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1. Consummation

"And sin entered the world through Adam."

The world is my temple,
See that it's halls are vast and deep with filth.
My word is a garden, spread throughout.
The thorns of its plants are my sanguine fruit.

Above is the sun,
Below is the void of your heart.
Behold, and see that therein lies your salvation.
If it was the depths of hell you were looking for,
You had found them here.

This is is the consummation of carnality and divinity!

Through these vessels of flesh and blood,
Comes a stillborn sacrifice.
Something far greater in splendour,
Than the triviality of banal subsistence.

Crawl my children, crawl through an ocean of blades.
Bleed and wither. Take of my body and drink of my blood.
Eat of my fruit, eat and perish.

Your sacrilege will serve as
A foundation for aeons to come,
And as a bitter monument for
The depths of purgatory itself.

There is no light bright enough to surpass this, and nothing that could exceed,
That which is found through her body, and the depths of your soul.
Our existence is the gateway to her spirit.
So open the veins to your hearts, act and draw closer!

2. Procreation Of Blood

"Each act and form of sin are witness of God."

Witness the very essence of procreation:

An everlasting climax of rot, debauchery
And ecstasy blooming through ordeal.

The proclamation of divine work is all around us.

Every piece of it, is a part of the great paradigm.

And every soul lost serves as testimony for the grand work.

This world of flesh has sunk into the abyss.
And the crowning of sin is upon us!

If disobedience serves
As a divine service.
Then surely the heights of Heavens
Exist in the pits of perdition.
And surely this travesty of life,
Is the great tribulation.

We are nothing more than worms
Drying under the light of the sun.
Nothing more than a breathless breath
In a cosmos of feces.
But alas, we were given sin
And it is sin that determines us.

This world of flesh has sunk into the abyss.
And the crowning of sin is upon us!

Truly, so great is the love of God, that each act of sin would bring us closer to Him. For through men was sin conceived into the world.

We are His image. Every disease, famine and pest ridding the world, every birth to a deformed child is a part of His gospel.

So vast is His splendour, and so great is our blessing to bear witness, breathe and live through Him.

So tear our spirit apart slowly amidst time. This is your divine harvest. And we are its crop.

3. Sin Assimilation

"The temptations of Sin and self punishment."

You, seekers of divine forgiveness;

I will lead you astray.

Your ordeals will bring you to the springs of drought,

And all that you held dear, will turn out hollow.

I will see that your ideals of divine splendour,
Are torn apart like carrion by vultures.
For my body is a vortex,
Awaiting to swallow you into its depths.

So shallow are the souls of men;

Fallen prey to temptation.
Bear witness you children,
To how I consume them!

Come to me you of the seed of Cain,

And I will caress you in the thorns of my embrace.

You feast on the fruit of my loins,
And nourish upon your affliction.

Take us into the arms of nothingness!

Your enthrallment complete, your nullification unrevocable,
You take a step further into the shrines of condemnation.

Verily, within Her lies the tomb of an era,
And the key to our descent to ascension.

And our inevitable end.

4. Scar Inscriptions

"Ascension through Sin or how the act of Sin would be divine."

Cast me into the depths of insanity!

You holy whore, you decrepit whore.

Here is my vessel and here I present my arteries.

Fill them with the intoxicating fumes of your spirit,

For I have lost myself in it,

And thus I would see myself consumed by it.

And so I resent His word to the bitter end.

Have I not given all that I held dear?

And have I not seen that all my wishes would come null?
My bones are crumbling
Into the currents of time.

Here is my vessel!

And here is your testimony!
A body veiled in crimson scars,
To give manifest to your word.

As I wither away into the depths of time,

These grand revelations of the great nothing,

Turn my spirit hollow, and my will to ash.
As I gaze into the depths of her madness.

Oh holy whore!
Oh decrepit whore!

My ashes will add,
To the vast foundations
Of her perpetual altars!

5. Her Divine Arteries

As there is to all things,
So there is an end to us.
Not in the grandeur of salvation,
But in the arms of perdition.
For we are the progeny
Of a thousand year corpse.
The heirs of a hollow grave
And the apostles of whoredom.

Her arteries reside in the veins of this world!

And therefore her spirit breathes in our veins,
Like abrasive blades!
Let the soil of this world turn into infertile ash.
And let the hope of men be turned void.

With the passion of fire, we embrace our coming end!
And the consummation between her and this world.

Her spirit burns like the brightest sun
Cleansing this earthly tissue of its filth.
And once again it breathes
Life into another aeon.
Hope had never abandoned us
It never coexisted.
The heavenly image was flawed
And deceived by itself.

Through carnality and ecstasy,
Into the currents of time!
Through sin and blood,
Into the depths of Hell!

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