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1. Alas, The Anvil

Alas, the anvil rears its wondrous face
Attainment of a demigod complex
Sharpened swords
Rolling thunder barreling onward towards self-affliction
Esoteric asphyxiation
Deifying the one who sows dead seed, leaving no stone unturned to do falsehood
Bleed, dreams
Alas, the anvil has come to put an end to your hypocrisy
This will be the end of your selfish disorientations
Beckoning to the skies, the silhouette has arrived
Look past the fields of those before who darkness fell
Leading the weak away from my God's lightened path
Struck on the heel, by the serpent, enclosed in black
But the cross conquered all and brought me to Paradise

2. Ex Nihilo

Sovereign Imagination
Omnipotent Theophany

"Our maker designs symbiosis, Ex Nihilo before our eyes" [Lucifer]

"This world is mine....I am your God" [God]

"I was endowed with beauty and power, charged with leading the Heavens.
Why is this man made in His image? Where is my admiration?" [Lucifer]

"I will ascend, and exalt my throne. I will sit on the mount of the congregation.
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the Most High." [Lucifer]

"Tear off their wings. Depart from me!" [God]

"This world is now mine, and your creation I will turn.
All will see my power, and trust in me as you.
Destruction, defiance, pain. You will see, I am their God." [Lucifer]

3. Rotation

This unending cycle
Swirl of uncertainty
Will be the death of me and cease my spirit to rest
Wall clouds of deceit descending down upon this shattered heart
Remnants of what once was alive to bleed
Infinite wisdom ceases to exist inside this realm of hate
Have I become this numb to the one who loves?
A whirlwind spun of fear
Sirens echoing claustrophobia
In the distance you hear how this was designed to desecrate all that you’ve ever known
Uncertainty becomes me as I wander aimlessly
I must break free
Destroy these chains that bind me
Create a storm to change my world
I know your grace still abounds
I know your well still flows
No matter how far I may stray
You are right there to lead me home
Held by God’s own hand
Revived from shame.....

4. The Mist

5. Chords Of Orion

You left the earth, flew from the ground ‘till no more stars were left around
The black hole, yawning endlessly
You don’t know where you’re meant to be
Falling away from all you know
Now looking back, to see the glow of your lost home, it’s fading fast
Your independence never lasts
An open chasm, swirled about
Wandering star, find your way
Self-perfected world
Lust overrides your soul
Look at the shadows; they stare right back at you
Becoming darkness; the mist surrounds your soul
A shooting star beaming through the night of your darkest spirit
Break down the temple, built for yourself
Tear off the scales, see beyond
Look at the shadows
Becoming darkness
Escaping entropy as we’re designed to be
Ride along on the Chords of Orion
I am the weakest one
You are how I’ve begun
Ride along on the Chords of Orion
God within, your spirit conquering all ....

6. Engulfed In Depravity

Flee the wrath to come
The King’s scepter is extended, and you’ve turned away to death
You blatantly ignore the axiom and fill your life with debauchery
Evading the hands that began your life, now laying down to please your lust
The heavens stay silent for tonight, but it’s only calm before the storm
Consuming fire will bring the depravation, and bring the proud to their knees
Take these ropes from their necks
Save them from their suicide
Oh how far you’ve fallen, to think that you can challenge the most High
You’ve been deceived by a deceiving mind
Were you there when he laid the foundations of the earth and gave life to its void?
Were you there when he made the mountains and the seas?
Can you command the dawn and call out the stars by name?
This world, created in perfection, will be engulfed by the flames of revival
Burning away the flesh that bared its teeth, and dug them into this earth
spawning the disease He will demand an answer
Why do you fight against God?
Repent to him while grace abounds
He takes no joy in punishing sins
Why do you fight against God?
He will make an end
No enemy rises twice.

7. The Approaching Squall

8. Lioness

9. Rain of God

In a whirlwind of fire we descend upon the minions of hell
Swords drawn, eyes ablaze
Consuming the unworthy filth
Blood is spilled again from the open wound of Death
Your legion will fall before the kingdom of Light
Heaven purifies the world, once created in perfection
Angels purge the curse and deliver the earth from death's cold snare
Slaying the evil that scarred the earth with beautiful demise
Drowning all hell in its own entrails
The blood of the lamb washes away the distorted flesh, revealing the power of
holy righteousness
Fall to your knees, hear the voices of angels singing
"Our victory has arrived"
Infinite serenity, the Reign of God
For a thousand years, El Shaddai will reign with a mighty hand
All beings in existence will bow before the throne
All tongues will confess that He is Lord
Angels of Heaven purge the curse and deliver the earth from death's cold snare
Your legion has fallen before the Kingdom of Light

10. The Open Sky

Light and its trails beaming through your eyes
Through the alters of your life
Leave the screaming silence
Imagine a sunrise that never ends
A dawn of awakening
Not of the wicked one
But in the fullness of someone who died
Searching your heart to find out who you are
Passing through the clouds towards the open sky
Of shadows, your soul was born
Inflicting damage upon yourself
Consecrating madness through your false gods of desperation
Awakening deception
Marriage with the liar
When will you end it?
And stop this desolation
Imagine a sunrise that never ends
A dawn of awakening
Not of the wicked
But in the fullness of someone who died
Separate myself from your blackened lies
And so I will live on once this body dies
Completing your spirit
Trust not in the mind
It has disgraced all of mankind
The heavens open, a gaping void
The end of spiritual darkness
Evil is destroyed
Imagine a sunrise that never ends
A dawn of awakening
Hold fast to light
Separate myself from your blackened lies
So I will live on once this body dies

11. Harps Of Reclamation

Randy Searcy Bass
Jeff Carter Drums / Vocals (backing)
Nich Shacklette Guitars
Jay Sexton Guitars / Vocals (backing)
Joseph Calleiro Vocals

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