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1. Fleshless

Fleshless I crawl
Drifting alone
By the realm of the living

Eternal I have become
I will never die
I shall nourish the unborn

Shadowed until the end of time

Twilight is upon me
And deep below I lay
I accept my fate as it becomes

Why should I be afraid to die
Soon my night will fall

Only dreams remain
Through another day
Seems so lonely
In this cold domain
Tainted by my sinful past
Shadows over me it casts
The very power of my soul
Will last until we all shall fall

Painful as it is
I have to realise
I'm not the only one
There is thousands more to die

Only grief remains
With hate I will pass away
TO my land of dreams
Whus it shall stand until we all shall fall
We all shall fall

2. Skinfather

The tower of sense inside you
Ruined by the hands of lies
Your daylight is already dusk
Feel the dead inside alive

Feeding an invincible master
With all you wanted or did
The only one you respected
Can't remove a coffins lid
Show me a fleshful truth
Behind the blind eyes of your father
You can't 'cos the only truth
Is denying that fuckin' dictator

Larger than lies
Faithfucked believer
Use your own eyes

You are the one putting flesh on his bones
Fuckin' thief of human lives

Larger than lies
Faithfucked believer

3. Sorrowfilled

How this, my rightful palace
Has been fouled
With the dust
On countless innocent dead
Ornamented extinction
Of a soon-to-be soul
Stripped naked I run
From this ultimate goal
First I was warm
Then I drifted cold
I saw the afterlife
So ancient and so old

Hate the only true emotion
So should it be
So shall it be
Where the void is eternal
And life is internal

I was born a god
And will die as one
Without a pure soul
I cannot give sight
To their blind lives
But will only blind myself
And leaves me nothing
But sorrowfilled

The vastness I see
That surrounds me

I am one with infinity
Trapped in the world of formlessness
The world is dying
Nihilistic rage burns deep within

I am one with blasphemy

Trapped in the world of formlessness
The world is dying
Source of power kept free from sin

4. Case # Obscene

The gate your portal to life
Falter and grows weak
Your sense of reality somewhat distorted
Morbidity your sanity suffers
In your escape from the truth
Invoke surkai
And amit your wrongdoing

Cursed by the morals
Of generations no longer needed
Living your worthless lives
By the faith written in blood

I weep for your souls
Until they're dust and memories
Forgotten eternally

Calling it 'independence' and 'freedom'
An act that chains them to corruption
That will bring this world down

Your so called truth and righteous light
Who is the one being perverted
Can you ever tell the difference from
Right and wrong

5. Souldevourer

Spirit side dreaming
Let your blood flow
A last grasp
At your dying faith

I will eat your soul
Your suffering is mine
I'll be your source of pain
Dead ends now entwine

Phantasmal being nightmare creature
Your death is to be sustained
Repeating your act of painful demise
The will to live forever maimed

Demon resurrection
Come die with us

A bloodstained path to oblivion
Scarring both mind and soul
Fuel my evergrowing hate
As I devour you whole

Soul devourer
I bringer of bitterness

To forever be
Forever sleep
With a hellbound heart

Where pain is born
Carved in flesh
Another object of my art

As I did you also learn
Screaming as our souls burn
The meaning of your severe pain
Your crawling flesh dies again

6. Reborn In Blasphemy

Ascending from the grave
Awakened from my sleep
To this world, from this earth
Destined to forever seek

From the fields of an age forever splended
Down to this globular place of dirt

Never realized that my life never ended
Screaming through the process of rebirth

Only existing to die once more
Ever agonizing pain mt only thirst

My rotten carcass
Cold and worn infested
Meets it's destiny
Reborn in blasphemy

Opressing darkness closing in on me
Twilight madness ripping souls apart

Taste my unholiness
Deep in flesh I'm waiting
As hell appeals to me
Reborn in blasphemy

7. Eviscerated (Bitch)

My hallucination killing need
Your journey into pain
Laugh at your attempt to kill me
I cannot be unmade

Eviscerated bitch

How little I think you're worth
You don't have a face anymore
Fragments of the skull bursting through
Remaining pieces on the floor

A masterpiece of skinless art
I'll sign it in your flesh
Furiously ripping limbs apart
My seed all over this mess

I'm not satisfied
Till your blood is on those walls
I know your flesh when I see it

8. 9th Circle

Watch the twilight
Colour the sky
In this monotony of chaos
Insane limbo
Sickening sights
In this garden of dark delights

Lunatic dreams become nightmare reality
Entangled into persistence
No answer to your existence

The curse has come
We've been waiting all to long
Morbid enlightener of souls
Wandering distant and alone

Deboned and defleshed
Denied is our lives
Enter our graves
Exalted as we die

True hell on earth
Forget the burning heavens
To the lord of living pain

Who told you hell was warm
Infernal winter
The ninth circle closed

9. Dreaming In Red

Time is drifting away
To form another day
With our without me
My faith to be
Tomorrow I will not see

'Be it the deepest of dreams
Or the darkest of deaths
Nor can either of these
Truly guarantee my release'

Staring at these four walls
Remembering what I have achieved
Enter the tomb of the deceived
All that where is lost

Whores of mankind
Take my fuckin' life
Alone I'll be
One with the dreams in red

Flatlined and cold I lay
Victim of their play
In the shadows of the obscure
My soul forever never more

Matti K�rki - vocals
David Blomqvist - lead guitar
Robert Senneb�ck - rhythm guitar
Richard Cabeza - bass
Fred Estby - drums

Produced by Thomas Skogsberg and Dismember
Recorded at Sunlight Studios, November-December 1992
Engineered by Thomas Skogsberg
Mixed by Thomas Skogsberg and Fred Estby
Mastered by Peter In de Betou at Cuttingroom Solna, Sweden

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