Dark Lyrics


1. Nocturnal Bride

Not time to turn at beauty's glance
The sorrow mine with death can dance

Nocturnal bride
Dismal mine cry
A tragical kind
Sweet roses yours

Is not present time to wait lor eternal promises
Forgive me for emptiness of words

In foggy embrace you'll embrace me
The admiration of your eyes is tragedy

2. Two Candles

As a November rain being immersed in sad memories
So the broken dreams fill my heart with suffering
Dancing flame there is nothing more perfectly you.
And similarly to naked maid your wax flows down as tear

Two candles - the crying, grace,
Two candles - dies

Her magnificent image dies away among indifferent shadows
The silent images of the past sign a mourning song
Where gold of sad phrases to reason to a string adjoining
And where the candle so modestly was horn and also modestly dies

Amber's Shine of the stiffened wax the hung strokes and flame of candles,
Pearl of grief are covered cool, thawing by grey darkness,
And as a November rain being immersed in sad memories
So the broken dreams fill my heart with suffering

3. Desperate Cry

Dead, my angel
I'm cry for you, my dear
Embers tears of wistful candle
Glow into the dark

Desperate cry
Of candle
Desperate cry
Of tragedy

Sad, my angel
To you is dedicated, requiem
Withered beauty around me
Withered beauty

4. Come Back

We are together with you far long time
We loved each other so much
You present me so many days
But why will I live without you

Come bad to me I ask you
Come bach to me my love
I do want to be close to you
And I will come to you my angel wait for me

No I'm lonely all over the world
And I'm crying all the time
You did I don't know how to live without you
So the end of my life will be the river, deep river

5. Part Of Soul

There, where my ashes as flesh,
And where the thorns remind roses,
Where complete ocean of sufferings,
And where the soul is absolutely empty,

Only one sigh now to me is necessary...
That of ashes would become flesh for ever,
Drinks you poison and all sufferings
Will disappear as if a wind

Part of soul my sufferings,
Are to similar particles of dust
By the carried away winds,
And mournful memory of centuries.

6. Prelude II


7. Ancient Gods

The heavens were unwrapped by a bloody wound
And on ground has found a fiery rain
Last of stayed in alive
The debts of the dead men should pay.

Ancient Gods so bless my enemy
Ancient Gods I'm fight the
Brandish sword I take in my hand
Ancient Gods I'm pray.

And above a valley ring swords
Again in fatal fight converge of a hells regiment
Vote of steel and shout of flesh here is audible
The death collects the bloody fax.

Here fury of fight and shine of a furious eye
The sword splits boards and flesh
With each minute ever more than enemies perishes
Ever more than soul departs to the ancient gods.

8. Wistful Autumn Dance

I drown in white roses
In embrace of the autumn - whore
Her caress, her lying love
Her candid desires, is dead

Oh, wistful autumn dance
Leave me a last time in
Velvet embrace

Where emerald - yellow foliage
Where the dance a similar to winds
In a fairy-tale I feel myself
You the goddess or dirty whore
You beauty or gentle Queen

9. Winter

[bonus track]

10. The Cold Sunrise

[bonus track]

Shiyka Dmitriy - vocals
Berestneva Irina - female vocals, keys
Tracevski Dmitry - guitar
Sobol Michail - guitar
Savchenko Alexey - bass
Laptenok Dmitriy - drums

All music by Tracevski Dmitriy
All lyrics by Laptenok Dmitriy
Arrangement by Diathra
Management by Zaikovski Sergey
Recorded and mixed at Happy notes studio. Belarus, October'99 - June'00
Engineered by Povegaev Pavel
Assistant engineer: Tracevski Dmitriy. Savchenko Aleksey
Logo by Laptenok Dmitriy. Mazunin Konstantin
Pictures by Lut Denis
Booklet design by Mazur Artyem
Computer design by Mazur Andrey
Band photography ay Malaev Dmitriy
Produced by Diathra

Thanks to meandor for sending these lyrics.

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