Dark Lyrics


1. Suicidal Revelations

[Music by : Estby, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : Estby]

Shallow mind of a weakened kind
Unavoidably falling behind
Eyes open staring blind
Unshaped never divine

Climbing on others
Scarred psyche leader
To fulfill your plans
Insanity breeder

Wishing you had your life undone
Can't lie to the barrel of a gun

Psychologically fractured
Parasite of first degree
Suicidal revelations
Killing yourself to see

Your mistake of actions will come to find you
Unseen amongst the living
Strangeness still in evidence
Continue grave digging

Egoistic line of vision
Serenity seeking
Redundant by all means
An end to your pathetic preaching

[Lead: Blomqvist]
[Lead: Sahlgren]

Living life through others
By laws of exception
Paranoid schizophrenic searching
Your life has no intention

When your spirit is finally leaving
I've seen your demons except no grieving

2. Questionable Ethics

[Music by : Blomqvist, Estby, Sahlgren. Lyrics by : K?rki]

You look at me with eyes filled with pain
And I stare back with a promise of death
I'll rape your soul undeniably
Join the others in my gallery

Why bother question
The need to kill
Give in to pleasure
And let blood spill

Questionable ethics

Crimson tides gushes forth
As I cut your throat
Predator of first degree
The urban jungle is my killing field

Rip out your heart
And let it drip blood into your eyes
Then tear them out
And puke into your dead skull

Your tortured moans of agony
Join the voices in my head
Compose a wicked symphony
With the choir of the dead

3. Beyond Good And Evil

[Music by : Sahlgren, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki]

Through the ages from the dawn of man
We always searched for deity
Forming legends and twisted beliefs
Paranoia and selfdeceit

Sell your soul to the highest bidder
Fooled by stories of life beyond
Losing grip of reality
You are living in a dream

Beyond good and evil
Is where you find the way
Salvation and saviour
To your miserable lives

Sycophants awaiting judgement day
Watching the skies for the third coming
Live their lives prepare for the event
Let them rot it will never happen

Lost in madness and insecurity
Devour the flesh of your saviour
Drink the blood and slowly fade away
Now you are truly astray

Beyond good and evil
Two sides of the same coin
Enslavement and damnation
Deny man's sickest creation

[Lead: Blomqvist]
[Lead: Sahlgren]

Beyond good and evil
Your spirit will live on
Free from religious slavery
Prosper and grow strong

Beyond good and evil

4. Retaliate

[Music by : Estby, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : Estby]

Deathdreams of your future bring my spirit back to life
Once again to make you suffer more than you can take
Keeping you alive without the hope of healing
Your mind will beg your body to cease
Vengeful abilities beyond imagination
Insanity the exit where you wish your mind could go
Waiting at the limits where salvation cannot follow
Unforgiving of trespasses made

The delight of your dead
Facing fear, losing breath
Forcefully your enemy
Even after death

Aggression is the trigger flowing
From a mind deranged

The urge to kill you slowly
Living nightmare come to life
The doors to pain are open
Mutilation closing in
The thump of your ripped out heart is my law
Like a hammer crushing in reality gives out
No use for pathetic attempts of escape
Resisting me will only bury you deep
Within these hellish events

[Lead: Sahlgren]

I'm the angel of death my friend
I'll haunt you to the rivers end
An addiction fueled by hate

Mesmerized enchanted by the fury burning light
Join me in my pleasure become what I create
The gates are closed eternally
For prayers it's too late
I'm the serpent saviour confess to me

Retaliation seals your fate
Reliving is denied
Shattering the image of a paradise in reach

Mentally, emotionally, spiritually deceased
Crimson tide drowning your soul forever

[Lead: Blomqvist]

5. Enslaved To Bitterness

[Music by : Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki]

Uncontrollable death desire
Rules your darkened world
Ensnared in bitterness
And self inflicted misery

Reality comes crashing in
Through your fragile world
You realize your weakened state
And your soul fills with hate
You made your bed of nails
But there's no one to share it
No matter how you try
You obviously never learn

Strict adherence to formal ritual
Proves that one has nothing better to think about

[Lead: Blomqvist]

While you suffer in the world of pain
Wrestling pointless moral issues

Erratic and eccentric
Still predictable
Your sense of isolation
Cause irrational behaviour

[Lead: Sahlgren]

Strict adherence to formal ritual
Proves that one has nothing better to think about
Know that the nail that sticks out from the rest
Asks to be pounded violently

6. Mutual Animosity

[Music by : K?rki. Lyrics by : K?rki]

Premonitions sadistic murder visions
My future is written in your blood
Excruciating intoxicating
Pain and pleasure mix as death unfolds

I tear your soul apart
Revel in your death
Release you from agony
Exhale your last breath

Watch the gleaming blade as I raise it above my head
And stab it in your racing heart
Let death remove the pain your misery and dismay
The failures and downfalls in your life
Fall down on your knees so we can proceed
With our hate ritual
Your torment will end as your life fades away

And travel to the darkside
The lust for your demise
Implanted in my mind
I cannot rest
Until you are dead

No human emotions
Regret or guilt
Prepare to die
I'm fucking possessed

[Lead: Sahlgren]

Slice you up and remove the organs
Shit and vomit 'til you are full
A bloated corpse filled with vile contents
Pound on you 'til you burst
Trophy collector headhunter mentality
Figures crafted in your flesh
Twisted romance I really love you
Not for what you are but what you shall become

7. Patrol 17

[Music by : Sahlgren, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki]

Lying still on a snow covered field
Watch the enemy through my sight
Single column seen from the side
It will be like target practise
Await the moment and act with surprise
The first one killed won't even know he died
As they come closer into perfect range
I pull the trigger and let death take them away

The first takes a bullet in the chest
His face contorts with pain
See him go down in the snow
Then let loose on all the rest
As my weapon hammers away
Blood and intestines spray
Crystal snow now covered in red
Won't stop until they are dead
Recon patrol 17 won't make it home
Presumed as lost in action
In time they will be found
As spring uncovers naked bones

[Lead: Blomqvist]

Emptying the rifle clip
Reload and resume the killing
They turn and try to run away
From the merciless slaughter
Pumping my lead
Into fleeing backs
The ones who rape my country
Will pay with their blood

[Lead: Sahlgren]

The frozen twisted corpses
Preserved by the winter cold
A source of food and life
For various scavengers
And when the sun warms again
The remains rot away
Leaving a pile of bones
For the future to find

8. Thanatology

[Music by : Estby, K?rki. Lyrics by : K?rki]

Auschwitz infamous labor camp
Realm of the living dead
Systematic method of destruction
A thousand souls ablaze

And as they die
Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals
Learn that "Arbeit macht frei"

Brutally effective
High efficency murder industry
Removing the unproductive
To achieve the aryan objective
Weeding out the worthless
Eradication of the unwanted
No mean too extreme
To keep the Reich clean

And as they die
Cripples, Retards and Criminals
Learn that "Arbeit macht frei"

Brutal acts of infamy
Never fading memories
Sadistic hate campaign
In the pages of history

[Lead: Sahlgren]

Feed the fires with the unworthy
Purity decides their fate
Victims of Nazi science suffer
Even to this day

And as they die
Victims of the holocaust
Learn that "Arbeit macht frei"

9. Bleeding Over

[Music by : Estby. Lyrics by : Estby]

A reality blown open wide
Bruising the minds of millions
Serpent of war hovering vast
Demanding increase of missiles
Finalizing begging eyes
Proud and distinguished
A human life worth nothing more
Than the myth of a martyrs terror call

An unavoidable definition
Of a primetime killing mission
After action, knife in hand
Still not able to understand
It's bleeding over

Creator of the most
Vicious circles of all
Religious madness holy war
Bringing on the human downfall
Soultrading servants
Where money is taken as lies
Shut your eyes, march on blind
Led by selfacclaimed gods

An unavoidable definition
Of a primetime killing mission
After action, knife in hand
Still not able to understand
What difference does it make
If god or satan pulls the trigger
Still it's bleeding over

Becoming one with the fraction
Victims of so called legal action

[Lead: Blomqvist]

Apocalyptic executions
Brought on by fanatic revolution

[Lead: Sahlgren]

Give in for eternity
To your saviour insanity

An unavoidable definition
Of a primetime killing mission
After action, knife in hand
Still not able to understand
What difference does it make
If god or satan pulls the trigger
Still it's bleeding

10. In Death's Cold Embrace

[Music by : Blomqvist, Estby, Sahlgren. Lyrics by : K?rki]

Fuck all pathetic moral preachers
And fuck their braindead disciples
Fuck all religious clowns
And their fucked up ways
Fuck good and evil
It's fucking relative
No matter which way you take
You get fucked up anyway

In the end we all will die
So why waste precious time
We all will learn the truth
In death's cold embrace

Fuck the haves
Because they fuck the have-nots
Fuck all fucked politicians
And their power hungry games
Fuck all the bureaucrats
And hang them in red tape
Fuck the fucked up media
With their hype of the day

Look at the world today
Doesn't make sense in any way
Then take a look at yourself
What purpose do you serve

Look at the world today
Ruled with democracy
Feel free to kill yourself
Relieve society from a burden

[Lead: Sahlgren]

Fuck the truth
And read between the lines
Fuck all the lies
It's enough to hear the truth
Fuck the fallen from grace
And all the righteous fucks
Fuck all talk about right or wrong
It all equals out in the end

11. Hate Campaign

[Music by : K?rki, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki, Estby, Sahlgren]

I talked with God today
He was feeling weak and depressed
Overworked and stressed
I gave him what he needed best
Crying over his failed creation
Could not bear the shame
So I put a bullet through his brain
To relieve him from his pain

I met Allah today
Insane leader to millions of men
He thrust an Ak 47 in my hands
And told me to die for him in the desert lands

I hate it all
The lies and the self deceit
I deny it all
And refuse any divine call
Hate campaign
Free yourself from insanity
Hate campaign
Wake up to reality

I met Krishna the clown
He showed me the celibacy but I fucked him anyway
I heard Satan today
Told me to burn churches in a broad way
Spoke to Hitler today
He gave two options
Become a god my way or their martyr and slave

[Lead: Blomqvist]
[Lead: Sahlgren]
[Lead: Blomqvist]
[Lead: Sahlgren]

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