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1. Death Conquers All

Aiming at history the trigger is pulled
Manmade plague spreading worldwide
Millions force-fed with the reces of the infested
Eardrums pierced with polished glass
Scartissued beast that still roar
Hatred and profanity underground
A funeral for mental health
Remedy for the true at heart

Your witchcraft denies them
The pleasure of being set free
Your witchcraft arouse them
Salvation unable to see

Sheep in wolf clothes searing ignorant minds
Betrayal bloodbath for their endless crimes
Prophets, lying, untrue worship the silent queen
Their hypocrisy indecent and obscene

Leprosy madmen kings of the old
The faithful outcasts fewer but stronger
Blades sharpened shinning metal of death
Punish the traitors those once loyal

2. Europa Burns

1914 Nations bleed in the Great War to end all wars
young men march on towards the frontline
Unknowing of the horrors to come
Europa burns

1916, young men fight on
Most of them gone in the western campaign

Count the dead and justify
That nothing has been gained
Mass the troops for another push
A sacrifice to the rain of steel
As Europa burns

1918, young men are gone
Horribly maimed in no-mans land
Trenches are filled with blood of the dead
Human waste of world war one

3. Under A Blood Red Sky

Judgement day is near
Armies gather on the plains Megiddo
Angels of heanly might against the forces of darkness
Soldiers of hell, twilight of mankind

Under a blood red sky warriors of god will die
Followers of the holy script pay the ultimate price

Into the void they fly, a final battle cry
Hear the masses roar we will fuck your god
Screaming victims agonized in pain
We rather burn in than suffer the tyranny of god

4. The Hills Have Eyes

Internal tension erupt in war a proud nation is no more
Under siege four long years blood flows with a million tears

Limit of endurance, civilian dance macabre
Existence of misery, sorrow filled destiny
Broken glass under children's foot
Rivers run red with the blood of the dead

Unseen troops in disguise in positions high above
The hills have eyes, waten you die, sniper the ends of your Life

Massacre of innocent, targets of opportunity
Hunt the soon to be dead

Run for cover, run for life someone got you in their sight
The all seeing sniper scope terminate survival hope

5. Legion

From cold north to scorching desert sands
A vast empire ruled with iron hand
Peace through war, not with alive branch
Join or die submissionthe only chance
ready shield and sword against barbaric hordes
Fear the Praetorian Guard, Emperor's elite

Military might enslave the free
Incorporation into tyranny

Lay down your banners at your feet
Through conquest we bring you peace
Ruthlessly crush opposition
We are the masters of oppression

We march we bleed
We crucified your Christ
We siege, we conquer violently

We are Legion

From combat glory to Elysian Fields
What we achieve echo in eternity
Loyalty, honor, blood and death
Shoulder by shoulder

´┐Żarade your dead through our streets
as humiliation in defeat
Beheaded leaders demonstrate
Our power to decide your fate

Spoils of war, riches and slaves
All will sponsor the next campaign
Feasting on the vanquished
Legions rejoice

6. Tide Of Blood

Over seas of ice and snow
Through raging waters to foreign shores
We bring you fire, shield and sword
We are your fucking overlords

Hallucinogenic bloodlust
Berserker rage
Sons of the north
Ferocious beyond insane

Raping, burning, killing
Pillage murder
Merciless slaughter
Bringers of death and pain

The coast is ablaze with brutal raids
Destruction as far eyes can see
Massive funeral pyres burning
Where your villages used to be
With the god of war on our side
We don't fear to die
To the Land of the midnight sun
Tide of blood bring me home

7. Combat Fatigue

Death lurks in every bush
Landmines and booby traps
Fanatic adversaries
Screaming maniacs

Combat fatigue, insanity
Enemy everywhere, even in dreams
Physically unhurt, mentally disturbed
The jungle echoes with the howl of the deranged

Day after day in the line
Driven beyond breaking point
Constant strain, comrades slain
Slaughter house of the damned

Behind the frontline
Shell shocked
The madness goes on
Killing friend and foe

8. No Honor In Death

Screaming ghosts roam the silent battlefield
Locked in eternal conflict neither side never to yield
The blood soaked soil littered with shrapnel, flesh and bone
A gruesome scenery, mosaic of mans destructive need

The stench of rotting corpses, human debris and waste
An eternal embrace with mankind's insanity
Scarred warrior covered with unhealing wounds
Enemies once united by hatred now united in death

No glory in blood, no honor in death
The reward of the brave is a nameless grave
The curse of battle forever live on in their souls
Soldier demons undead they stalk the earth

9. To End It All

Body split in two, trembling hands
Touch what is left on me
Try to force back, guts where they belong
Bleed profusely, writhe in agony
Every heartbeat, an eternity

I don't want to die
But this has to end

Sirensong of death, Life fade away
Cries for help no one hears
Existence of pain
To end it all is the only option
I reach for my weapons so close but yet so far

I lift up my intestines, examine them closely
what has become of me, where is the rest of me
So I close my eyes and draw my last breath
No more pain and agony, at the end I welcome death

I curse you god who did this to me
Forgotten soldier left to rot
Among other corpses
A nameless casualty
In mankind's bloody history

10. Dark Depths

We are wolfpack, we rule the seas
In the dark depths we reign supreme
Run silent, run deep, track the hostile fleet
Playing, deadly hide & seek day and night
Dive, dive, dive destroyer sighted
Dive, dive deep out of harms way
Depth charges detonate
Closely enough to seal their fate

Iron, sweat and blood

One hundred men
Sinking to their silent grave

panic spreads, no way out
Flooded compartments
Diesel fumes, fire consumes
Human flesh, burnt to death

Claustrophobic coffin of steel
Broken hulk descent into the dark

11. Black Sun

Unholy alliance, science and the occult
A world war Legend still waiting to unfold
A military industry in underground death factories
Produce more and more esoteric weapons of war
Clandestine operations
Inhumane experimentations

Treading unknown paths, explore the bizarre
Twist the tide, reverse the fortune of war

Unnatural sightings, mysterious Lights
Dark secrets of the Reich
The legacy of the black sun
Burning bright in the sky

Are they lying in wait beneath the polar ice
Or hiding in the dark side of the moon

Over 60 years have passed, legend remain unsolved
As the war was lost they took their secrets to the grave
Will they emerge from the shadow
Vengeance and victory, rise to power once more

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