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1. On The Edge Of War

Terrorize them all because its an all out war.
Take no prisoners kill them all.
Give it all you got it's a massacre.
We're on the edge of fucking war.
Bring the storm for I am the ocean.
Bring the pain for I am alive.
Have no fear you aren't going to need it.
Push us and defy us we will take everything from you.
Chaos begins to spread we will strike.

I am the ultimate destruction. I am the ocean vengeance is mine.
On the edge of war.
Chaos begins to spread on the edge of war.
Prepare for the massacre your blood will stain the battlefield.
Vengeance is mine, dear boy vengeance is mine.

You have no chance for survival.
The designs of war have been borne unto this.
The designs of war have sealed your fate.
We'll tear you to fucking pieces your family won't be able to recognize your face prepare for the massacre.
The designs of war have been borne unto this and sealed your fate.
We'll tear you limb from limb and this place you call home will be ours.

2. Family Matters

All will pay heed to rotting corpses
They walk they walk with a curse
Nothing satisfies none shall take the prize
Worlds worlds collapsing give me light
Give me haven outstretched arms beckon you beckon me
Scream death is only time blood is the new skin.
Hand meets flesh meets earth meets mouth blood is the new skin

They will be torn up and eaten alive horror plagues deep within eyes
Transfixed on those of a hungry dead decomposing man eating all that shimmers from my heart
He is so familiar, so familiar he is my flesh he is my blood take me home

3. The Siege Of Rhodes

Take up your arms, men the fight is coming to us.
Defend yourself defend your honour.
Laying siege to the city of Rhodes.
Hold the line hold this line.
Leave no survivors leave no one alive.
God grant me true aim.

Sever their heads and impale them on the spikes.
They will never leave this city.
Build up the walls burn down the bridges.
No way in but no way out.
Defend yourself brace yourself defend your honour, men.
Brace yourself defend your country, men
We have suffered we have conquered.
We will build it Colossus.

4. Desert Hammer

Death, but not for you, Gun Slinger.
Steel grabbing steel, they are smoking.
Iron seizing iron, they are bleeding.
O Father tear it up, you are the one to bring them down.
Tear it up, you are the one to save us all.
Tear it up. Charyou Tree I want you to kill them all kill them all.

Bullets will only prolong your pain I do not aim with my eye. I aim with my hand
I do not shoot with my hand. I shoot with my mind
I do not kill with my gun. I kill with my heart
Chaos in this land of Discordia, remember the forgotten face of your father

5. Faith In A Field Of Mines

Fly fly my child from love into hate in mere moments.
Fly my child try to understand why these situations have lead me to burn.
Lead me to burn and I sit against this Charyou tree.
And I burn well this is how its going to be.
But it ain't how its going to end.

Satisfied for nothing for nothing my eyes have seen seen their share.
It isn't nothing I won't fight for well this is how its going to feel when I take my fucking power fist right between your scurvy eyes.
And as the blood rains down it will drench all of your enemies.
This is for all those who fight for your honour never give up

6. Liberty Or Death

I need a coma more than anything.
But I am afraid of the dreams please no.
Separate me from everything separate me from everyone.
Drifting away from torture free your mind brain yourself.
I am longing for a heart so cold it kills.
All the soulless creatures prey upon the mind.
Bring this world down bring it down.
Destroyer bringing the dead back to life open your mind.
Here there be tigers here there be saviours.

My God give me your heart tonight.
The Judge strikes down his gavel.
Give me all of your love for.
Here there be tigers here there be saviours free at last!

7. Play For Keeps

Play For Keeps!
This is indictment for this corruption you've laid upon the table.
You decide that you hate all that I've become.
I decide that its time for you to fucking die.
You're just a fucking waste of flesh until your ever lasting last breath.
I will not bend.

Please please wake me up from this nightmare.
I will put you six feet under and you will not forget my face and I hope you suffocate inside.
Cry. Cry all you want this time its payback, bitch. I will not fail.
You can lie there dead in a box. I play for keeps.

8. Play For Keeps II: Texas Blood Money

Your shit is fucking weak crawling through mud as you reach out your hand only to get it chopped at wrist.
Betrayer you fucking bastard you fucking sick fuck.
You're just another victim another piece of shit to fling under my boot.
Fuck you you and the fucking crew you roll with you're a shame.
Try and speak while I rip out your throat.

Champagne for my real friends real pain for my sham friends.
You have caused your own demise.
You will fucking rot in hell like the mother fucking piece of shit you are you fucking bitch!

Armando — Bass
Danny — Drums
Kenneth — Guitars
Tyler — Guitars
Brandon — Vocals

Thanks to nirajpandya for sending these lyrics.

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