Dark Lyrics


1. Self

I learn something new everyday
Hate myself in a brand new way
I will escape the ways of a life burnt down and rebuilt
I'll finally escape this guilt

I foresee the way I want to be but my head is busted
I wish it was easy
Slow release from my sanity
Choking on nothing
I should just breathe

Sickened by restlessness
Fiending for acceptance

But all I feel is pain surrounding me
Binding me, crushing me, lying to me
Motherfuckers fronting
I need to live
I belong to me

2. System Error

Broken books with tattered spines
Where's the place fools go to die?
A hell created for the empty-headed
Statements retracted and then regretted

I won't matter
Life of bullshit
Spreading cancer
Die of nothing
Live forever
System error

Empty-handed, but still a crook
Empty system, shotgun the fucks
A mind's riot in an open field
A SWAT team with no riot gear

Waste my breath, hold my time
Fill my pockets or stand in line

Forget everything I've ever said
We'll all be even further dead
Apathy will be your best friend
No worries until the end

A mind's riot in an open field
When the fuck will they learn to yield?

No time to rest, no time to progress
Just embrace fate and wait for death

3. Jesus Ripper (Theocratic Thieves)

Burning alive in a cold sweat
How close are we all to death?
Frozen alive, no intelligence left
How much time do we have to repent?
When do we see the end?

No end in sight
Parchment filled with shit
The dark days have passed
Yet the children are fucking worthless
Theocratic thieves tearing away at me
Blinded by their own uncertainty

Whore mother, womb of filth
End is nigh, stakes is high
Wretched stench, redemption
Failed attempt, life of sin

Father, please tell me why it has to be
Satisfied life-crooks, no respect earned
Piece of shit fuck
Weakling of the worst

Father, please tell me why it has to be
I don't know why I care
Conflict between books, pages torn and burned

On the day of judgement, reality's revealed
None left to gloat, existence has been repealed

4. Complaint

Every story's the same
"My daddy never loved me"
Sick of all these games
Harlots just can't fucking be contained

Kill me

Faceless fiend
Ferocious being
Take none of the weak under your wing
Useless slave
Voracious for fame
How long will it take to forget your name?

Control, scratching the surface
Unreached itch, no end to this
Selfish bitch

Escaping the truth
Death, only release
The art of self defense
Defense only from yourself
Sucking at the teat of weakness
Pulling at the dick of the ones you can

Whoring for sport
Trophy after trophy
Do you have enough attention?
Look at me

5. Contradiction

A stick, a stone
The right size will break any bone
Far past the point of shame
No change to atone
Numb again, no pain
My bones are shown from the outside
A broken heart will break
It's seams and become malicious

Who am I to ignore the request
Sent from my loins up to my head?
Yesterday is dead and gone
Tonight I will break the stride
For all who know the pain I've kept inside

Don't for a second think you ever knew my intention
To selfishly put your body to use
To see the tears stream from your eyes
It was the last thought on my mind

With that said, I have no regrets
The story's told, I'm unto new folds
I'm numb again, forever feel no pain
A lustful crusader for the best
Every wench, a new quest

6. God King

I, defense of the profane
10,000 years I shall reign

Now hear me
Let the dirt grace your knees
Let the taste of the asphalt feed all your desires
No need for gold, for I am humble
I just need your weak, fools and feeble

Hear me, fear me, know your place
Love me, need me, feel me deep

I am your King, fear me

Show me your faith
Prove your allegiance
There's no other way,
No other time but now
I want to see you need me
I want to see you suffer

Leo Orozco — Bass
Michael Cesario — Drums
Kyle Thomas — Guitars
Taylor Young — Vocals

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