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1. The Fallen Prophet

I divine your nemesis. Your inability to stand the breakdown of your cynical, absurdly falling opus, Taken out of your own hands. About to choke relicts of hope, about to lose control over those that Shall remain your ancient charade. Free and yet caged it prospers in disguise. Too old to suffer, Too young to fall apart but doomed in every slice. Facing the nature of loss, confronting the noise With eternal silence, becoming the fiend is salvation. As long as the prophet will fall. Condemned to Fail, I conclude that nothing shall remain. Condemned to go down, condemned to fail.

2. Icarus Fall

Exhale through my life, I am above the rules. Conceal behind the truth, hurt but upright.
Trust -- bring me near the sun
Feel -- My empathy and run.
Close your eyes, open your mind, watch the wings that liquify. Through my deepest regret, there Comes my demon. My infinite threat, for my most evil acts, there comes punishment, I shall not Forget. Chain me to this stake, fulfilling my requiem, As, They, Fall, Apart.

3. Buried In Oblivion

Desire to unleash your mind from my memory, to persist the time's pitiless photography. Carved in Souls, ready to remain, I stand upon decay. Fueled by grief, I shall not be buried in oblivion. Forsaken, lost but purified, constant moving eyes to seize the moment's tempting way of suicide. Revolving within your soul, I beg to release me and I surrender. Control to the ones that conceive Me. Release my mind from the burdens of grief, seize my sorrow, try to conceive.

4. Psycho

Psycho I'm bringing decay, standing up for a farce, spilling gas on your views. I'm getting away With a handful of hate, and no need for the truth. Hate me to the bones, fuck with my dark Thoughts, Enter my own hell. Make a mind up on your own. (You're) taking part in this act, yet Can't control how I react in this twisted egomania. Taking sides to feel alive, yet petrified, it's inside Of me. Filled with guilt and constant rage, upon oneself abolish me.

5. As Bloodshed Begins

Try to sacrifice your love, your hate, your sins. Is there a reason for you to cede it all? Can't use Conversion, keep standing tall. As bloodshed begins, I raise my flag and wave it high. As Bloodshed begins I trust my fate, never resign. Troops of pride assigned, alone, I stand, confined, Step up, insult, impact.

6. The Purity Paradigm

I see the wrath on a vision inside. I take a toll on devastation. Suffocation on the untouched of the Pure. Tainted vestment soaked in blood feigned to enhancement. Breed of lust, ridden by anger (Magnitude of hate). Driven by lunacy, pity the blinded (victims of their fate) for not soiling that Purity. Choosing the right to defend obscure desires as fault and guilt and freedom of choice, Combined to a death-bringing vault. Absurdity, my evidence of pain. My church / my hope. My Everlasting lack of constraints. Find my passion in dust, destroyed by the impact of righteousness. Recognizing the roles in this play, slowly paralyzed down on my knees.

7. The Saint And The Heretic

Out of the blank, abomination ascends into the hole that compresses deathless slaughter. It seems To be one final scene perceiving screams. Victims to be the witness, the fall of empathy. Refrain from inverted dignity. I trust in ways of scum to seize its chance, molest divinity. When the saint And the heretic refrain from the evil of immortal design. When the saint and the heretic express Their ultimate warfare.

8. Inhale The Innocence

The dawn of mankinds dusk, reflected on each one of us. Sequently they fall apart, obvious but in Disguise. Fate, traitors of ourselves, burdens the elements demise. Chained to reflections, Obsessed with damnation, my suicidal hopes streaming into a sea. Killed by your actions, stressed With frustration. My suicidal hopes streaming into that sea Consume virginity constantly, take it with Every single breath. Inhale the innocence secretly, go on and uplift your neglect. Inhale the Innocence secretly, go on and uplift your hate. The spine of an eternal void belting sickness and Man. Sequently they fall apart, obvious but in disguise.

9. Your Ravenous Greed

A picture of hatred, razors of insight. Minds fucked by the wisdom of traitors, becoming one with The will, torn into pieces of slavery and chasing memories of dreams. Here comes the razors of Insight, may your discretion arise. This is the judge of your white knight, that came to keep up your Fight. Become a picture of hatred, become your ravenous greed. Abolish anger with mania, let your Obsession exceed.

10. Sculpture Of Sorrow

Hand me the antidote, construct a loophole for this drawback. When will my nauser turn to hatred? When will my curse become sign? Will it release, will it resolve? a thousand times but never loose. Just let me go, leave it alone. Too strong to tie, too weak to choose. Sculpture of sorrow, bring me Your filth, raising the monuments of payback. Inhaling my infinite realm. Build up the place, where I Belong, then rip it down and go along. The roads I wandered for so long, persuing salvation.

11. I Surrender

You make confessions true, I hate to construct my cage. You push aversion through and ride it Through. Fields of dust. As I surrender, I take my pain. Don't change a thing and I'll make you feel The same. When I surrender, sanity's yield. I turn my back and step into the mine field. Perpetuate Seduction of things you've been fighting for. Devote your will to nothing, break through the open Door.

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