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1. Planetary Punishment

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Sebastian Schilling]

Virus bombs
Sent to earth
Launched from battleships
Floating above the sky

In the cold eternity
Terrible order given
By the highest authorities

Obliteration of the world’s entire population
For a level of corruption so monumental
It cannot be wiped out by any other means

Cadaveric fumes and biogas
A firestorm purifying the earth

Annihilation of the wicked
Complete discreation
For trespassing the laws of sanity

Life eater virus spreads
Destroying all organic structures
Reducing all planetary life
To organic sludge

2. Descending To Abysmal Darkness

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Sebastian Schilling]

Drawn away from the light
Descending to abysmal darkness

Bone shivering howling
The choir of the damned

Demons whisper
Lunatic mockery
Mazelike corridors
That lead into insanity

All is now
Now is evermore
In the ever burning fires of hell

Praise the incarcerated essence of the opposing principle
The accuser and the oppose embrace the total other

Realm of antimatter
Perpetual conversion
Into the very reverse
Never ending alteration

3. Megacorpse

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Sebastian Schilling]

Red alert
Pre-emptive strike
Full scale nuclear war
Billions extinguished
Nuclear holocaust
Total destruction of target earth

Vast destruction
Massive urban fires

A hundred million dead
Extinction of the human race

Cold war turned hot
Cursed survivors
Starving to death
Global dimming
Merciless radiation
Nuclear winter

Severe climatic changes
Triggering the death of billions

4. Procreation Of The Wretched

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Sebastian Schilling]

Behold what you have brought into being
Behold what you call the will of your god

I look at your creation
With utter disgust
Blood on the sand
Under an indifferent sun

I look at your existence
With total contempt
Victim of false prophets
Simple views easy to fall for

Deprivation and torture
Rape and execution
Shoreless distress, amputation
The unbelievers fate

Your ideology – pitiful
Primitives of the lowest order

What you call a state
Nothing but a tragedy
Procreation of the wretched
Procreation of the wretched

5. The Hunter

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Dave Hübsch]

Two sides to every story
A shiny one and a dirty
Lovely nice on one side
Play my role as a pro
Keep my demons inside my shell
Only to let them free
For my blood thirst

If you would only know
There’s a killer inside me too
A parasite that comes alive
Following my instincts

Killing is a part of me
It fulfills the lust for death
This ritual should last forever
To release my pressure
Keep quiet most of the time
But when I become a hunter
I roar to satisfy my hunger
And hunt you down

If you are wondering
There is a reason
For my behavior
It comes from human nature

6. To Cosmic Shores

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Sebastian Schilling]

A giant effort
Never pursued before
Leaving behind
The age of strife

Unification if humanity
Visions greater than reality
Scientific progress driven
By the greatest minds

Rise to the stars
To rule the universe

Unite for this great cause
All men immortality’s gain

Guided by the farsighted one
Uniting what belong together
A monolithic undertaking
To reclaim our birthright

Hostile alien races challenge
The very existence of mankind
We must have no mercy for the xenos

Led by the pure doctrine of scientific truth
Finally overcome
Superstition perilous
The age old scourge of humanity
Outlaw religion by decree

Wipe out
The corrupted scrap
That went astray in the old night
Bring back the loyal ones
That remained faithfully

7. Corporate Hatred

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Gretha Greuer]

Such an achievement
Our corporate hatred
Everything laid out
Simple, plain and clear

An order to follow
Structuring these
Intricate patterns
World we live in

No need to question the order
No need to think too intensely
Preconception, prejudice
Partially, jaundice, bias

If you insist on misdirecting
There is but one solution
You lose

No need to recognize you
No need to how your true name
As I was told to keep things apart

Quibblers and squealers
Fault-finders go away
You are not to disturb my views

8. Decapitation Marathon

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Sebastian Schilling]

Overthrow of the leading class
For they have gone too far

Committing crimes against justice
And losing touch with reality
A world out of balance
Lost equilibrium

A pitiful congregation
Ascending the scaffold
To fall prey to the blade
Beheading apparatus

They were found guilty
Revolution’s blood court
The sentence is excess and greed
The penalty is death

Decapitation marathon
The reign of terror revived
Decapitation marathon
Countless heads will roll

Executioners present
The torn off heads to the masses
Streams of blood that change the world
To start anew and fail again

9. Your Good Shelter

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Gretha Greuer]

I’m the one who shaped your livings
I’m the one who grants you joy
I’m the one who tears you upright
I’m the one who turns you down

You are not to question me
I’m the one who is in charge
You won’t escape my despotism
I’m the one whose pleasure counts

I am your good shelter
I am your helping signpost
You won’t go astray
As long as I don’t show you
The wrong way

I support your belief in your free will
You think you’re acting on your own
The joy I allow you is no reward
It’s just the leash I lead you on

Do no start thinking
Do no start asking
Just do as I tell you
And you will be well

If you question me
Your challenge me
There will be
Just one way

10. Dead Certainties

[Music by Discreation]
[Lyrics by Sebastian Schilling]

You won’t stem the tide
You are powerless against
The endless chain of events
Nothing ever stayed the same

You like to believe that
Morals deteriorate
Traditions lose their meanings
The old values are lost

You see signs of the times
Ever changing with disbelief
You see signs of the times
Ever changing

At the end of every day
One has to face new dead certainties

You’re cursed to adopt
Or you are lost between dead certainties

Nothing really is as it’s always been
The wheel of time is ever turning

But you are bound to remain
In cessation
While history moves forward
Times waits for no slave

Peter Frick: Bass
Sebastian Schilling: Guitars
Kai Müller-Lenz: Vocals
David Hübsch: Guitars
Martin Engels: Drums

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