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1. In The Absence Of Light

2. As The Storm Unfolds

it's obvious that you cannot see
she stands with cupids heart in her fist
and i have the feeling that i'm losing you again
but yeah, it's alright

your time is up, you're taking this too far
your time is up, you've taken this too far
rise up to fight this witness
she said to leave this sorrow
your sin to powder your eyes
beside you i see the war start

i'm down this road, so what's left?
to fall into you, to give it all again
to pull the sunset from your eyes
and you already have gone
you fool yourself, but i can't help but stop fighting you

i still see the fear in your eyes
wasting away just tihnking about the end
i know, this is the last time before it's over,
and then it's gone

beached from the wrath of your own fists
i guess i can't believe a single word that you said
the smokes in the air,
which mean's that you're too late to be saved

this is how we set fire to the storm
things never change
but was it too much to ask? i don't fucking think so
i'm already sick of the truth

complete: a word that you will never want to know
but you don't care
you fool yourself, but i can't help but stop fighting you

watch me fall

3. The Starting

Shattered pieces
the thoughts freeze my mind

a single breath is all i need
but i wanted to crush the desire in my fist
it's not nearly the same

terror grows inside me,
i'm starting to see the dark come down
bleak freedom surrounds us, you're not that brave

as i build walls around you there is nothing left to flee
falling down, waiting to decide the outcome of accusing you

one last time

i want a new horizon
a setting sun that you cannot destroy
the ashes of your love will remain
dawn is set to rest
and i know what you will say when i don't look back as i'm walking away

one last time

4. Sirens Chant

Throw myself into the swarm just to take revenge on the severed survivors
I close my eyes and hope that somehow it is dead
the hopeless, the wounded, the survivors take their toll

run fast through the wake
remaining glimpses of what could have been
but I still break when the truth hits the light of day

the sirens are screaming for my blood

it's all up to you
as I walk into the edge
why are you sorry for this world?
why can't you get it right?
and I know I'm running out of hope...

waiting for the red, I strike out at you
don't walk away, don't fade from my life, because I need the embrace
we're still running out of time
if I burnt out my eyes, would I then see regret?

cut down the other side of my apology
this audience is not how it seems
no rain falling, the clouds move aside
and I wonder how I have never noticed this light upon my face

5. At The End Of The Tunnel

Let's burn this city and start again
the time is right and we're ready to go
I want to stay but I must run
the last time that we spoke I said there was not a problem, a lie

paper eyes follow destruct and I wish you could see it
you look past the sky and see nothing
these words are all I ask, how can you want this?

kick down the doors, a fragile hope is found
the air is heavier than I thought
this time if it shatters, it's not my fault
and I’m losing you again
I hope that you realise how this feels

let's burn this city down and start again the time is right and we're ready to go
I’m seeing stars around your face
your race is nearly up

this is your last chance to see this through

6. Between Two Words

Your eyes to take cover
and all your lies will see the truth stand tall
I’m drowning in you

the time has come to take it back
but this silence between two words;
and I promise that this is for real, another planned attack

I meant every second
every last word
I’m drowning in you
and I can't change the past
I’m drowning in your plight to fall
this time it's on you
you will take the blame for every single word

I cannot take it
to rise for air
and I cannot take this
to run from
I cannot take this
to rise for air
I cannot take this
my sense's gone and running from your eyes

once more I fade in the abyss of your failing heart

7. Awaiting The Flood

Run far - the edge of the world is crumbling
as black sets in, what will you do?
while they recite the old tales
the crowds turn into meaningless ghosts of you

I’m finding this hard to believe in
this prospect is getting out of hand
and I cannot return the lie
deception: fantasy of the damned

this night has gone
your senses desolate
a frozen rose in my chest
a map of your face
a hundred souls tonight

eternal hell will rise
I’ll open the floods
it's all for you

they cannot rise in our way as long as we stand
your final forfeit
destiny held down
you cannot stand my fault?
but it's all for you

running out for you
sun the greatest lie
the sky will fold with light
the tides have turned, I think we're dead

8. Dawn On The First Day

Dawn's tired eyes make shadows the day's first casualty
as you lose my eyes again, you fell too short, everything has changed
my trust fades

I cannot see the sun
first light never to be seen again
as I come to terms with another death of a close past
the final straw of a drawn out hate, well I unfold

half light arcs across the pavement, leaving it dull
the highest clouds on the edge of space converge,
I’ll do this on my own

why should I be grateful?
for a broken love, and a broken respect
when it tears me down,
I’ll get back up, and I’ll stand my ground

my trust fades, I cannot see the sun
first light never to be seen again
why should I be grateful for a broken love and a broken respect?
the final straw of a drawn out hate, well, I need it back once more

a shadowed face, how should I have done this on my own?

9. The Coroner

A tear in the shape of a gun with our hands to the sky
in the clarity of events I must turn down, break in my eyes
as the ashes lay still, a downpour may pass

and when you think that this might just be the end, the first takeover
your ruined lie had nothing to do with our escaping souls
and with the said, no one cares, the fires still burn on

you leave me no choice

sentiments keep burning
one last wish
burnt by my trust
hold this chance
it hurts to see this side of you
save yourself
your fucking heart expires

one dead wish
sentiments keep burning
ablaze in my heart again
this is our last hope
decide your debt for this
this is our last hope

10. Hope

Give up everything for the chance
fast becoming
my final breath, my final breath
redemptions is in my heart

and I know that we'll be just fine

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