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1. Rise Of The Predator

[Warslut/Bullet Eater]

Come taste the blood and the
Fear of the Prey as it
Falls to the Jaws of the Beast

Come feel the Rushing of
Senses and Blood as it
courses and allows you to be

A Predator

Come tear the Shackles of
Thought from our minds and be
Rid of this anxious Disease

Beware the burning
The lie that is turning
your eyes
From Necessity...


A body change
A mental frame
Another phase

The Fire
The Desire
To Live

The Will
The Steel
In Breeds...PREDATION!

2. The Last Revelation

It's not enough to listen
It's not enough to see
When the hurricane is coming,
It's not enough to flee
It's not enough to be in love
We hide behind the word
It's not enough to be alive
When your future's deferred

When the voice goes unheard
And your sons go on with song
And the one thing you loved the most
Now stands on the Altar
Drenched in blood!

3. Phoenix Rising


Oh to see our death as majesty
To look beyond our mortal tragedy
Set adrift on seas of infinity
Oh to see the terror of eternity...
before our eyes

Oh to be reborn in fire
Oh to reap the reward of power
Oh to be a sacrifice, a sacrifice...
To a god who sees through our eyes
to a higher self

"Let us chase the sky obscurers,
world blackeners, cloud procurers,
Let us clear the realm of heaven,
Let us roar with free spirits, who are beast,
Roars my bliss, as if storm driven" (Nietzsche)

Through the seas of bitter tears
Unto our death without fear
Sink in to the glowing flames
Knowing I will live again

I can feel the burning fire
Burning all I have been
As the flames take me higher
Rising on the burning wings...


4. I Am The Wargod

[Bullet Eater / Warslut]

From the dawn of time
Man has always sought to allay his fears,
From the demons without and the demons that surely lurk within

"Don't look for a rhyme or a reason to the story
Now is not the time, the season, nor the glory
Don't look for a moral or right to this tale
Don't look for a saviour for you're weak and you're frail"

'cause I am the War God

There are many bridges to be crossed
and many more to burn!

"I would sooner see you dead than hear your poisoned words
Slain upon a battle field, your voice cannot be heard
I would suffer a thousand, a thousand years in silence
My advice to you, is a message in violence."

'cause I am the War God!

"Though the tale is over, the song remains the same
Gods and idealism forever call our name
So we rise upon to the mount with Kings at our Command
To turn the endless cycle of the savage bloody hand"

And it's hard to learn from the past, when the past is a whore to the last
And it's hard to see into the night, when your eyes are blinded by the light

And it's hard to hold back the hate

5. The Eternal Glory Of War

When I'm alone, and thinkin' of death
Thinkin' about the world and when it will end
Thinkin' of what is accepted and accepted as true
They're all just fuckin' lies!
AWARE! BEWARE! WAR! The war that is so come
The beast in man has been caged far too long
No longer are we the wild wolves of old
The cross has taken our talons and taken our soul
The Eternal Glory Of War
This song is a stab to the hearts
Of those who would have us feel guilty for our past
Fuck all this remorse and fuckin' regret
They are a curse and a disease of Christianity that leads to our death
HAIL! Those who would give us hope
HAIL! Those who have seen beyond the dawn
HAIL! To those who have fought and won our wars
HAIL! To those who have kept the fire burning
The Eternal Glory Of War
The spirit of the War-dead cal out our name
They call us to remember and rekindle the flames
The spirit of the War-dead never died
They live on in our hearts through Spirit and Pride
The spirit of the War-dead are your ancestors tool
There is no shame in who and what we are
Look within and find out who you are
The Eternal Glory Of War
And it seems the Winds of change are upon us again
The tides have risen and the seas are black
It seems we're here to bear witness to the world on its knees at its death
But have no fear for the world ends for us all in the end!
War and Death, Inevitable!
Liars, cheats, cunts and fuckin' whores
I want you all against the fuckin' wall
You are traitors to everything that was ever yours
There's nothing left for this world but war
The Eternal Glory Of War

6. Lone Wolf Winter


Lone Wolf Winter...
Alone again
Lookin' sideways
Paranoid again

Gotta get out
Out of here
Cannot breathe
With the Stench of Fear!

Black days and blacker Nights
Gets the Gift of the Second Sight
Don't believe that I belong,
Don't feel right but I don't feel wrong

I think I'm a Wolf, then I'm Crazy,
I think what I need is a Bitch, don't you?

How is it that I have become the Hunter and the Hunted
and thought has become my enemy?
Memory falls away behind me, leaving me in Despair
I run but I cannot hide, the Terror is inside
I awake but the Nightmare is still here

7. Ride The Solar Winds

8. The Birth Of Tragedy

Dishonour plays a tune of pleasure
Dishonour plays a tune of pleasure
and pleasure takes it's toll...
Into the grave

We search for shining Palaces
Then build them on shifting sands
We bow down before our Nemesis
and cry tears to the frailty of man

And though it seems a great two edged sword
And confusion lies behind our words
The gleam of the blade beckons us still
Calling us on in search of the Grail

Warslut: guitars and vocals
Shrapnel: lead guitars
Deciever: drums
Bullet Eater: bass

Thanks to lord.byleth for sending track #5 lyrics.
Thanks to kabusho_mushroom_people for sending track #2 lyrics.
Thanks to revengeance_05 for sending track #8 lyrics.
Thanks to clericuzo, morbid_corpse666 for correcting track #4 lyrics.

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