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1. A Tapdancer's Dilemma

I see them days are coming
We hear them roar
They'll bring the end upon us
And we will have no mercy no more
Then you'll search for your soul salvation
Our hands are bound
We cry out for direction
But only those truly lost can be found

Why won't you
Save them, oh let me save you
Heal them, I can heal you
Make them closer to your heart?
We can't just watch these walls come tumbling down
Why won't you save them, oh let me save you
Heal them, I can heal you
Make them closer to your heart?
We can't just watch these walls come tumbling down

In the final hour, you can cleanse your souls
By whispering "Hallelujah"
Now raise your hands, give praise to him
By singing "Hallelujah"

Saved from the cold, 'cause I can do without you getting praise where I go
There's a truth to be told, and I don't want them to go


Saved from the cold, 'cause I can do without you getting praise where I go
There's a truth to be told
But I don't want you to go
Pale from the fall, if that's your excuse then you'll never be called
There's a truth to be told
I just don't want it to show


2. A Rancid Romance

You're never there
Eyes never seem to care
Now there's a silence piercing through us
Your gaze elude, a promise seems to soothe for a while
But then you're off into your own mind
Now put a side what's been and all we've seen
Let go of all that's dear to me

How would I know, the words you never spoke
How could I know, or see without it
It never shows, but it's one for all and each to their own
What once was ours is now estranged and gone
And breathing side by side, could never find
The peace of mind we now deserve

Liar, cheater, bastard child
Broken promise, love died
Traitor, heartless filth of a man
All broke down when you ran

We mourn the weak, but never let them see
We never speak of those who hurt us
Don't show the world the reason why we bleed once again
Fragile words from a fragile mind
In spite of me, of you, it'll grow
And now our time has come to us at last

3. Lucy Fears The Morning Star

Set them free, cut the leash let them out, let them feed
On a world much too small when it lies at your feet
Stay now and you're never to be found
Preach and their ears will pretend they can hear
With the birth of a cure, spawned out of fear
Inhale those words without a sound

Over, they're passing over, from a distance, from afar now
Closer, they're getting closer to a weak mind like mine

Lucy fears the morning star
How she wonders where you are
Come out, come out and shine your light
Upon those who whisper your prayers at night
Rise the accuser, your burn like the sunlight
Inferior creatures, their worlds came undone
March of the scapegoats, from heights yet unheard of
While screaming your gospels, their worlds came undone

Make a wish, make it so, you may shine, you may glow
Try to belong, so much further from home
You walk as If swallowed by the sun
Make a stand, pick a side, where the stars do collide
And their pillars of sand, all wrecked by the tide
Let them sleep when their work here is done

Slowly, almost calmly they invade me, and persuade me
Breathing they keep on breathing, in a weak heart like mine

Lucy fears the morning star
Won't you twinkle to her from afar
Come out, come out and shine your light
Upon those who lost their way and sight

4. Bedlam Sticks

In a place where long lost souls are led astray
A penny is a cheap price to pay
We play those poke'em in the nostril games all day
Oh the fun! Oh the joy! They all would say
Ode to tranquil meant to soothe
Head riots, all them bells in my mind in high pursuit
In love with a spine, I try to stroke it most of the time
I wish they could, I wish they would

Leave us alone, leave us alone

Carnivore, never could tell, no one seems to feed you
Carnivore, tell me what is that smell, no one wants to greet you
Life on clouds and walls in bloom, bring the cookie, eat the cookie
Who's the cookie, I'm the cookie
Sing along and my birds will hum, bring the cookie, kill the cookie
Who's the cookie, I'm the cookie

The warden plays such a pretty little tune
We call it the toenail dance and we're in love with the fumes
A sweet and innocent after tea romance
Painting blisters on our feet, more sugar by any chance?
We sway in time to the rhythm we left behind
Are we entertained by the lunacy at hand?
What we see is man's cruelty
We're down on our knees begging you please

5. New World Widows

Spoke of honor, spoke of truth
Spoke of everything it made us do
In the name of a broken, but promised land
Down a path so worn out, stained red by man

And I never knew
How hatred could consume
In a prayer that no one heard
Cam the words to late to her

Carved in skin and heart since birth
Took on duties to cleanse this earth
From unbelievers, from those outside
Our eyes we close, our hearts we fortify

In a world that sleeps
Built to make us weak
Silence calling, how numb we all are
Tried to set it free
Tried to leave it be
Tried to spare your eyes and now just dream me away

Safe from harm now, safe we all are
Heaven to her, such beauty in your arms
I raise my hands as if time would stop
We all bow down, forgive us all

So afraid of what could occur
Forgot to heal what's sore
Spend a life taking back what's said
Just words you'll live to regret

6. Siberian Love Affairs

7. Vodka Inferno

Saved by her grace, oh so fair without a lock of hair
Grabs her by the waist, lifts her high above
Says: behold my love!

With you, I'll never be lonely
Without you I'll never be sane
For you, I shall conquer the oceans
For you, I'll just leave them again

Absinthe love affairs, we fill our lungs with hymns of
Pride and poverty and we shall overcome
Bring her into our hearts of tar and stone
Until that warm embrace will come

Words so tender, whispered slowly
Heed her bittersweet caress
Swears he'll never leave, he'll never lie to her again

My dear, forgive me my feelings
My dear, I'll give you my all
Just save me from all of these thoughts now
Just spare me, be there when I fall

Woken by her voice
A song she's hummed so many times before
Hear her calling, hear her yearning
For his hand again

8. Memoirs Of A Roadkill

Fire friend, you're chasing hollow shells
Perfect ten with a perfect tale to tell
All the choirs screaming, let them in
Shut the door, and share their passionate skin
In a trance, so no one dares to speak
What if we lose, what if they know we're too weak

Wish I'd told you all
Wish I'd shown you all them places where we can never go
When all the words turned cold
Eyes wide open, wish I'd closed them, ‘cause now it just won't let go

Shelter ghosts to show who we could blame
Nothing to show for, nothing to write to my name
Now when the hands all sing your song
My breath is poison, all I know it is gone
Speak now, you better go in peace
Forgiven word, forgotten all I've seen

9. Ricerca Dell'anima

With mind games you find ways to dazzle us all
With true lies and sore eyes you question our call
You speak with a new voice to those never heard
Enticed by your preaching, soon they will serve

Clean your wounds while they're open
Undress those scars you hide and I'm sensing you're broken
Can't leave you be, my escape from reality

Time now has tainted the peace we once had
Drenched in delusions and burned by your hand
Have faith in a new world, insane as before
Seduced by your wishes, now we want more

10. Stratosphere' Serenade

I'm free this time, and I surrounded mankind
There's nothing here now but you
While gravity never used to bother me
I'm floating senseless in the presence of you
And I see euphoria in what we do

This world is closing in, and while I don't feel a thing
We've lost the air of innocence we shared
Once at peace, once so calm
Whatever woke me up now it's calling me home

Morphine slumber, in a haze of wonders
Enter womb-shaped rooms where we can be safe
Vision blurred by an opiate sky
Seated while your world starts to quake
I forgot how affection used to taste

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