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1. Voodoo Mon Amour

Insert your needles elsewhere
I'm broken as it is
Cannot stand, or take the fall
Consider it as a bliss
Bewildered by your ego
Such a savage since you smiled
When I can see your pins in me
Iron gifts come pouring down

It's voodoo, mon amour!

Soaked in your breath now
We reek as mammals do
Reality emerges,
And presents itself upon you
Like a petty piggy laughter
So empty and estranged
(Of each other, from one and another)
And iron gifts just keep pouring down

2. Guerilla Laments

Taken by force but they kept it with pride
And now we can't breathe in the world they describe
Where silence is golden, resistance is numb
We scream our hope straight into the sun

Broken is the world they refuse to see
We won't bow down to a word remembered as liberty
They are preaching on now their time is yet to come
How long before we can make them undone?

In the name of believing
In the name of us all
We sing to tell you the stories untold
Can you hear our mourning?
They've taken our rights
Don't let the truth out of your sight

Deceiving appearance, they're dressed up as gods
Fake that they care, their conscience is lost
Denial their craft, and riots our goal
They lead those who follow and break those who fall

A future blackened by a change of heart
They'll try to fool us that they will greet us with open arms
A promise as empty as when we were sent astray
Our blood on the pen they used to sign our lives away

In the name…

Honesty replaced by greed, they gave us the reason to fight and bleed
They try to torch our faith and hope, spit at our presence and detest our goals

They are preaching on how their time is yet to come
How long before we make them undone?

3. Kevlar Sweethearts

Breaking the me
Breaking in two
And it's all because of you

Blind to what's there
Too blind to care
And it's all because of you

Save whatever has been
Broken and left with the will to surrender to failure

Time to feel, time to believe
Dare to see what may come of our future
Lift your head, broaden your gaze
Speak your mind and your thoughts they will follow you

Taking my time
Biding my time
And it's all because of you

Waiting to see
What's waiting for me
And it's all because of you

Brave, but I am weary
Failed to remember the fear that I had of your failures

Time to feel, time to believe…

4. How To Organize A Lynch Mob


5. Black Box Messiah

Stayed with me - so violently
Played all your games on me

Broke all the chains just in time
A leap of faith made me fall back in line

Made peace with what I held for true
Have faith in what I now must do

Sweet devotion, a sacred smile
Traded my secrets so you'll never leave my side

6. Exit Strategy Of A Wrecking Ball

I brought the stars to burn you, I thought their beauty would turn you around
This state of chaos suits you,
But now I've got a nation to crush you on my command

I've come to erase you
I'm here to replace you
This time words won't save you
This time no one fears you
And I can't wait
And I can't wait
To get you out of my mind

I searched a world to cure you, so now I wear the scars of your bitter disease
I'm rage and ruin before you and without
A thought in my mind I'll make you come clean

I've come to erase you
I'm here to replace you
This time words won't save you
This time no one fears you
And I can't wait
And I can't wait
To get you out of my mind

You'll never see her again

7. Aurora

I gave you life in times when all our colours bled
Cherished hopes and dreams of the life that we never led
And now it´s too late

Time to release you, safe and sound
Time to conceal all of your scars
Forgive and forget we'll live to regret it all and now we know
This was not meant to last

You gave me time I thought was already mine
Spoke of what was wrong
I should have seen all of your signs
And now it´s too late

8. Mass Rapture

Made a believer, I'm made out of rays from her skin
Blinded by faith, I thought her real from within

Immersed in a sense to defend
My thoughts went black just as by heaven sent
Clean your feathers and rise
Phoenix burns with them ether eyes tonight

Heed her words
Soothing and beautiful
Freed from the herd
Seen and touched by the merciful

Holy lies, deep inside
Her body a temple, we cannot hide
Blood runs dry, we're paralyzed
Saved 'cause we're immortal now

In love and in glory
We worship her story

Seek and reveal, release and then cleanse what you fear
She reminds me of truth, reminds me of trust and what's real

She is silence reborn
I'm dragged into light with a mind that's torn
Blessed once again in her arms
Divine, and with a snake's charm
She is peace

9. Honey Trap Aftermath

Was it me, was it you,
Was it everything that
Never came true?
Hush my child
Now won't you need them?
I'll make them mine
In spite of how you treat them
Grace and fear, but the vision
Never ever came clear
Watch me try
It's time that you see them
They'll break with time
What if you need them?

Way down, won't you
Lead us on our way
Down from here

I will seek and reveal,
What if nothing that we knew
Was for real? I did my time
Love them and leave them?
But it became my life
And now you try to heal them?
Steal my time, and the honour
Was all but mine
Changed since then
How come I don't believe it?
Have faith again
Never had a reason

Way down…

10. Of Kali Ma Calibre

They measure him by his blood-shot eyes
They measure him by his thick disguise
Those nights of doubt and loneliness
Inside the thoughts never rest

The jest, the pomp and the circumstance
Won't fill the void nor soothe his sense
He wears his secret like a cloak
Truth makes it harder to cope

By the most enlightened matter
I'll have your mind in the grip of my hand
You despise what's on your platter
Wish for a change, dreams will have bound you

Make peace with all you ever knew
Make peace with all you ever do
Make peace with it all
I won't let you fall

Nailed down hope and with fingers crossed
Pick up the dreams that were nearly lost
Race for home and trusting arms
The antic has forsaken the farce

When they shake him awake again
Torn from the calm by a judging hand
The daylight's hard when the mind's not free
The circle starts over again

By the most enlightened matter
I have your mind in the grip of my hand
All he's done is try to bury
Fleeing so far from the judge and the jury

11. Justice For Saint Mary

Seizures may guide me, insanity found me
I smile as your vanity sings us to sleep
Burning from both sides, secrets we can't hide
That halo you're wearing, it's not yours to keep

Stolen, and maybe broken,
Since all that you left
Is a life that can never be whole again
Fallen, I heard the warning,
'Cause all that I had was a life
That can never be whole again

Will you wait in my honour?
Save what's left of it
In vain, when it's there
For all to see
Will I wait in your honour?
Save what's left of it
In vain, when it's there
For all to see

The sound of violence
It's a beat that
Makes us dance
You sway
And I follow your lead
Drained, like a landmine
Armed and primed
Your words,
They sound like mine
We all shall repent
What we've done
In time

Confession in real time
Lies could have been mine
Naked are words that
Are dressed up in truth
Light up with voices
Screaming your choices
All that was lost just
To keep you from harm

Spoken, like you told them, for all that I
Left was a battle that I'll never fight again
Show them we're above them,
For all that I have is heart unsure
If even time can mend

Andy Johansson ‒ Bass
Johannes Bergion ‒ Cello
Pontus Mantefors ‒ Guitars, FX
Daniel Håkansson ‒ Guitar, Vocals
Annlouice Loegdlund ‒ Vocals
Petter Karlsson ‒ Drums
Daniel Hedin ‒ Trombone
Martin Isaksson ‒ Trumpet

Thanks to nicole.six9 for correcting track #3 lyrics.

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