Dark Lyrics


1. Of Fire

[Music: D. Blomqvist, R. Cabeza. Lyrics: M. Kärki.]

The night erupts with the sound of small arms fire
tracer rounds snakes through the air
signal flares fly towards the sky
prepare yourself for another assault

I raise my gun and let lead fly
living the horrors of war
move 'em down left to right
i've tasted blood now i want more

Screams of pain echoes through the night
as bullets find their targets
mercilessly ripping through your flesh
spraying intestines and bone all around

Into our trench they fall
The combat goes hand to hand
In a killing frenzy i split someones head
comrade or enemy i just dont care

2. Trendkiller

[Music: F. Estby. Lyrics: F. Estby.]

Stab it or grab it
instant the burning
of choices you make
follow prophetic turnings
stinging the eyes
out of every option
go with the flow
a hideous notion

Would you dare to look hate in the eye
kill yourself from within while living outside

Strong will sedated
grow weak and decapitated
selfinflicted fall
twisting the future 'round your neck
by being a winner
where losing is all

I'm the trendkiller
all out wrecking mindthriller
I'm the trendkiller
onetrack speeding spinechiller

Embittered follower
drink and keep on die for others

3. Misanthropic

[Music: R. Cabeza, F. Estby. Lyrics: M. Kärki.]

Since the dawn of time
it has reigned supreme
it's running through our veins
a primal legacy

Deep within a blackened heart

The surge of raw aggression
rages deep inside
unavoidable instinct
waiting to be free
live for vengeance
revel in violence
in the heat of coflict
hatred takes controll

Embeded in our genes
hate lay hidden
blood is the trigger
to the acts of the forbidden

Supressing the rage within
denying the inbred fire
instead of using it right
they kill their dark desires
enforcing the ways
ignorance of evil
the only true emotion
restrained in moral chains

4. Let The Napalm Rain

[Music: F. Estby, M. Kärki. Lyrics: M. Kärki.]

Indoctrination since early youth
murder of the free thinking mind
religion the root of all evil
the source of all suffering

Deeper and deeper into the void
across the wasteland of your mind
lying to live, living their lie
they make you betray your own kind

Life of agony
you have chosen your way
self induced misery
you are led astray

The free will shall carry the day
drop the bomb and wash the filth away
let the napalm rain

Step into the sickening light
into ruins of heavenly might
embide yourself in their moral vanity
sell your soul to insanity

Religion is an excuse
for a lack of character
something to fall back on
when all else fails

Islam, Hindu, Christianity
it's all based on lies
there is no key to paradise
believe in yourself and all gods die

5. Live For The Fear (Of Pain)

[Music: D. Blomqvist, R. Sennebäck, F. Estby. Lyrics: F. Estby]

Born without dying empty
walk alone for a lifetime denied
the spark of life forever missing
a fear so vast it grows inside

Soul bleeding never healing
at the end of the day my spirit leaving

Of all I own handful of a
solid void what's left to give
can't get rid of all this guilt
blame myself for as long as I live

Shadow of the former me
reach for surface can't break free

Blind, Cold, Bitter [sings "Desire" 1st time]
from dreamfield to death
wasted life on living
suicidals see no reason for another breath

Still forsaken hope all taken
keep on feeding the nightmares within
I see it clear still so tragic
against frustration no one wins

Sinking deep into depression
suffering the weight of confession

Upon the loss of a better fate
laid out before me all pure hate

6. Stillborn Ways

[Music: F. Estby. Lyrics: F. Estby.]

In darkness embraced so dead still so near
come walk towards trhe voices you fear
let the impact of reality fade
of what you dont believe how could you be afraid

Rape the minds of generations to come
forgiving is living revenge to some
living ghost behind a spirit killing face
stillborn ways of a mindfucking race

Shape the twisted into never sleeping
mourners of god die screaming no more
forever weeping
through hostile eyes never closing
let me inside to live the religious

Warped, deranged to see
dying walls inside a kinddom not to be
entries of fanatic delusions
lose their way in the wheels of confusion

7. Killing Compassion

[Music: R. Sennebäck, F. Estby. Lyrics: F. Estby.]

Sick as can be
twisting out of true
explaining the feeling as
insanity breaks through
bringer of murder scenes
architect of fear
distorted, deranged
the messages I hear

Welcome to evil
beyond the confines
of rape, torture
unordinary crimes
spirit robbing firetalking
story by the blade
burning for violence
and escalating hate

Journey through a predators head
no fucking rest 'til my enemies lay dead
silence a screaming wall
sanity drowning inside of it all
believing is greatest pain
as fucking twisted as god is insane
compassion the first sence to die
magic of murder a god given lie

Repent to your saviour
become what I create
through symbolic actions
i'm sealing your fate
taking lead position
in chain of command
even Jesus Christ
will die by my hand

8. Bred For War

[Music: D. Blomqvist, F. Estby. Lyrics: M. Kärki.]

300 years has passed
time is ripe for return
back to the holy lands
where our souls yearn
across the barren waste
through the mists of space
from sun to sun
who will win the race

We are bred for war
heed the crusader call
to claim the sacred prize
the cradle of us all

Like a sword we cut
through occupied lands
bringing justice and order
to a lesser race
we shall conquer you all
and rule with an iron hand

And then came the day
of cursed Tukayiid
where seven was gathered
against a greater white
only one met success
through the firestorm

We are bred for war
hear the Ghostbear roar
we are bred for supremacy
fear the jaguar claws
we breed to improve
feel the Jadefalcons wrath
we are bred for war
we are bred for death

9. When Hatred Killed The Light

[Music: F. Estby, R. Cabeza. Lyrics: M. Kärki.]

A dark age has befallen man
powernations gear up for war
welcome to a time of death
the eradication has begun
eyes melt into their holes
as they gaze at the brilliant light
screaming in pain as life burns away
engulfed in a fiery hell

Strategic bombers, Missiles and Subs
unleash their deadly load
chemicals and bio-agents
form lethal poison clouds

The final conflict
judgement time
the day when hatred killed the light

Winds of fire
rage across earth
and mankind
cease to exist

Feel the skin
peel from your bones
as the heatwave
blows you away
all that remains
of all the victims
is the shadows
that's burnt into the walls

A fire ridden wasteland
is all thet's left
where life once thrived
nothing but ash remain

10. Ceremonial Comedy

[Music: F. Estby, D. Blomqvist. Lyrics: M. Kärki.]

Holyman the liar
the madman and his call
out on a crusade
fishing for lost souls
slimy holy snake
selling false faith
inject his lethal venom
into weakened minds

Like flies to shit
they gather for mass
approach the altar
of madness
let the ceremonial
comedy begin
live their life
with their head up their ass

Holyman with his bible
deciever in disguise
shields you from the truth
with promises of paradise

Blinded walk on the trail of lost souls
insane minds bleeding for their saviour

11. Silent Are The Watchers

[Music: D. Blomqvist, R. Cabeza. Lyrics: M. Kärki.]

If my wrath broke up tombs
and swept away tresholds
pushing broken old values
into dark pits
if my hate would blow
rotten words to dust
like a cleansing wind
through moulding graves

Then I could rejoice
where gods lay entombed
covered with the sands of time
beside the keepers of a dying faith

Silent are the watchers

Even I would love the church
if the sun watchers down
through cracked domes
on the worms below

Silent are the watchers
gargoyles of a glorious past
perc hed upon their thrones
in cold shadow cast
across infinite reaches
unto new morals
away from this filthy domain

12. Mistweaver

[Music: D. Blomqvist, F. Estby. Lyrics: M. Kärki.]

I put the 9mm glock to your head
and gently squeese the trigger
blowing out your [fucking] brains
on the wall in all kind of crazy figures

So what are you gonna do now
you piece of shit
(you're such a ???)
how (fucking) stupid can a man be
you've should have known better

Weaving my world
from the cord of your soul
as i slowly fuck
the bullet exit hole
through the funeral mist
I drag you to my temple
dead yet so alive
living in my dreams

Nothing brings me greater joy
than the memory of when I
wiped that smile from your lips
the look of horror in your eyes
as I pulled out a gun
and pointed it at your [fucking] face


Viola da gamba on Mistweaver performed by: KEREN BRUCE.

Engineered by FRED ESTBY
Drums recorded by ANDERS LINDSTRÙM.
Recorded at SUNLIGHT STUDIOS Okt.-Dec. 96 by FRED ESTBY
Mixed at SUNLIGHT STUDIOS Dec. 96-Jan. 97 by FRED ESTBY

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