Dark Lyrics


1. Introphylaxe


2. Inexorable Logic

Desecration or mother nature
Cannot be the pleasure of life

The meaning of life is in your mind
Rooting out the lungs of earth
We can't explain to mankind
Chemicals destroy the earth

We can't ignore the destruction of life
We've got to save that world
For our health and sanity
And for all to stay alive

3. Life Disintegraning

Invisible voice now don't forget
You have no choice turn of your set
Life on the straight and narrow path
More and more you get a psychopain

The goldfish drowned the cat was round
The public didn't make a sound
I cannot rise I can't be phased
Square heros are the latest grace

4. Sick Dishomourableness

I was immensly deep
With an epileptic gleam
I could hear the time
Charming breezes bring rain

Sick dishomourableness
Can't explain what it is
Sick dishomourableness
Can't explain

In the garden down below
Where the evil I lowers grow
Clutch the still rails as we go
Walking through the purple show

5. Successive Substitution

A nightmare tortures my brain
Thousands die for a wrong ideology
Your thoughts remain the same
That's the end of humanity

The nuclear solution
Is dropped on your head
Radiation overdose
Makes you sick

Your lungs are decaying
Rigor mortis makes you freeze
Spirit has left your body
You will rest in peace

Poisoned clouds of toxic rain
Fill the sky
Senseless denin interrupts
Your pain your die

Successive substitution
Is the question to your answer

6. Accelerated Evolution

The truth frees and shares
My desire I can't hide
The fear destroys and cures
My pain I feel inside

The sound of nothing
Reached my cars
Deafning whispers
Loud and clear

Faceless faces cry out
For a new god of their believes
Blinding winds close your eyes
Nothing changes our way of life

7. Psychoanalysis

Paralysed in precious stone
They confess had I accuse
In a marble room
Someone was alone

Carbonized I stand alone
In the clouds of paradise

To fix the face that doesn't fit
A telephone receiver clicks
Not s spark that I can see
Hypnotized I only gaze

8. Quintessentially Unnecessary Institution

I am falling from the top
I am drinking from a cup

I came in search of paradise
With much in my mind
A thousand eyeballs shake me down
The ups and downs of times to come

Satisfaction comas and goes
Biological action and it froce

A problem of leisure measured in terms
Of pain plus pleasure plus poison sperm
I wear the look of false alarm
Someone ought to twist my arm

9. Hypophysis


10. Disappeared With Hermaphrodite Choirs

Disappeared along with choirs
In the dark my shades are turning

Down in the middle of the end
I kept of talking to me and myself

The way she's starring at me
Makes my hair start to shrink
My mind's turning blue

11. Disharmonisation

I still remember the days we met
I was wondering how far I could get
The days are numbered the nights were spent
The end was so strange I couldn't understand

I've got you under my skin
Clouds collide in heaven

Walking together into my arms
Of healing leaves and falling chimes

12. The Linequalled Visual Response Mechanism

Stop that horse
He wears my shirt
Regret remorse
Oh, how they hurt

Yesterday I rewired the peace
The physical description fits

The broken home I left behind
And the rain fell down sad

Withering birds they only wail
In the dying gardens down below

Murder victims talk to me
Tell me all I wanna know
Their dangling receiver's telling me
We only live once there's no more

1990 Nuclear Blast
Recorded & mixed at Dust Productions in Chenbach, Germany.
Intro sampled by "Masterpiece" Helmut.
Lyrics by Patrick Klopf.

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