Dark Lyrics


1. Resurrection Code

The uttermost attraction
You repressed until tonight
Is breaking free like a boundless scream of ravenous desire
Feral resurrection
Dancing on a wire
Celebrate the darkness that is torturing your mind

Your endless dreams are burning
The resurrection code
[2x] Overflow of quivering shivers
Standing by the moon shapes
[2x] The night in me

Paralyze the sense from our state of disgrace
The senses from our state of disgrace
We must fall chase the end of nightmares
By the pulse of midnight we're reborn
In lycannihilation
Face the endless night
Your meaningless existence is a shelter between me and I

Rise for a midnight ride from a senseless life
The resurrection code
Galleries of shadows
Stain the crystal moonlight night
The netherbreed is reborn
Hail the eve of your decline

Chasing the dreams of the endless night solidify
The steps of time

2. Mindtricks

Feed the poison in your veins
And withstand the collapse of a world of fools
All your fears
Torn apart
Like a sparkle in the dark
Be aware of yourself rip the decaying parts away

Enclosing ways of mind
Revive into my eyes
I feel your idle grasp around my neck fading away
Encoding waves of mind
Revive into my eyes
While I'm screaming now for a last time

Fragile and disfigured
Nemesis born from ashes
All the answers you seek lie locked in your mind
Raging windows blow the sadness storming
The spires of deceit
And still the answers you miss lie locked in your mind

The face inside the mirror
With eyes so cold
Is staring right into you
Draining your soul
As it slowly reaches to your brain
So crystal clear
The awareness that your inner demons are unleashed

Never, I don't want to see your cry
Let's surrender to me
Never, no I don't want to breathe your life
So surrender to me


Grant my eyes to see
Faces I once knew now they look so hollow
Grant me hands to feel
My forgotten dreams in a world of shadows
Will come to mind as you motherfucking son of a bitch.

All the bastards in your way
Resurrecting unbound beyond common rules havoc, ascend!
From the spires of deceit
Spread your restless spirit and blacken the sun

3. Celestial Furnace

I cannot wait to see your struggle within
A share of stench of your guilt
In this hysterical addiction
I shall discard your deceit
My soul is burning as your flesh crawls
Ripped from your burden of grief
Too tired to mourn and too sad to care
Just get the fuck out of here

[Chorus, part 1:]
Crawl in me
Inside my veins you're burning still
Grow in me
But in my heart you're dead for real

Get inside my house of grief
Here's where I want you to be
Decaying slow a frantic crumble
Towards the end of your dreams

[Chorus, part 2 twice:]
The last time
Those years were all in vain
Come save my soul

Craving 'til your last breath
But still demanding respect
Just like a doll I see you falter
Shattering fragments of guilt
But I'm so tired of your blathering
Of your constant lies of your sickness
Let me close the door on your memory
And watch you burn inside my prison

[Chorus, parts 1 and 2]

Feeble legs are fast to crumble
In a constant reverence
Save your prayers for tomorrow
'Cause today drown with me

[Chorus, parts 1 and 2 ]

4. Nihilistic Overdrive

You don't seem to understand
The reason for this bitter end
You served a cause but the cause is lost
As words escape we turn to dust

Surrender fall to the siren's song
While our future means nothing at all
Recover to stand for the final call
Can't you hear me calling?
Can't you see me crawling now?
Take my hands, ruthless fire
Crawling in this solitary dance

Still you fail to comprehend
D-Generation overspread
With a sullen mind in a tallow corpse
I pull the plug and you're fucking gone
Nihilistic overdrive
No need to reason with a bastard kind
The preservation of a thought
Eradicate, destroy them all


Burning all your shallow dreams up
Burning all your fucking dreams
I'm still looking for a reason
Fuck you all, I've got to breathe
Nihilistic overdrive, nihilistic overdrive

While the future seems so vain
I endeavour the betray
The propagation of a sore in a vision
I abhor through the ashes
Feel the thrill
Nothing's wrong nothing's real
Termination of us all
Living virus
We must fall


5. Parting Ways

Are gathering still
Inside the shades of your nightmares
Suffocating you drown within
And dream the day of your destruction
I tried to cope with this a thousand times I slashed my skin
But I still cannot figure it out safe
As my woundless hurt remains frantic
Yours go down the drain
So get the fuck out of my life

By the burden of disease
In this silent addiction
Forever entangled in the dark within
Here's the key to your salvation
Like a bullet in your brain
You're aware of your decay
Restless dreaming of a final solution
All your efforts seem so vain
Time to face all your mistakes
And slash your way out of the dark forever

Yeah I know it's too late
To regret your mistakes
In this world of confusion

The shadows embrace
You get rid of your pain
Parting ways with a blade

Your wordless separation from this state of atrophy
Is nothing but a cold breeze in a world of agony
Now I want you to know
No one will waste a single tear for your demise
And your grave will be nameless, cold and forgotten
Lost in the shadows of time

6. Venom Leech And The Hands Of Rain

Your pure elitist cult looks so flawless now
The conception of annihilation
I'm a sinner without cause an aberration
Blackness lays her wings on me
The mirror lies but I stand still
I hammer the nails inside
The burning chaos of my mind

Feel it flow
Feel it blow
Feel it rage inside your heart
Feel it turn
Feel it burn
Nothing's left to tear apart
Burn you
See me burn
You feel me burn
Beneath the rays of a colder sun
Burning ice and velvet rain
(I know I have to die for)
Falling from the liar's den
(Get rid of all this sorrow)
Begging for
The hands of rain
(You know you have to die for)
A venom leech is what I am
(Inside I feel so hollow)

Self-deceive your brain
Crawling in the corner of your brain
Guess what I am
Guess is what I've always been
So disgusted by this world yet I feel it crawling underneath
You feed my wrath and heal my fury
Turn me to the beast I despise

Rain of glass
Nails of fear
Winds of hatred
Gather here
Cold emotions
Turn to dust
All the shit you worship
I distrust

I can't have enough of burning hatred
Shape my wings in blood and anger
I feel it flow
And serves me right
There's nothing left inside of me

7. Liquid Wings

Tangled here again
Drawing circles in the sand
Facing still a final solution
All the time I spent in vain
Focusing the right shape
Scattered lost fancying the abyss

Just another confirmation
Of mess within your brain
I'm the man inside the mirror
Feed my anger and be free

Separate the scars
Analyze the static parts
Of my constant fall from reality
I am trapped inside a cage
With bars of anger and lock of rage
And I still can't find a way out


It seems you're getting closer
To the point of no return
Don't you long to drown your tears in me
And resurrect within my blood

And as time slips through my hands
I can't withstand the tears you shed
And all the pain you still hide inside
Forever craving for the past
With blood-red hatred in my brain
Wasted and torn grant me a way out

How many times you crossed that line
Don't come any closer
How many times you lost your mind
Facing your failure

The silence, closing my eyes for a break
I await, facing the endless game
Disorder remains

Give me a chance to show you
All the things you hide inside
Accept your nature and be free
You're such a waste of time

I need time to understand
But it rushes through my brain
Forcing me between the edges
I can't let it gain control
But it's hard to shape your soul
When you're constantly grieving

How many times you crossed that line
Don't come any closer
How many times you lost your mind
Facing your failure

8. Process Of Annihilation

Dive into your heart of silence
Where the strings of sorrow play our lullaby
We are the children of thousand ages
Dancing on the rhythm of a moonless night
I'm closing my eyes just to figure the moment
The exact place of your demise infection
My soul failing still to gain control
While it's growing inside
Carving a space here deep in a corner
Where the filth of your soul just can't hide
The stink of decay
As the memories whisper
Brand new demons offering your decline

And die
(Slit my soul to the core)
(God it never ends)
Or try to live just another day

Right now this decay is corroding the surface
Both the shape and the core of your mind
As a struggle between
Your primeval instincts
What you're craving for escapes through time
Incinerate my soul
Drive the nails right through the palm of my hands
Suffocate my throat
Feed me with dirt and anger god it's breaking me apart

Nail the sadness to your sense of revulsion
Watch her bleed a very last time
Rip the feathers from her fragile wings
Now consecrate your wrath
Burn this sickening hurt
Deep inside you're frozen
Desecrate your lust
A black angel in disguise
Playing games with your mind

9. Last Breed

Every second seems so meaningless
Just like a whirlwind of dust
And all you witness is a part of me
The one that I distrust

I am the fallen one
And I don't give a fuck at all
So just step aside
Digging your every sin
In my mental crawl

But as I look into your empty eyes
And taste the coldness of your heart
I feel the poison rushing through my veins
Slashing my soul apart

I fell from grace and cursed your name
Burnt to ashes just to rise again
I fed my lust upon your anger
And shed my seed into your embers
(And still feels like the first time)

Entwine the sense in this place of anger
And for a very last time
Let me see your soul burning
And as I kneel among the ruins of the chambers of the morgue
I know that I'll be here waiting for centuries to come

10. A Taste Of Collapse

Candles glimmer
An ocean of flames
You silence my mouth
So I can feed on your pain
The slower I carve my name into your heart
The more it hurts that we're both falling apart

Shades are dancing in the falling rain
If you get closer they all look the same
Glad of being the cause you sick little slut
The fucking way I feel is none of your business
Shape your fears and stop pretending
For deep inside the stream is never ending
Shatter the confusion ravaging your head
And drown with me in a world of shadows
And now he lives on
The damage is done
And it's out of control
But pieces alone
Are as good as the whole
So shallow and black
Runs the poison within
Come taste my collapse
Until the last drop

Of memories cut
Just like razor-blades
If I close my eyes will I wake up screaming?
Frozen your touch seems like a shot to my head
So drain me down slit my soul fall to pieces
With me

13. Ringside Seat To Human Tragedy

[2011 re-issue bonus track]
[Feat. Christian Älvestam]

Find your way to wither
At least make a choice
For you ain't nothing special
But I know you know

Time to seal my future
To give up the masquerade
Set the stones, define the circle
I am on my way

Reconcile your little empty
Mindless absurdities
Oh my little, little brat
Why don't you take a bite right off me?

A narrow escape
Yet shadow takes on a more definite shape

Formation riding on a wave of ends
Allusive to the flowing tide of innuendo
Duration reaching out for breathing time
A fall in on the rise, at heart

Now be a
Slave and spend your every single day in vain
Or react to the fact that you
Might as well be gone tomorrow

I can't deny I'll never comply
With your static forms and rules
Who made who, who claims to be true
Tiny midgets on parade

A narrow escape
Yet shadow takes on a more definite shape

Formation riding on a wave of ends
Allusive to the flowing tide of innuendo
Duration reaching out for breathing time
A fall in on the rise, at heart

Ringside seat to human tragedy

Perceptions roar
Emerging from oblivion
Resemble grief
Among the ruins of tragedy

Formation riding on a wave of ends
Allusive to the flowing tide of innuendo
Duration reaching out for breathing time
A fall in on the rise, at heart

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