Dark Lyrics


1. Forever Gone

Why tell me why, we all have to die

Pain and sorrow, inside of me
Resurrection, will never be
No holy father, no holy son
Can bring you back now, forever gone

Deathly loss rips apart everything that once was living
Nevermore happiness, hopeless thoughts overwhelms me
Sorrowfilled, agony, die inside, deadly silence
Desperate cries inside no one can ease my sorrow

Open your eyes and you will see
Nothing will remain eternally
Apathy arise inside of me
Forced into this new reality

Silence surrounds me, mind filled with fear
Darkness approaches, death calls I hear

[Repeat 1st verse]

2. Depression

Depression touch me, deep inside
Emptiness fills my mind
Loss of lifelust, loss of tears
Veils of sorrow ending nears
Loss of feelings, loss of trust
All my visions turns to dust

No one hears my cries
Loneliness arise
Trying to break free
Severe reality

Confusion rules me, leads astray
Happiness so far away
Loss of interest, loss of hope
Life pass by far too slow
Loss of senses, apathy
Shades of black blindfolds me

Causing wounds
That time won't heal
A grim reality
Will now reveal

Now life seems to cease
Nothing will be the same again

No one hears my cries
Loneliness arise
Trying to break free
Severe reality

Illusions leads me to agony
Trapped inside, disharmony
Loss of lifelust, loss of tears
Veils of sorrow, ending nears
Loss of feelings, loss of trust
All my visions turns to dust

3. Visions

Visions sweeps across my mind
The final call I hear
Darkness falls eternally
Inside embraced with fear
Breeding fear comes over me
Scared of what I'll find
Darkest recollections
Death intrudes my mind

With open eyes I shall behold
I'm not afraid to see

What will I find, who will I meet
What visions will I see
Chaos sinks into my mind
What will become of me
Descend into another world
The place of final peace
A new dimension far away
Where everything will cease

Now, silently I'll march towards the end
Life is hidden well beyond the veils of pain

Go beyond, experience
What no one did before
To the place where time is dead
And stay forever more
Darkest place, emptiness
No visions left to see
This is the place where I will spend
Eternal destiny

4. Passed Away

Soon after you finally passed away
Your body will rot, start to decay
No way to stop this repulsive destiny
Maggots will devour what's left of you and me
Intrude the inner organs, the flesh will not be saved
The putrid stench surrounds the place where you are laid
The veins that once was filled with blood so strong and red
Has now been dried up, such a shame it's to be dead

Now you have become a gruesome picture of yourself
Bacteria will revel, infesting every cell
Your eyes has been consumed, not much remaining of your face
You'll slowly disappear, death has no feeling for disgrace
Even though your life has ceased the abscess will arise
Cover all your body, grow to extensive size
The sight of you is now enough to drive a mind insane
Blanked bones and rotten flesh is all that will remain

Flesh begins to rot
Limbs are falling of
Bones begins to show
Skin has been dissolved
Should have done as they said
Choosed the flames instead

Disappearing like millions before
Unavoidable fate
Don't wanna end in disgrace
But now it's too late

Passed away
Passed away

[Repeat second verse]

All that will remain

5. The Chill Within

You yearn for the sleep that will never come
You cry out for relief
Visions of a future that you'll never see
Memories of the past
Traces of sanity is soon to be gone
Confusion is all around
Truing to seek new ways out of this
Only to fail once again

The illumination is a false betrayal
You fall deep into the mind that will destroy you
Dying seems to be the only way to end it
Try to clear your blurry sight but there is no use

Suffer day and night
Slowly my mind will collapse
Fearing the last day of life

Darkness is falling inside your mind
Loosing your last hope
You'll have to go far beyond the veils of life
To find the truth
You stare into the past and try to understand
The answers disappear
Lost in yourself there's no way to get out
Slowly you'll fade away


Suffer day and night
Fearing the last day of life

6. Death Unfolds

Everything is hopeless now
The water freezes me
Loosing strength as time pass by
No helping hands I see
Try to keep my face above
The surface touch my eyes
My body will now soon collapse
My veins will turn to ice

I cannot feel my arms or legs
The water chills my bones
Choking up what's left in my
My bowels turns inside
The pain becomes unbearable
No chance to stay alive
Feel the need to fill my lungs
With air that isn't there

Frozen to death
You die as you drown

Suddenly my former life
Flash before my eyes
No longer feel the need to breathe
The pain has disappeared
Peacefully my life will cease
Silence all around
Feel no fear inside my mind
As I see death unfolds

Klas Morberg - Guitar/Vocals
Thomas Johnson - Drums
Stefan P|ge - Guitar
Jens Almgren - Bass

All music by Desultory
All lyrics by Klas Morberg

Lyrics taken from their "Visions" and "Death Unfolds" demos. A few
apparent spelling/printing errors removed. - The one who fought and bled

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