Dark Lyrics


1. The One Who Craves

Crying woman in silver garment
Won't you tempt me to surrender
A candle burns to save my soul
Gloomy thoughts I deify at all
Funereal winds came with the fall

Released from pain released from grief
The last thing I would ever see
With pale eyes of a dying man
A coward I've always been
The whole life, trouble with sense
Gloomy thoughts deify at all

A silent angel with a cosmic shine
Dozes deep in my heart
I try to conquer my mind
If you can't wake him up, never fall never stop

2. Act Of Providence

Mournful haze surrounds my soul
Trap-doors open I fall
Beyond redemption I know
Feel the time, I feel it's time

Then I will take the black of a crow
My heart doesn't beat understands the sorrow
Feel the waste of time
Act of providence, rayless, waste of time

For nights to end in uncertainty
Pain eats you from inside
Beyond redemption you know
Feel the time, you feel it's time

3. The Real

Replace me to the deep blue sea
Where a breeze touches my skin and my heart listens
To the wind
Back in pain, the reality I wake up open my eyes
Go numb, cat's got my tongue

The pain and torture is back again
I feel like fire burns my skin
Sleepless night where is the sin
Change of success deep from within
This is the real
My heart is full of envy
This is the real
There is the day of reckoning

See one time what my heart will reveal
Feel the real honesty
One moment to this

4. Borne By The Fierce Current

Shadows devour the innocence
I can't pretend and fight against it
We have to run but times going on
And I still adore the immortal sun

Borne along by the fierce current
The dreamwheel is turning, I can't pretend
Borne along by the fierce current
Fit in the vortex the favoured end

Can't longer stand against the stream
Is it my purpose to suffer the pain
Counting the hours my patience is arrest
The heaven in crimson the place where I rest

5. Whenever

The storm is full of anger
Strong as fire in the wind
The clouds line up in heaven
It is time time to understand

Fight the prophecy of darkness
But nothing's changed at all
Expressions are eternal
Who can catch my fall
Tears flow over my cheek
Say more than I can tell
Think it's time the lies are gone
But life still carries on

Rest in a cage of time
Paint a picture on a wall
Expressions from within
Desperations let us fall
Nothing's changed at all
And live still carries on

Words seem unspoken
Iron thoughts embrace
What is the destination
Cut to the chase
Whenever the lies are over
Obnoxious grief comes to the end
Release me from suffer
Receive me in your hand

The eternal lies are stolen by the wind
Resurrection: the temptation of the coming end

6. Virtual Fate

Time stands still all-out
I'm lying here forevermore
I must confess I must be dead
Soon I will give up my quest
Don't remind me now
Because it mostly sleeps in you
For seven days and seven nights
Slumber closes my eyes

Pray what a sorcerer calls
Asking what the future holds

Old ancient rites
Death is my bride - tonight
Time cannot hold the loss of hope
My bloods running cold
Is there a time I will be reborn
Get a flashback fall in scorn
As far as my thoughts redound
My tendency
Back to the unknown

Back to the unknown
Safe, I will close my eyes
I represent the world of lies
Back to the unknown
My prestige is up-to-date
In my own virtual fate

The world stand still right now
It's time to represent the lies
Heaven casts a cloud on you
Look through the system I will despise
Stroke of fate, the punishment
Remember there's a price to pay
In my own virtual fate
Tribute the fear, tribute the day

7. Scorn

See the dawning of tides
Search for a reason
Feel the hate collide
Search for a reason

Walking through eternal fields
Mood of silence has broken me
Contempt head over heels
Start the attack

Take the bite out of
The scorn inside yourself
In the mood of silence
Think about the past
Take the bite out of
The scorn inside yourself
Only call to arms
Against temptress of death

Regret the dead waking up the morning after
Hope to be released under a brave new star

8. Creed

A part of me is lonely
Hard hours for me
Mustrust, mistake and mistbelieve
No matter when I'm dreaming
The forlorn ego is sleeping
What's the creed what's the sense

Disclose the creed in the depth of thoughts
The crystal night is coming soon
I cannot feel what is real what's my creed what's my sense

A new machine is growing
Human nature only
Digitalized we are
Reflect of the intentions
Really no dimensions
Your frightened face reflects on me
Still search for the creed and for the sense
My body stiffens I feel tense
Do you search for the light

9. Sagittarius

A heroic stand of a serious man
Ambition signs his face
Out of control not the body, the soul
Facedown in the dirt when a combat is lost
Stand up and be a man, let your guard down
Honest as long as you can

Take the sceptre now and tumble
The throne is much too high
Slowly go downstairs, give it another try
When preachers don't reach us, there is no time to cry
The stars are all for us Sagittarius

Take a look at the sky, deep
Blue and dry the zodiacs turn up for a while
Valour is a mark, it shivers you in the park
Ansent minded - be so blind
It feels like something in my veins
Sagittarius appears for pleasure and pain

Superstitious or not, the stars keep the secrets in front of us
Superstitious or not it's your turn to believe

The stars are all for us Sagittarius

Florian Reimann : Vocals
Daniel Hartelt : Guitars
Roland Smigarski : Guitars
Mark BrĂ¼digam : Bass
Lars Janosch : Drums

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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