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1. Diving Into Eternity

2. Like A Feather In The Lullaby

Do you feel the sorrow of the sun
Do you hear it crying
It's burning in my sight
I've got a wish that drowns me in melancholy
To put it back into your empty arms
In stormy nature
Under a crying sky the sun leaves me
A new notch carved that I follow
I notice that a voice is absent in the melody
If this composition tears
It tears me up
The tone of silence is the sound of all possibilities
Everything sounds possible out of it
And has already dried that tear
And the tone sounds
I love this tone

3. Sun Rises First

Before someone is taken out of his dreams
Before all good and bad on earth start its turn
Sun rises first
No one asks for it
It shines for all
To give someone
To give something
The feeling to be a part of the day
Clouds change their faces and all good and bad does the same
So many things stir you up and will never be understood
The world is crying
But my virtuoso vision of life inside my heart
Wakes my hope to be a part of this wonderful day
Again and again
Imagine this feeling
I don't dream it
I live it

4. My Day In Your Summer

Sometimes it happens that I'm nothing but a statue
In which there is sensation stirring
Crying for recognition
Pleading for motion
The lights begins to change their colors in the moonlight
And they form a creation on the lake
And where can I be seen
The lights begin to lose their colors in the moonlight
And I try to give the day another name
To write it down and yearn for it again
But the concentrated frustration breaks into a passionate confirmation
Vanished is my wish to find you
Remorse that leads me to the start
The horizon shows me the end
And I am yet in the middle
The sensation cries for rebirth
Die in my arms
And I look back
And I see nothing... but me

5. The Admiration Of Sadness

In a moment full of admiration I heart your lovely voice.
I think back and my heart was full of sad astonishment.
Your glance will live eternally is my memories.
The wish to pick up the past conquers despair.
And your wistful eyes strengthen my hope to be a part of your thoughts.
And your words left their marks into the sand and were swallowed the ocean.
And I try to hear them.
To feel them and put them back into your heart.
The picture set by the sun begins to fade but the separation of these days is our bond.
And with the sound of beauty I became silent.
And with these sounds a wave of relief flows through me hitting ma heart.
From there my power of my love arises.
But this source was buried by your pain.
The feeling of having tears on my cheeks sets my pain free.
Tears of my suffering which mean nothing to you.
Feelings don't reach your heart anymore.
Pictures in my heart that are painted like you.
Every day a part in me dies but my wounded heart will not break.
To live a love that takes your life.
Alone drowned in thoughts I devote myself to the memories.

6. An Ardent Wish

I want to be part of your dream
You are the title of my story
No word can replace my disappointment
I'm lost in guilt
I want to reach you
Drown my conscience in compassion
Fill my heart with hope
Save our day before it falls into oblivion
My desire cries for peace of mind
And my heart will burn in the fire of liberty
I want to look inside you
I want to get inside you
I want to protect you
The fear inside of me begins to bleed
Remember the day that carries dreams
I don't want this dream to die
And I will sacrifice
Look right at the sky and imagine how it would be without it
Close your eyes and imagine not to feel my nearness around you
When the sky comes falling I'll be waiting for you
And with this my story ends

7. Inner Virtue

The consciousness and the rest crush me
A sea full of wounds inside of me breaks the waves of the painful hope
And the whispering echo draws me in the rising red sky
And my eyes will run
The scars on me are carved for you
And how can I shine
My burning lips won't kiss again
Waiting ardently to embrace the day with all my devotion
Watching the sky and being wrapped in thoughts
I follow my feelings
I distrust you
My internal loyalty paints my beliefs into my heart
Relishing this moment to burst open the frame
Emotions burn pictures out of my heart
This is my passion
My unconditional love

8. Spring In Winter

The needle that hurts my heart is getting deeper and deeper
This time so short seems to be infinite so long
But it's so beautiful
And this journey will find its end too
The circumstances even allow it to talk about feelings
Sometimes I think that my heart is filled with my hope and drowned in your compassion
Hopefully just a misunderstanding
Everything I want is inside of you
Everything I dream of lies in your heart
All of my dreams
And the night in your eyes there is a star that shines for me
And it hurts for a lifetime
Like an angel that holds and carries me
And love lets me fall
I stagger
My hand's embrace your body weak
I don't want to hurt you
Silence surrounds us
We look at each other
But our thoughts in this moment stay hidden
I die for you

9. Scenic Road

I'm sitting here n the middle of a meadow
In the nowhere
I breathe the scent of a ray field
Imagining how it would be to feel closeness around me
A song in my head
Revived by an illusion that ends in a quiet fall
I'm standing here looking down the cliff
My fingertips sink into the streams of the wind
I see this
That I am
My trembling hands are lead by a breeze
Inside it I'm accompanied by a soft strength
Disappointment is the end of deception

10. Reinventing The Feeling I Almost Unlearned To Feel

Is it a revolving disc that we give each other
Does the path that accompanies me lead to sense to a moment
Warmth lies in dark freezing eyes
Eyes that speak a tricky language
Tasting the leading drop
The drop that allows me to speak from the deepest conviction
A wave that nips every rock in the bud
In the intoxication of warmth
I relearned to inspire courage and willpower in a puppet-like figure
Being somebody's slave
Used by others
A new pedestal has been cast
It was sketched by hope and confidence
Riding on a merry-go-round of passion
Dreaming and never waking up again
I woke up

11. Portrait For You: Lost And Dissolved In Tears

I don't need your words
I hear them everytime I die
This confirmation... leave me here
The sound of disappointment
The power of hate
The will for an end
Warmth is freezed to death
This feeling died with me
Dead blood flows through my heart
So cold
So dark
Living in dead days
Fallen words
Broken letters
It's just a cheat of my sensation
You cannot break this heart of stone
I don't believe in this hateful love
A war between love and hate
There's more indifference than affection
Take this life and end the feeling of being alive

12. Killing Words For A Naive Heart

I take a look into my heart
Filled by days of remorse
I want to feel you
But I can't touch you
I'm lost in devotion
A love that suffers
A love like hate
And I'm longing to die
Longing for death
Never trust you could love
This naive heart once broken
I'm sorry
It's over
I'm gone
And I will live this love forever

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