Dark Lyrics


1. Subliminal Division

Consumed in a struggle of spiritual warfare
An unseen battle in my mind
A failure uncontrollable, persona inexplicable
A scar that the past has left behind
Rid me of this cancer, I want to be delivered
From inner profanity
My thoughts are as open as words that are spoken
Is it split personality?

Free me
Take this from my mind
Give me
The peace that is mine

Leave me vile intruder
With deity I'm betrothed
To Hima I am open
To you I am closed

Divine intervention, will rid me from this tension
Defiling forces struck down by the grace
Subliminal division, abominable intrusion
The fallen angel put back in his place
You have no business here the ground that you tread
Is washed in the blood
Your stronghold has fallen, rebuked and forgotten
Destroyed by the Son

2. Point Of No Return

The blind led you to the mainline
You already knew the way
You were chased there by the dragon
You knew you'd have to stay

Dying for the end
This is it my friend
Your heavens turned to hell
One trip too far, no more to tell

You've reached the point of no return
You're dying for the thrill
Inside fear burns
There's nothing left of you to kill

Drowning in the wishing well
You're losing all control
It took away your sanity
And now it takes your soul

You're dying for the only thrill you know
You paid the price, you traded in your soul
Dying to reach your only goal
Dying for nothing

3. Playing With Fire

Singing of death, singing of hate, singing of demons and ghosts
Twisting their minds, taking their souls, digging their graves with your
Just for an image, just for the rhyme, words that you don't even mean
Singing of things you don't understand, making your life so unclean

You're doing the devil a favour
Your payment is waiting in hell
Instead of a friend an enslaver
You don't have to believe to fall under the spell
Using your words for destruction
But its harder to build than destroy
Unknowingly used for seduction
No power is yours, your just used as a toy

Why do you look down to the grave, you know there's more power elsewhere
Don't have to be cruel, don't have to be evil cos' of the length of your
You look to the witches, you look to the devil, why don't you look higher?
D'you wanna be slave? d'you wanna be burned? so why d'you play with fire?

You sing the words but you don't mean what you say
You play his game but he'll take you one day
You use a force that is real, one day you'll pay the price
Please understand, he'll trick you, he'll fool you
You'll do his work 'cos you're his slave
Tou can change the path that you're taking
But there's only one way...

He will betray you taking your soul
Torture and enslave you, who's in control? (not you)
Have you the guts not to conform
Join us against him, no longer mourn...

4. Taste The Blood

Twisted bodies, pain, inflicted by the sane
The guilty kill an innocent for their crimes
A living sacrifice, made at his own choice
A victory, a life for the dead

Taste the blood, it bled for you
Take the body it was broken for you too
You're damned and so was I
Taste the blood and you won't die

Will you make Him sick
Not hot just hypocrite
Give all or nothing at all
As often as you feed
That battered body bleeds
That death should never be forgot

Darkness sweeps the land
Bandits at His hands
At the place of the skull
With a loud cry He dies
An earthquake shakes, the skies
The temple curtain's torn

There will be no more
The One who came before
Paid the price

5. Morbid Curiosity

What's death for you my friend?
The beginning or the end?
I see your nervousness, you're scared
Why's it wrong, I ask you now?
You tell me what you'll allow?
The fear that holds you weighs you down

Perfection, you strive to get
The only time you'll get there is when you're dead
Listen and you will see
Death's the only time you're truly free

The only certain thing in life is death
And the fact that everyone will taste its breath
The day that you will die draws ever near
Can you face it, without fear?

You'd like to tell me what to say
You'd like to hold my tongue
Keep those thoughts inside your head
But I'll talk until I'm done
Why can't you face reality, you might
Not see tomorrow
You know for me death's lost its sting
But will it cause you sorrow?

This is no morbid curiosity

My conversation makes you cringe
You turn and spit it out
Why do you always make a scene?
Why do you scream and shout?
Why can't you face reality
Society ignores?
Unconstructive criticism
Shutting open doors

This is no morbid curiosity

Why don't you listen?
Why are you scared?
Look at what you're missing!
Because you're not prepared, to...

Put all your life behind you
Stare at death in the face
Ignore societies excuses
Put them back in their place

6. No Mercy

You take it day by day, waste your life away
You only live once but for your ignorance
There's a price you'll have to pay
You take no notice of the signs
Don't read between the lines
Got it in your head that it's over when you're dead
But it's too late to look behind

Wasted the time you lived
Too late
There'll be no mercy on judgement day
No mercy!

Did you hear the things I said?
Did they enter in your head?
Spat them back at me, wouldn't listen carefully
But you could not be forcefed
Will you ever see the light?
Will you stop your endless fight?
There's two ways you can go and you're going down below
But the smoke impairs your sight

7. Child

I've walked with you my child
Since days were born
You've turned the other way
Fled from my arms
I never left your side
I never strayed for a day
There's nowhere you can hide
My love won't fade, won't fade away

Child although you've strayed
I will welcome you back with open arms
You, you are my love
You are my breath, my creation rolled into one

I'd carry you my child
If you'd let me
But I must let you go
Why can't you see
I sent my Son for you
Was it in vain
But now you break my heart
Ignore the pain, ignore the pain

8. Eviction

Despicable deceiver, your stronghold's overthrown
We stand here to defy you, we are not alone
Your detrimental blows won't lead to our defeat
You've already been defeated, your reign is obsolete

Satan we rebuke you, we bind your futile deeds
the misery you've sent us won't bring us to our knees

Your reign of terror's ending, your time is drawing near
We know you cannot harm us, we stand here without fear
Creator of all evil, the architect of sin
Begone with him you demons, your death doth here begins


Die then in your hellfire, the battle has been won
You're given your damnation, your sentence from the Son
You'll burn in hell forever, the pain will never cease
Your twisted form decaying, there will be no release

9. Derange

What causes you to act the way you do?
What draws this anger up from the very soul?
Are you as insane as the things that you do?
This isn't the way it was meant to go

I just cannot feel
I just can't believe
Are you insane?
What you do is derange

Derange, throw into confusion
You take what doesn't belong to you
You rip you tear just to get your fill
Don't care 'bout the scars or the blood you spill

Your actions create an anger I've never felt before
Anger 'bout something I never ever saw
Your emotions aroused, your aggression released
You seek to pillage, the man is now beast

I don't know how you feel
I don't know what to say
All I know is it wasn't meant to be this way

For you it's over but for her it's just begun
It's now in her mind so where can she run?
She lies awake, it's happening again
You don't know but it's driving her insane

10. O.T.T. (Over The Top)

Prejudice is one thing that I hate
Blindness by those who can't relate
But one thing that I cannot stand
Are those who on the other hand
Are fighting against prejudice
And they become the hypocrites
They want to be more equal than the others

Don't get me wrong
Fight while you're strong
But don't take it too far
You'll become as bad they are

Some feminists just want to rule the men
Equality means something strange to them
If for the men it was all fair
I wouldn't have to cut my hair
To get a job or gain respect
Equality should be in effect
They want to be more equal than the others

Blind men taking rites from me
All should have equality
Different, but all the same
All looking for somewhere to lay the blame

Thanks to deathmariachi for sending these lyrics.

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