Dark Lyrics


1. Cleaved Asunder

Cleaved asunder by the scimitar of titans
Celestial bodies disassembled piece by piece
Super massive black holes engulfing time
Chain reactions of super novae
Extinguished last light
Terminal corona discharge
Silence in frozen space
Lost minds forever detached from gravitas
In an ocean of ink devoid of all sense
The universe untangled disintegration
Galaxies like dominos collapse
Whom begat creation it shall now be undone
In the eternal depths of this silent darkness

2. Wretched Sons

Know this wretched sons of man
Born in the time of everlasting fire
Your holy father a billion years gone
Unaware of your punitive existence

Unconcerned with your dismal fate
Incapable of answering your feeble prayers
Black priests of inevitable doom
The harbingers of inescapable ruin

Pathetic faith in miserable gods
Reveals the spirit of these wretched men

The myth of destiny perished
With self determination
No afterlife no world without end
There is no good news for men

Behold the grand finality
Of all the common man holds so dear
Not just yourselves but your legacy of progress
Aghast at the truth of death

You’ll surrender

Lay down your weapons
And submit to the black
The spirit of man
Is already dead

3. Summoning Fear

Decrepit lust drooling priest
Knelt before his hideous god
Acrid clouds noxious fumes
Shattered temple in ruins
Evoke call and summon fear
The powers of darkness and doom
Envenomed spells insane hope
Dead names despair in hell

Summoning fear

Atom smashed race left without trace
Dead and damned bones dust and sand
Reach across time black mark signs
Captive slaves screaming in pain
Rapture wealth women and war
Worlds rush before his maddened eyes
Maniacal laughter atrocious crimes
As greed steals the weakened mind

Summoning fear

Broken seal without return
The king upon his throne
Skulls grimace taunt and mock
As the old fool withers and dies
Black magic turmoil infinite strife
Has taken its toll on his soul
Power possessed at the cost of his life
Now all is lost to hell

4. Traitor's Gallow

Traitors among us
Possessed with lies
Weak and worthless
To the merciless noose


Drawn to the gallows
To be hung like pigs
Dismembered burnt alive
Witness their pathetic demise


Hydra-headed decapitation
Rivulets race in the sand
A plethora of blood fountains
From the severed veins of these absurd men

Castigated whipped and flogged
Crawling on their bellies
Felled in perplexity
Myriad mirrors broken into shards

Those who thought they would stand among gods
Shall feel the noose around their necks
Those who thought they were destined to be kings
Will see their blood jet from their open throats


5. Steel Jaws

Captured this mere man of mercy
And held fast him to an iron grip

Muscles tensed flexed humongous
Tearing dove like wings to shreds
Steel jawed set to devour
Last feeble prayers remain unsaid

Silenced by the machineries of war
Forsaken monuments of dead loyalties

Perished idyll messiah’s complex
His brow punished by a crown of thorns
Every thought and every memory ridiculed
Subjugation before the sign of horns

Every moment of life a sacred heart in sorrow
Piercing barbs at every beat of their bleeding hearts
Paraded trophy fallen from grandeur
Whipped and flogged this lord of the dance

Sullen skies filled with screaming fire
Blood red ocean brims and boils
Vandalized the house of heavens
Seized in Mithraic constructive coils

Eater of worlds
Conqueror of gods
I take my fill
Plunderer of stars

Steel jaws

6. Wolf Against Serpent

Cruelty and cold inflictions unleashed
Inmates hauled upon the burning coals
Overseer of her vulgar death factory
Salacious gaze of bloodlust

Provocation to violence
Exciting carnal desire
Victims of her lecherous provenance

Cherry picked prisoners
Selected for extermination
Earmarked for her tannery
Of tattooed human skins

Mistress of pain
Indiscriminate predator
Either guard or slave
Insatiable lust molestor

Arraigned before the pious courts of law
A morbid fascination to transfix the public eye
Her exploits have become a thing of legend
Imprisoned she fornicates with wild abandon
As the public cry out for retribution
None shall defy her passions

Blood defiled impregnation
In the confines of incarceration

Be trialed until satisfaction
The sentence is carried down

7. Beast Atop The Trapezoid

In the serenity of our cold solitude
The sanctity of our icy silence
Where we banished all that without
Beyond the shadow of any doubt
A foreign body alien life form
Unseen to the naked eye

To land upon the shores of our world
This is the body and blood of man
Overnight motives transposed
Compulsion instilled free will disposed

Psychic influence
Gene-host replaced
Bloodstreams infiltrated
Adoption of alien ideals

Manipulated culture
Habits and habitat
Biological anomaly
Old orders yield to new

I am the father
I am their sun
My radiance beamed
The sermon begun

Corporate signature
Embedded DNA
Property mine
To whom you’ll pray

I am the beast
Atop the trapezoid
Acolytes in servitude
Mine to deploy

Toxoplasma screens transmit
Mimetic powers obey submit
Myrmidon subordinates warlike drones
Hive mind compulsion engineered hormones

Neural networks and data banks
Army of iron-birds and armored tanks
Idol monolithic towered in glass
The fortressed city defends the ruling class

I am the selfish god you cannot defeat
Selfish gene with which you cannot compete

8. Zealot's Poison

A pulpit of twisted horrors
A podium for provocation
Feeding the crowd amassed
Enraptured and ravenous
A rabid demented spectacle
Vitriolic tirades drip with venom
Spewing forth vindictive adjuration

Swarming hornet’s nest enraged
Incited to bloody violence
Victims dragged to the ground
Kicking and screaming in terror

Manipulate and dominate
Zealot capturer of hearts

Pierce aggressor
Order of chaos automatons commanded to kill
Stabbed and hacked
Hacked to death orchestrated through confusion

Discarded bodies fuel the flames
Hate factory billowing smoke
Burning flesh incineration
Systematic murder furnace

The zealot’s poison

B. Southwell — Guitars
L. Muir — Bass, Vocals
C. Sinclair — Drums
J. Baldwin — Guitars

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