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1. Infernal Throne

Smell the skin burn...See your hair singe
Smell the skin burn off your red hot rotting carcass
See the hair singe to black smoke...Where is your god?
Gasoline, poured in your sleep...Awaken
From the burst of your toenails
Rotting meat drops like the rain
Drops like the rain

My hands did the killing...My hands took your soul away from you
My hands...My hands...Took your soul away from you
My hands...
Now you have come to death. Bleed.

Now you have come to death
Brought to ashes, condemned to
Burn for eternity...Eternity
Burned in to ash...Condemned to burn for eternity. Infernal throne.

2. Infinite Hold

Be...Now be
Destroyed by time...Never ending line
When did it start? When will it end?

When will it end...Never. It's just begun...Why can't you see the light?
When will it end? Never...It's just begun. Why can't you see the light?
Deep inside I will try not to see life pass me by

Follow the only path that leads to death
There is no escape from your soul's fate
Fate destroyed you...

It's destroyed by time,
Destroyed by time...A never ending line
When did it start? When will it end?
Time only tells...Is this the only way?
Welcome to my hell. Now feel my pain
Burning inside. Burning inside. Burn...

3. The Biggler Complex

Remember when you were whole?
remembering when you were whole, then...Torn apart
From abuse...given from those you love,
Gradually eating at you
Saw enough...There's a vision of blood and it's yours
There's a lust...A lust for the taste,
That he'll seek...Soon he'll find...

Soon...Grab the tools, tools that will bring
Devastation. Seen in his eyes, no sense of pride...
No sense of hope, no sense of sight

Devastation, just a punishment for your crimes...For your crimes
Have relief. Fight till death, one it's over
He'll be at rest. He'll be at rest. At rest...
He'll be at rest. He'll be at rest. He'll be at rest.

Remembering when you were whole,
Then torn apart from abuse.
Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse.

4. Entrails

Peel the skin back from your face...Bloodshed
Peel the skin back...Watch them bleed
Muscles on their face drip with disease
Now you have sinapses...Dying brain cells stain the brain

We go off like cannons...Rapidly
We go off like cannons...We destroy

Buckets of blood in each hand...Intestinal
Strangulation...Intestinal noose...Diarrhea...
Mutilate. Desecrate. Strangulate. Now you die...Die just to rot
Mutilated. Desecrated. Strangulated. Now you die

Soul devourment. the dead will rob the womb and roam lifeless again
Lifeless again. Millions will perish. Millions
Souls will be raped. Raped in the skull. Cut from lung to lung.
Tripping on your guts. Entrails will be smashed.
Millions of souls will be raped...Will be raped

Your end is near...Menstrual...Slut...
Walk on the rope around your throat. Eyes rolled...Entrails smashed

5. Faust

Nails upon upon his hands. Though...Would save you
Searching for hope, your soul is lost
Demons took control...The beast rules you now

What is there to do? You beg for your life
Angels stabbing...Little hope I have left.
Angels stabbing...Little hope I have left.

The cross fell off your back...He forgot about you
He forgot about you...He forgot about you

Soul...It burns...Fire will consume your forever eternal soul
Never will I have compassion for you
You're a waste of time; You sold your soul to sin
To sin...Sold to sin...You're sold to sin

6. The Nightmare

[Bonus track]

7. Promsing Demise

[Bonus track]

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