Dark Lyrics


1. Into D.M.

steep rocks in front of me
a murmur by the wind and the sea
eyelids closed, subconscious set
I open my eyes and take the step
the breeze washes my sins
and now the night begins

2. Blue Lake

cold attacks me as the liquid is in touch
muffled sounds from somewhere
like unborn through the amniotic fluid
getting upset to reach my air
in this condition I try to understand
what has happened after that step
I was hearing my name
rebounding through the walls
expanding in the veins
it rushes with me, with my thoughts
descends into the well
reaching my own blue lake
I see the unreal pipes of feelings
they look at me and flow
to take a wish into below
are you a whispering soul
or a thoughtless neurone
tell me your name and I'll bring you my lord
into the halls of your vice
you've been too blind 'till now
open your eyes
take off your shroud
yes I feel open minded
I outline coloured thoughts
your spirit is somewhere here
in your pulsing deep blue lake
the upper light seems to come from inside
liquid tension pulls me into the air
like unborn through the amniotic fluid
I'd remain in its womb
the light calls me to his reign
I'm born again
how hard is this night to see
my life breaking to free
a new light from tomorrow
beneath the past a sun is shining pale
with my hands I raise it into the air
found the dust in my eyes
submerge in a water now warm
merged into the first reflection
close upon me
this night lulled by waves
light breath of a liquid called life
quenching my thirst
I still dream

3. Mechanichell

growling in this side
it couldn't be so real
to believe that in our small and stacked lives
our left time is running still
for us is set beyond the black white line
infernal grief in heaven
not a switch
caught aside a narrow cold trip
I feel my life became an old set
where I can see the gears dance
I know my life became an old set
wheels dance and we take their step
months are days in this set
we'll never see again mother earth
we are just cogwheels, no hero
the part that grinds reverse
in course of time, we are the rust
beyond the black white line
infernal grief in heaven
don't live twice
the resurrection comes
destroy the life for your time
your time

4. Guilty Claims

and I'm still here in front of this skyline
waiting for a change and
since half a century I'm here
too long years in heaven
to agree with this hell
can a past mistake cancel...
earth divided, civil war
red flashlights of gore
exiled losers, worse than dying
...bring them to the dark side of the sky...
closed out of light
beyond the shadows
a black-white line
divides the booty of war
growing in this side
it could be so real to believe
that our native ground
is so void
months are days in this set
never seen again mother earth
a patient old man, not warrior only
while young men ask their hero
to tell them again that story
lonely the voice of awareness
softly screams his guilty claims
he was the reason, now he's the pain
present life in a skyline
I see it is a black-white line
I have grown in heaven
I'm soon leave the world
last time, last fly
but dying here will free my hopes
my sons will pass the black-white line

5. Burning Cells

ke flesh in a slaughter house
I know we are pleasant cowshed
upset like a pig in his gore
swim fast and fuck your needs
you're not alone now
let it go!
wanna close your eyes
tired of this nauseating cream
but strobos flash your skin
and you know
you're done, trippin' down
you can transgress now
rebel against what?
no choice, one way
to get rid of the shit stored
need some vaseline?
to keep good all she promises
can't be slave to the image
display your illness
you became slave, stupid fucker!
how long will it last
all a story to live
one thousand of cells to hive, to burn
from now you can begin
light dissolving in my saliva
under the tongue fire
your brain is suffering inside
he found his grave in your mind
try to get up fucker
you're sitting or you're already standing
tell me which's your aftershave
you are a floweret by this side
to whom someone broke the stalk

6. Demiurgo

in the lost memoirs of a day not day
across a time that had still to begin its turn
a god got tired of the surrounding vacuum
and molded a game to catch eternity
will we ever know our future course
what has become behind the scenes
is there a shred of law
that gives the freedom to the acts
I am the way for myself
the real way
creature, similar but shred
I'll bring you life and be quiet
I'm watching your behavior
and remember you are my bloom
I foresee sinner
I foresee betrayer
rebel you will be
and I'm right here to resolve your sin
never never die
I must believe to rise
in a world divided from the bytes
or I must live just for my self
and waiting for the reaction
now bring back your soul to me
you wasted your chance to live
and don't worry for me
I'll find a better pastime
your life has been so sweet
of knowledge you were so ravenous
fly now upon the sky
and die, and die
I could not save him from his worth
his merit has been his fault
and I feel so alone

7. Nebularium

our life is sometimes
a story set in a game level,
we never leave until the will dies
if our credits were forever

and now the time has come
I feel so weak
I was weared out by the wander
and I can't believe
answer's here
in this silent shadow

all's silent in deepest freeze
flowing back I see
the steps of my history
and their immobility

people flowing, looking on
and never turn back
deepest dreaming hypnotized
our steps give rules to time

alone in a crowd, likes of me
shadows fight against shadows of time
alone in a room the end I can't see
I cry, just leave me alone

it follows near behind
alone against the shadows of time

I hear his breath of centuries
millennium-old heart pulse
be my nebularium
save my life from its hold

I slowly turn my look
there's a mirror behind
an old man in the reflection
the shadow is me

8. Awakening


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