Dark Lyrics


1. Deluge Of Spite

Take care in silent moments
When all stars shine down on you
And silver moonlights too
A perturb breath of heaven
Sources of fear arise in you
The wind is fresh and cold

A statue cruel and wanted
Dreadful noise approaches to you
Fear juts in the night
Thoughts pulsate in your head
Keep me alive and save my soul
Fear juts in the night

Fellow or anger
Squander your time
Better surrender the deluge of spite

Morbid motives day dreams from within
Death row for all victims, rather humble and mean
Creature of pain, what's up in you

Fellow or anger
Squander your time
Better surrender the deluge of spite

2. Magical Man

A wish of a broken heart
Fog on the sea
Wistful waiting for the time
Fear arises in me
Can't wait until the end is coming
To say good bye
Close the magic circle
To say good bye

Disasters begin I'm a magical man
Hold the key in my hand
Deep blue something in my eyes
You feel hypnotized
Run if you can

Searching for a reason
Intrude into another world

I'm a man. I'm a magical man
Run if you can cause
I'm a magical man
I keep a promise inside of me
That I'll find to the edge of the world
Don't need to believe in prophecies
Follow my vestige, neither could help you mys on

Follow me into the future
I'm on the trip to nowhere
Want to escape from the abyss of hell

Watch out, out of your window
Can you see me, realize
It's just a dream that's my surprise

I'm sinister, sinister
Like a dangerous twister
The magical man of your dreams
A dark bloody nightmare
The trip to nowhere
It's not, it's not as it seems

3. The View

Open your eyes
And watch what's happen right ahead
Try to run it's endless time
Sentenced to life convicted to die
Where the path will be shattered

The mirror watching every pace
So stand your ground it's face to face
Ask myself if I could stand
I'm the heir of what is mine
See my views of space and time
Always found a way

Another sunrise and down is fading
You brought me to this place of cold
A voice from beyond I never walked so far
It's time that time should soar

4. Memorial Of Eternity

Seasons are changing from joy to agony
Mournful heartbeats blood frozen deep inside me
Memories of childhood return into my head
All senses of sorrow cover my soul

Thunder and lightning attend my destiny
It my time is over what remain of me
Purple haze down in the dark like my name right in your heart
All senses of sorrow until I die

Never-ending prayers
Never dying days in the dark
Your day began under the immortal sun of glory
Like demon's eyes a night so crystal and clear
If your time is right for the immortal night have no fear

5. Downhearted

When I stare out of my window
And gaze at the rain
Vanish in the sands of time
Afraid to reach out for eternity

Vanish in the sands of time
Fall back to my birth

Pressure squeezes my sorrow
Fearful tremble crosses my skin
From the distant dark side
Recover my cloudy mind

6. Timerunner

Run through the times of history
Often expected the chance of glory
Would hearts for aims in leaders mind
Monstrous offence they left behind

Waste in their eyes if they gonna die
Take you back to the brink of subordinate
Screams of pain reflect in the blade of sword

Waste in their eyes if they gonna die
Take you back to the brink of subordinate
Behave like a god that remains in the end

Strength, taste of ammunitions haze
Rejection is written in his face
Can hear women's whispering cry

Ask myself
Am I born to die?

What does it look like today with illusion
Hate and contempt to eventual conclusion
Unknown like a star between million specimen
You won't break the walls

7. Heavy Metal

I', zooming aimless through the times
Icy winds that once passed by
Forgotten dreams to the union of confusions
They're part of my life and heavy metal

Anthems sound in metal style
The journey ending for a while
For metal fantasies
And the breath of freedom share
Take the rulers everywhere
For metal fantasies

Mystic illusions crossed my way
Anger kisses day by day
Try to catch the light on the horizon
Follow me into my tomb

8. Intentions

Ashes to ashes
Did you ever ask yourself
If there is good or bad
Devils grimace smells like sulphur and gas
Your soul drifts away
And you're lost

Dust to dust
In what do we trust
When the sun and the sky blackened
Centuries passed by
Like a bird in flight
To the sorcery of the shadow lands

If there's a god
What would you ask him face to face
Thunder, storm and wind in a burning
World of darkness
My frightened face reflected to each other
Confusions will be born
Can't you feel the tears in my heart
Are you take me to heaven

If there's a god
The devil would curse my soul
And the angels of heaven spread their wings
And fight

Feelings crucified
Dark shadows in the night
Did you ever ask yourself
If there is a light

9. Hope Is A Frame

Preparing for the last night
Is there anything true in my life
Emphasizing to be strong
Stand up serious oh so long
Don't find the way out of the darkness
Into a world with a holy light
The innocence is over
See a faceless world inside

Born to live means born to die
Living in a world of destruction and lies
Like a raging tornado in mind
That sometimes enfolds, you deny it

Hope is a frame
Interrupts the circle of shame
Can't resist not exist
Everytime it is as it is

Some tears flow down the sea
Turn to ice and disturb me
Reckless and sick, tyrannize thoughts
Experience explode - the gun is loaded

The gun is loaded
The gun is loaded

Always on the run
Between darkness, moon and sun
That's not the place to be
The hope will follow me

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