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1. Guiding Light

Once in a land of devils and sands
I saw the gift of the desert
Lost in a time of desperate cries
I heard the sound of innocence
(Angels) you taught me to fly
(Music) you got me alive
I'm the water falling from
The mountain stream, let me reach the sea
I'm the one who can hear

Angel calling in my kingdom fallin
Through the distance called reality
Messengers of future they will bring the truth,
those words are drops of destiny

Here they come, softly dancing on the wall
I can hear them singing, smiling from above
(Frozen) I'm trapped in the ice
(deafened) don't leave me inside
Light the road, Light my beliefs
Let me see: I'm trying to break the seal

There will be a time
When we all see the guiding light
There's an energy that unites

Black and white and wrong and right
And for whom are following the stars
The prophecy will brigthly shine
Then concidences will drive us
To this invisible sun
On a strange night of july
Under a frightning sky
And there all of us will understand
The voice of glory..he has

Angel calling... Kingdom falling...
Distance called reality

2. I'll Dream Of You

Black shadows in the wind
Are runnig through an evil scream
Destroying my tears in the darkness
Another me another you
Across a dream flying on wings of time
And I can see the reason of our life
In everything that I can feel there's you and me

For every dream that I'm dreaming
Looking at your life don't let me down
For every night I'll dream of you
Dark fear follows me into the eyes
Of destiny- eager for thoughts in my mind
All I can see inside of me is your life
I'm so confused, no time to lose
...waiting for...

Lost in my hands, escape from my desire....

3. Mirrors Of The Night

I've seen all my destiny
Wrecked in the sea of madness
Screaming out the name of god
Victim of your lies and your wasted tears
I'm held captured by my fear
Lost in my myself waiting for a 7th sign

Reflecting into your eyes
escaping from my obsession
I still remember the promise you made

Returning through the light
light of emotions
as you can see I'll rise again

I spent my life to dream
in the mirrors of the night
and day falling down from you
eternal spell now it's broken down
passing through the void of you
can you feel I'll never die

4. Deep Inside

When I went away I saw
How much I needed your smile
Could you give to my heart
Some more of your eyes?
I would meet you again
To stop my tears and pain
And have another day
To say the things
I've never said.

In any case you'll see
this thought so deep into me
in any case I'm falling in love with you

If I close my eyes your face
goes on flowing my mind
and your glance bewitches me like a child
what a big surprise if I could awake this night
and find out the dream
still wraps me out 'n' inside

5. The Other Side

Who sais that you must be a worker?
Who wants that you become blind?
Stop the insane business
Take a break and change your mind

Downstair they are workin'
All the days spent without hope
They are screamin' and cryin'
But they don't seems from...outside

Oooh...oooh... they don't seems from...outside
Oooh...oooh... they don't seems from...outside

Why do you wanna lose your freedom?
Who wants to become blind?
Stop all this sense of nothing
Take and master and change your life

Don't stop the fancy
And your dreams to fly free, without chains
You need to have a wildness
Leave it so, go out of mind

Oooh...oooh...you have to look the other side
Oooh...to change the other side

Oooh...oooh...you have to look the other side
Oooh...to change the other side

6. Waiting For The Sunrise

The streets are wet and the colours die
My soul goes down into these grey clouds
Crying for nothing

The end, is running to me through my veins
Let me fight, let me show them what I am
It's now or never
It's now or never

I've got the glory in my hands
But I'm still cryin'
I'm searching for the name of love
I know the mystery of the sky
I keep my desire
I'm waiting for the sunrise

I heard the people have to die
Who said this words? Who said this lie?
Without expectation

A man who changed this rule is the sign
Like the sun, after the storm here he will come back
To be forever
To be forever

To be forever

7. A Drop Of Shadow

Lights are fading around me
Nothingness is inside me
I'm dragged in the darkness...
A cool shiver is running through my skin

The shadows of my fear
Are waisting my mind
I'd like to be now
A sound so light that's piercing the wind

Only I know myself now
With my mind I would see
Another life to live

In myself I wanna break all this silence
And find the keys that permit me to live
All that I have not tasted till the end
And see all the colours I've never seen

Now my life is a fire
It's burning in my breast
New strenghts are raising...
A voice in my heart is whispering one breath

Once my friend...

"Life is only a game"

So now...I play it

On myself I bet all my hidden anger
A rage so hard like the rust of the time
I need to change all the things I deteste
And feel all I've never felt

8. Nightmare

I was seeing him in the night
I tried to visit this vision
At the last I went in his dreams
I was there very clearly

Very clear I saw everything he was seeing
Very clear I knew everything he was feelin'

The back of woman I could see
An evil smell killed my breath
Oh, she stunk like the beast
I needed fresh air...I needed air

I felt a pang in my throat and I was so in confusion
Looking for a way to go real blend with illusion

A light wind came into my dark room
And I felt a sense of surrender
The light of the sun came into my eyes
And my mind became so still...
...in the nightmare
...in the nightmare

Big confusion in my thoughts
nightmare changed around me
No voices and no sounds
faded colours surrounded me

9. Silence

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10. Fool For Your Lovin'

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