth
Is all I find

Black is all see
Within these waes of pain
If i can't fing myself
I'm better off dead

I can't forgive
Once given trust turns to dissust

I'm lost in misery
I'm deep into pain
Frustration and anger
To the bone it eats
Hate is all I feel

I can't forget
The wounds of betrayal still
Bleeding fresh

6. Wardead

[l: Estby, m: Estby]

Lieproducing, crime-saluting
Humiliating, segregating
Life-eating, gun-feeding
Hypocrisy, society

Warscene overcrowded
Loss of civil liberties
Life spilled like blood
Misanthropical atrocities

Warmachine is discipline
Furiously killing clean
He power addiction
A lethal infiction

Raped by bullets
Innocent dead
Evidence elimination
Strategy spread

Wrdwad though bloodshed
Face-up, forgotten corpses


7. Hallucigenia

[l: Cabeza, m: Cabeza]

On my throne of sin
I watch the demons feed
Nails cut deep into my flesh
And release my pulsing blood

Serpernts dance before my eyes
And tempt the lust inside
Let me taste the pain
Devour me my wicked queen

Whip me with chains of sin
Let your jaws open my skin
Lips and tongues licking the
In ectacy I'll rise

Whores of hell
Demons appear to feast on my need
Bleed with me
Souls forever free

Taste the pain and its desire
Like a drug its my need
Bleeding bodies, endless orgies
In carnal blasphemy

8. Collection By Blood

[l: Sennebaeck/Kaerki, m: Sennebaeck/Kaerki]

Colder than flesh
Stronger than thought
I dance with the demon
And your dream ends dark

Hunting at night
Blood is my art
Red in sight
I'm killing in parts

A pull of the trigger
And then you're gone
Recoil kicks back
My work is done

Blood sweet blood
I follow my needs
Desecrate your carcass
And watch as it bleeds

Past killing
A season turned in red
Past killing
The art of a man

A soft gentle move
Powered by hungry flesh
Death will be, blood I'll see
Dreams can't last forever;
I'm forcing death to be
Watch you bleed

9. Casket Garden

[l: Estby, m: Cabeza/Sennebaeck/Estby]

Inherit the nigtmares-can't put
Them to sleep
Rainstorm of chaos awaiting
Speaking the truth-
Considered a crime
A world with murder on its mind

Believe; be deceived - a wound
Never closing
We're racing the rate -
Humantity's losing
Under the gun of a hation
Machine infected system

In the casket carden
Bonewhite, bloodred
In the casket garden
Dealing with the dead

The blaming days are over
Too late
Falling into the arms of hate
Witness the executiom of mind
Feeding another killing kind

In the casket garden
Bonewhite, bloodred
Dealing with the dead
Spiders in the web
Just hate and thread

10. Nenia

[m: Blomovist]

11. Life - Another Shape Of Sorrow

[l: Blomovist;m: Blomovist/Sennebaeck]

I feel the tunes of sorrow
Filling my heart
With tears in my eyes
I watch my whole life fall

Endless days of mourning
I try to move on
Grief is my reality
My hope forever gone

With a smile I hide
Dark emotions deep inside
No matter how I try
All becomes another lie

I look into the sky
Waiting to die
Take me away from here
To a place without fear

Come sweet death
Let me sleep forever
Come sweet death

Life slowly fade away
Nothing more to give
Nothing more to say
No more will to live

Dressed in mourning
I shed my last tear
Through sadeness
I lived my life
Finally the end is here.

Matti K�rki - vocals
David Blomqvist - lead guitar
Robert Senneb�ck - rhythm guitar
Richard Cabeza - bass
Fred Estby - drums

Produced by Thomas Skogsberg
Recorded at Sunlight Studios, June-September 1994
Engineered by Thomas Skogsberg
Mastered by Peter In de Betou at Cuttingroom Solna, Sweden

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