Dark Lyrics


1. Rider On The Bonez

Terror, reaching forward with blood
The face here before him, meant to allure him
Rider on the Bonez
Repulsion, a curse of scenes obscene
Parallel fragments, uncharted ruins
With the power to blind
Petrified, three years in the old ground
Dragged by the hair, embraced with filth
The worries that probably had drowned
Horror, a five second collapse
The serial pain, blazing through rain
The clock that ticks on and ticks on...

"God... is it really you? God? is it really you..?"

In birth and flight for terror
I'm the chamber of time
To burn plague through them
The outer white light
The funeral attendance
Rising from within
Dragged by the steel
The world on his shoulders

[© Blakkheim]

2. Dreadventurouz

"I gross so more soul I smell your terror and I hunger"

Roaming path of sleeping dead reaching for untied
Journey of the desperation let to reveal
Joy with bleeding seared peachy with reason laid just back fault
Something it back to up something its forward

Darkness hiding behind those of black path of clad
Darkness standing in arches of hell fire ream
Meddles creating an end pushed rhythm of the time
Meddles spilling the blood of the burning awn

Silent just to dark on in not re-passion mysterious chain
Higher in the darkest clouds and turning to feeling of the dark you've pray
Claws in life, nothing seams the dark
Again sworn everything to come is creed

Walking come possession of the reaching full up fear
Journey of the desperation let to reveal
Time elector of the man it twisted some of blood
Something it back to up something its forward
Pay my darkly apart to be the pip what's crawling out
Coiling as the butterflies make you reborn
Murder sucks a matter dreams secret seen in hallow fee
Reaching end and can't before to confute here I'm fall
Farewell to life weacn light darkening

3. The Zkeleton Keyz To The Dead

Crusting the gate of power desire
You wanna heist you was so blind
What prepared me in stood sow avouches
More are feed close your eyes

Forget to dark legion to trickle phantom
Beautiful light does make can shut closed

Now are push come to grow swim to moonlight
Trap here alone trying this shoved when awake
Down in forth come to Hell trait to moonlight
Down in beauty and make of the day out of time
To dark pleasure lout in mate beautiful north
To the gates we fore up to see we could fade away
Dream be freedom fulfilled, freedom forever laud in mach
Torn the pleasure move in dead to see what ever clout

Its great descend veil dark it trough
Torn for flesh we return here::."ATTA-ATTA"

Standing out and make be out it shut down
Its time to look the fate I am afeed you in black
Spay to motion in chaos finally screw would this stopped that laugh
Make ache of serpent's heart letting to scream splash down in fly ends
To fight to left and right land are winches this captured defeat

The perfect end in the down of your roam
Torn for flesh we are torn it up

4. Thiz Ghoultimate Omen

Under the moon pain lays
How grow to come starring eyes
These Norway Mountains souring hearts
To would that shies make it be cry
To veil in shade the burden feast
For million screeds to love within
Strike to darkness, to my heart
Seeking in silence wisdom aside
I weed you when it stands right under the moon stay in light
Time is the pain bound the fate of the night
What be in after in your blight

Sunlight dying my marching curved off the sky
Sunrise dying my marching curved off the soul

With the deem with the funeral virtues of pain
Coming through the vulture nothing the same
Pits of ghost hear my voice feeding me back
Torture Demon let pare forever the slain:shriek, kill, obey!

Torture scrip no reckon blow the piece of your mind
Hearting black and destruction on hear real trough

5. All Onboard The Perdition Hearze!

Dark dead story true by goes
Tell your true my demons tread
Nub the endless time
Moon for gave this looted red
Dread asleep and wake frosted you by
Sealer of truly cap

Superb war existent
It's chock on trait
Tear above the fission
To cover in cease
Low on heal the cemetery
Obsessed by the might
Abort get as I reached dead
Modern face of world

Haunted by destruction find the shades of bluff
Ride the gates for fiction cross the other side
Bear the light of unbound of world comfits of wonders
Sheik unbounded truth to find the top to death

6. The Eerie Obzidian Cirkuz

Bloodstained Lips Drawn Back From teeth
To Reveal a Wide Humourless Grin
Lifeless Eyes in a Cold Black Stare
Three Years in The Grave - Undead Presence

Riding the Winds of Harvest
Bloodline of the Sand and Soul
Miracles of the Undeserted
Descending From the Vault Above

When the Cirkuz Comes To Town
Beware of Who's the Clown
Drawn To Jolly Children Laughter
The Devilman is Here in After...

Demons Clad In Black
Demons Don't Wear White

Tearing You Apart...
They are Tearing You Apart...

7. Haunted By Horror

The shadow we for got of the dead some tragedy
I'm crush dead frays out fame it to do
Path of blackness the path to mighty forest
Bleaching through defeat it purr back its wallow it shay:pick turn infernal

Gave it to the spat the forest lent be hide look at this sane legion we're won't to die

Desire in latch we want it forehead and captured within for resole is side
Breed on slowly doubt pride pay be frosted on dot haunted moon

So I am the dead, arrow blood and thunder
Make me wonder of the hate and moon clays
Turn back the fault shove me with anger
And revolve of the blood with hatch never be dead

Fallen for reborn I am is stand in high
Rising for dying dream ultimate in shade

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