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1. No. 1

The world is mine
I get what I want
Cause I seize my chances

You fucka with me, you fuck with the best
You fight with the best, you die like the rest

There is nothing you can do to me
Me I am the No. 1

I got balls
So I improve
I stay hungry
To burn you cockroach

Me I want what's coming to me
It is the world and everything in it
As a master of the Universe
As opium for the crowd
My seed is the key to make you bend down

Bend down for me!

I take what's mine!

2. Fight!! Shoot!! Kill!!

Fight! Shoot! Kill!
10 ways to hate!!!!!!

Don't you look! Close your eyes! Don't be afraid to look inside!
What's it about? Let it in or throw it out!

And prepare to...
Don't be afraid to...
Come on and fuck all the shit!

When it ends it starts again

Flashbacks each day
Give me 10 ways to hate

Long is the way out of hell! Don't be afraid to pay off well!
Don't ask me why! Up them sleeves and say goodbye!

Stop it or I'll shoot, just kill it, Go away!
Or I'll stop it and I'll shoot, when it starts again

Now I can't die so I stop it!
Fight it! Shoot it! Kill it! So fuck it!!!

3. Auto-Fellatio

Talking about this and that, I heard you say it is your head
What's wrong? Do I speak dead? One word, it hurts that some things are hard
to get

Come on get down
Get back to the ground
You can't fake you can not float when I come around... No...

What about your life, speak the truth and don't tell lies
You only criticize... But nevermind take your time
To your god's smile, go on live your dream I won't pay your price

You can't tear me down
You can't rule this town

I blindfold you, I blindfold you anyway

Get back to the ground
Get back get down
Get back to the ground
Get back come on down!

4. Festers Way!

Fear breeds envy, fear breeds jealousy, fear breeds fear
Fear breeds envy, fear breeds jealousy, fear breeds hate!
Your hate! No way!

Anti, but I got style, what's yours fat ass?
Playing my friend off against me! I don't understand you
My sincerity's bigger than your envy, it's yours to swallow this bitter

The pill is bitter in relative's mouth
The pill is bitter in your mouth! ha ha!! Gotcha!!

Still it's bitter, still it's bitter still
The pill is bitter in your mouth


Behind my back! So low! You think I don't know?
Again you are surrounded, yes I found it yeah
You made a big mistake, I won't take.. Your package with emotional baggage
fed my will

I won't rest until you've died...

5. Immune

Come on! Fuck-ups! Stand up!
No more bullshit!! Wake up!! Save your soul!!

Provoke! Just to fuck up!! Feel stimulation!
Amuse you! Do I have to be your teacher when I feed you I try to wake you
Nothing seems to impress you all...

Sick mind!! What's your kick in life?? With no heart you are part of the
masked world
You are victimized!!! Don't you realize? When you follow, you swallow and
chew off your tongue...
You got no opinion of your own

I am Numb, So Immune...
Get rid of it!!

Nothing seems to please you, is your middle name MORE and is that what you
stand for?
Your skull, so dull, I hate you for still wanting more
Too much is not enough to you

Feed your eyes.. Feed your ears.. Feed your mind..

Get rid of it!!
Release your fears!!

6. Bitch In A Coma

You better this for dope!

Speak right freak! From the start tell me what's my part in your abuse
Go on, put this shining needle back into your arm again and feel misused

Why should I
Be what you are in your trip? Hypocrite!!
Be what you see? To make you feel good?
Give you a life? You better take this for dope!

Why should I give you Dope?
Stay off the shit! You can't resist...
You steal for it

User, misuser, abuser, turns into a loser, turns into a dream
Do not project your shit on me, do not project you self-esteem

Why should I
Be what you are? You are sick!

You better take this drug bitch

Stay off the shit, because you steal for it

7. Wazzup!!

What's up I said

He confused his son and daughter
He forgot about the doctor's orders

No: non-fullfillment of appointments
Not: again that childhood to come
No : no signs that frighten
Don't keep telling nothing's wrong

He forgot but he said no
He denied me you know

No longer driven by ambitions
Slowly spinning mystery
I a circle losing visions
Watching you rejecting me

Why don't you tell me what's up?
What's up, tell me what's up!!

8. Fail U R

You give a finger and I'll cut off your hand
It's so fucking simple even you can understand

What is your lifetime? What is your life?

I hold my own... I'll use all my leisure
To feel the heat on my back so I can feel the failure...

Don't you stare at me, come on play with me!!!
I want to feel failure

I feel the disappointment, it gives me energy
Since they've tried to kick me down I expanded my self-esteem

You are always complaining...

What the fuck are you complaining about?

What is your life?

9. Click It!!

All information, all overloaded
We're all overloaded everyday
I've got to be on time again
I've got to bomb that crashes in
I lost myself that's why I quit

Information makes me rage
It's the reason for all my complaints

Hey: what's your complaint...
Hey: are you insane...
Hey: stop your posing
And your bucking

Click it!! Man!!

All one grey race: all think one way
You all think one way every day
Do!!! And don't talk back
Give!!! More than you get
It's not fair what you took from me

All my freedom taken from me
Like I'm a number without a name

Don't try to push me
Into your system
It makes me nervous, it makes me sick
And rage so deal with it!
Deal with me! Don't break me! Don't push me in!
It makes me nervous, click it!!!
And rage so take my shit

Click! Rage! Sick! Nervous!
Deal with me!!!

10. Fuzzy

Be direct - Don't turn around
Be clear - Don't pull my leg
Action causes trouble
Wrong interpretations are a fact

It's all your fault
Lying shows no respect

Years of lies and broken beliefs
Made me to the man I am
Do I hate you? Yes I do!!
Yes I do!!

It's all your fault
I want to get rid of you

You you look so perfect
You you are so sick

You say it's OK but I don't know
You say I'm OK but I don't want you in my way

You you look so perfect
You you are so sick

You look perfect
You are SICK!!!

Thanks to the_sickness_x666x for sending these lyrics.

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