Dark Lyrics


1. Dominion

Welcome to the Dominion of Oblivion
Welcome to the realm of the Silhouette King
I'm sorry for the impending goodbyes
Neverlights shining through the night
Waiting for morning to bid thee farewell
I'm sorry for every secret shared—the blackened heart that never fucking cared
Apologies for the nightmare I have wrought
Welcome to the Dominion of Oblivion
Welcome to the realm of the Silhouette King
This world is but a stepping stone
So long as you possess the temerity to overcome
These aren't proving grounds this is a world of stop what you're doing give me hell and get the fuck out of my way
This is animosity, dying readily, readily
Shatter this realm of caliginous kings
Disrupt the silence of their nothing
As of now you are an ant in the afterbirth,
Repulsive worthless wretched, disgusting depraved
You've got a long way to go
Eternal affliction, blackened phantasms
We offer no help—if you can't take the torment, the misery fantasy, inaccuracy, mistake tragedy
This is all your choice so choose now
Choose forever, choose nothing, choose never

2. Gray Conclusion

Why the fuck do I feel this way
The hatred is breeding strength
The road is closed ahead but I'm moving faster with every step I take
I don't wanna see tomorrow if it means triviality in-comparable banality, everyone I see is living sickness breathing
So I guess I can't be too far out from there, stupid and ugly and worshipped for nothing
We're fighting and fucking and loving and gushing
I doubt there's time for rushing
Take a drink sit back relax
Devanations here to break your fucking backs, I wasn't done, you're smoking crack, so for a matter of fact
I feel invisible, fucking invincible
The red is blinding
I feel equivocal and ever despicable
And the road is winding
You already know the scorn is binding, but where do I go from here?
(Give me a gun)
My hands slipped off the wheel and the wall is in front of me, but I greet it with a smile
Because the future is vile, look into the eyes of a child
So innocent so ignorant, take it from a motherfucker that's brilliant
Your futile idealism is malignant, irreparable and militant
I hope that you hear this and cringe I hope you bring it up to your therapist
I pray that after you hear this or read this, you buy a gun and bulletproof vest and take them,
Take em all, everyone, it's time to fall
Write it on the walls, it's a nightmare casting call, bring the monsters, bring the pain and blanket Mother Earth with blood and hate
I'm talking like ripped to shreds I mean scraped to shit by an 18 wheeler
Feed a man for free and he'll be back for more
Feed a man a bullet, you'll never hear from him again

3. Lost

Hush little baby, don't make a sound
Daddy's gotta go, he's going down
To the depths of hell just outside this house
You and mommy will be just fine
and I am lost
Been for days
and I am lost
As this world decays
There's a war outside a war that cannot be won, but daddy's here and daddy's the one who has to stand against the flames and pray that God watches over him as he fights through the rain
These eyes have seen
Terrible things
These hands will take
The crown from the King

4. Neverlights

All the signs are pointing westward
Time to hang it up, and head home
But for how long until I step back out onto the Lonesome Road?
I said I'd never leave your side but I swear it's for the greater good
Someday I'll say goodbye to the hourglass and wander back to the Dominion
and I I don't wanna leave without you
Cause death is chasing me, and it kills me now to say
That I think I'm ready to go, I'm so tired of breathing gray
and every soul I've known is slipping further away
and every minute lost is drawing closer to the day
So baby tell me I've a home to return to, I couldn't find it if you weren't there
Cause death is chasing me, and I'm tired of running, I'm fucking running to the middle of nowhere
I'm fairly certain my time is up soon, and I don't wanna leave without you
So baby sew your name into the sky, and come away with me into the sands of doom
And I'm not leaving here without you
I know too much to doubt you're here
and I've seen enough to live without fear but I don't know where home is without you

4. Psalm Of The Raven

You gave me chance and chance again
When I had fallen and given in
These are the cries of the Raven's song
Who could possibly right all these wrongs?
This is the end of doubt and misery
(The final stand between hatred and my)
Destiny, is set in stone
(The Raven lives inside me and this is the end)
Chemical, a broken glow
This old soul is far too tired to grow
Once a kingdom, now dust
Once a river, now blood
This is the end of doubt and misery
(The final stand between hatred and my)
Destiny, is set in stone
(The Raven lives inside me and this is the end)
Of doubt and misery
(The final stand between hatred and my)
Destiny is set in stone
The Ravens throne lies inside these bones
Rotting from womb to tomb, to the rhythm of the clock counting downward to the grave - who are you?
You gave your life to give me mine, to make sure I could crush the sunrise
Sorrow spins around the clock
Until the Raven gives the signal to stop
So I will struggle until my dying day,
Bow my head and decay
Waiting for the storm.

6. Legacy

I won't bleed you another line
Darkness divine
Excised from history, didn't deserve a damn thing done to me
A life without a face is no life at all, so either take off your mask, or sew a new smile on, if idle hands do the devils work, then Hell is upon us all
The difference between you and me
Is that you will die with no legacy
Blood is in my lungs and spiders rest inside my mouth
Dust makes up my bones and my feet grow into the ground
Hate is in my fingernails and snakes are in my veins
Your life is in my hands and I will strangle it away
Burn all that burns you
The bigger picture soaked in kerosene and lit up right in front of your eyes—what exactly do you surmise?
The difference between you and me
Is that you will die with no legacy
A shattered slave, downcast and depraved
A name on a grave is all you'll ever be
The earth cracks under the weight of your failure, you'll feel me inside when you pray to die

7. The Spark

She said it's okay, and that this is nothing I should ever worry about
Keeping my head up high
Smiling as this world dies
Now that I look back, it was only you that got me through the storm surrounding
All the secrets you never told, the cold shrouds all around us
Our destinies unfold
Face your maker, faith breaker
The years I've lost, they cut like a razor
Oh, holy traitor wander home to your crater
Dream invader do the world a favor
I step outside and I cry, the angels can't fly, it's all coming down
I step outside and abhor, it rains and it pours, its all coming down
Prophetess, what do you expect me to feel? Numb to the touch, is anything here real?
This cloud is choking my soul and I can't see, your stare is wrong and wicked as could be
(Fate) I don't think I need it now
(Chose) show me how to walk away
(Your) curtains close so take a bow
(Face) hiding in a frozen place

8. Suffering Bay

My stomach burns, my toes break
Overturned in a swollen wake
It's rained for weeks and the streaks run, betrayal never goes unpunished
Blind eyes torn open, noble deeds don't exist on this frequency
My world wasn't for sale, but I was fucking robbed blind anyway
Go ahead and tell me who to be,
I guess you're calling the shots, considering what you've done to me
Don't pretend that you don't wanna see this through, you've made your bed, so you're gonna sleep in it too
Come on down there's a show to see
I've got an army all around, and they fucking worship me
I can't remember a world with light
and I don't know if I wanna make it through tonight
Walk forever child, never stray
Don't bother light doesn't reach this far, the souls wading call home to the suffering bay, follow close, wander down into the dark
I've given up on trying to find my home, you've made it clear that I don't have a choice.
So long as I breathe I will work to ensure that you're riding shotgun down to the bottom with me
I will rip you apart (it didn't matter then, so it won't matter now)
I will possess your heart (and make you wonder how someone like me could exist)
My teeth will carve your soul (you didn't know me then, no one will know me now)
I've become one with the suffering bay

9. Doomspire

Without a word, without a trace you fucking vanished as if yesterday you hadn't felt the venom dripping down on your face.
So if you think there's ever gonna be a reason good enough for you to say you'll never walk away again, save it, you faked it, and now the regulators are coming to collect.
You wasted too much of my fucking time, and with this blade our fates will be forever intertwined.
Injecting strychnine to cloud nine I'm not fine, this entire world is saturnine.
Perched atop the Doomspire I wait in silence, blissful, your heart at my side.
The heart that won me over, still winning, albeit not beating.
This is the world in a broken mirror, the reflection of a streetlight in the gravel on a winter night.
Forever goodbye, forever tonight, I'll see you forever in the soul you severed.
This hub just doesn't have a world that's far enough away from you,
If I could run, then I would run myself into the fucking sun.
Run, away from all the photos and the trinkets and mementos and the smiles you malignant living lie,
The twilight butterflies set aflame and choking in the name of love
You never asked if I would be okay,
I drowned and sunk straight to the pit of the Suffering Bay
To your dismay, dreams betray, looks decay—worthless souls, they always fade away.
The scars are in a time that I can't recreate.
The hate is boiling and I couldn't deviate
The truth is here and I will show it to you now.
Sleep sound, deep underground.

10. Sharp's Curse

Sometimes I close my eyes and each shutter pulls me closer to the day I walk away.
Sometimes I can never fucking sleep because the demons in my head won't shut their mouths.
I never know the difference between the screams inside my head and what escapes my lips.
But one thing I know for sure, is that my heart is the darkest, and your light won't flourish here.
When every star drops out of the sky, when every memory is twisted melted broken and obsolete
You will look back on everything you did and you will understand the downfall
So when you finish—choking on the salt of your tears, know this was just as hard on me.
I spent a lifetime waiting for you to disappear, I spent a lifetime diseased.
Madness, psychosis, catatonic fucking blackness, it'll never go away
I pray for the end, aberrations illusions alien nations, my world is so much different now
I'm done pretending that this hell isn't breaking me
The lips of witches tell the saddest of stories
Roses redolent of times before the decay
Now is your chance to save the day.
It's hard to feel the shock of hitting rock bottom when you're always there, complaining life isn't fair
It's hard to step away from drinking at the altar when this life you lead is tearing you apart
We are all gods in our own right, but today I fall instead of fight

11. Rain And Sugarcane

On a shelf in the basement of the house on the hill
In a jar, lies the heart, of the girl with no will
She was sad, she was cold, but her mother always said
Never cry, never fight and wear a smile 'til you're dead and so she did
and so she did
And so he came, wearing black, to the place she always went
To escape, all the shit, burying the torment
He approaches quietly, placed his hand down on her shoulder
"Baby girl, come with me and the nightmare will be over."
She smells like rain and sugarcane
The bane of my life, the wisp of smoke in the night
I promise if you'd ever seen such pretty veins,
Just as well you'd want to end your life.
On a clock, past the minute hand, a second too late,
Grab the glock, doesn't matter cause you're just deadweight
Load it up, write a letter bout the world you tried to save
Burn it up, fuck em all, leaving now sounds great.
She reeks of pain and cellophane
The hate in all of our hearts, I swear we're doomed from the start
Don't wash out the stains, this is a war and
Your words are your weapons, so load up and do your part.
You've gotta break your back before you can learn to walk with an iron spine.
You need a broken heart to see that you cannot bleed if you believe.
Don't try to cease the evil, become it.
Fight fire with fire hand in hand with the dark.

12. Saturnine

You've gotta break your back before you can learn to walk with an iron spine
Saturnine, my heart has bled dry
Every morning is faced with dread, every night I fantasize that I'm dead
I could probably move on and pull through, but I don't care to find out.
I know I'm capable of terrible things, but motherfucker if you ever doubted me the time is now.
I'm in complete control of our destinies, everything will end here and now for us both.
Her beautiful blue eyes will roll through the dirt and her pale skin will shimmer with blood.
God why the fuck should I feel this way?
The whole worlds in front of me.
But I don't want the limelight, I wanna blaze a trail of nightmares.
And I won't stop until they cannot hurt again, I won't quit until they're deep underground.
Quiet, no longer tormenting the righteous few, never to ruin a life like mine again.
I am a failed experiment, I am the brainchild of hatred and broken dreams.
Don't roll the dice on me.

13. Of Oblivion

(Cloud) the hatred is
(Demon) too much for me to take
(Of) clawing away
(Oblivion) from your plague
(Cast) a torrid mold
(Your) of shifting worlds
(Darkness) heart of darkness
(Down) annihilate everything
This will never be the road to travel not the life to lead
I will never be the one to follow not a hero to praise
Cloud demon of oblivion cast your darkness down
Take the light away from us today
Realize the destiny, supreme reign
Ultimate power, silence of night
The weak are broken, bloodied, the strong have long since perished.
Escape is futile, welcome to the realm of the silhouette King
We do not fall by chance, souls carved from rushing quicksand
We do not stand with will, and this can not change in time

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