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1. Masquerade

Another heart days perforates the slander
Another time look up to the renegade
Despise the bastard exclude or isolate
Wake up and lift your masquerade

Welcome to the ball of thousand faces
Welcome to the world of the prejudiced
Your present-day it's never too late
Woke up and lift your masquerade

To the end of the millennium
Seek refuge with safety
Your contempt doesn't follow me
To a star with dignity

Present an example of impartiality
Us living in a kingdom with lack of concern
Gore the harm of human kind
Satan governs you beside

2. Cage Of Time

See the world with different eyes
Some see the truth and some the lies
Observe the darkness and the light
From the cage of iron times

Prisoned on a metal star
Progress comes where human beings are
Live together in a cage of time
Defend against all throes of death

Our time is coming closer
Indication outer space
The orbit is instable
All achievements are in blaze

Unfold oneself, oneself regress
Cycle rules we must confess
Cannot resist against the
Cage of time
Defect a sign

3. Decades Of Execution

Facts of the case are inhuman
Desperate act, moments of madness predominate
No one's the judgement of pleasure and pain
No execution, no killer, no beast need this system

Death will come soon in Huntsville a few decades go by
Death row never obstructs the dead of mortal human kind

Is it just a dream, a fantasy
Or maleficent reality
In a good state of mind
You pay the price
The executor rolls the dice

Death will come soon in Huntsville a few decades go by
One more time you leave the fortless even when you die

You're tearing us apart
Time will never change
Entomb the rest of my soul alive
Don't forget you pay a high price
Death row opens the gates

Ohoho a question of conscience
Pull out all the stops to safe my life
Ohoho reprisal not prevent
The sadness to your end

With a poor sense of direction
You follow the keepers
To the last station
Of your protracted
Trials and tribulations
A short prayer
The feed the cold metal cuffs
The executor closes the circuit
See you in hell

4. A Legend Or A Lie

The legends about Atlantis the forgotten continent
Be ruined in the ocean
Drag along a dozen events of a prehistoric time
A kingdom unmolested

In noon the sun is in zenith abandoned in a
Scene of dreams be engaged in something
Perhaps a pungent atmosphere a little scare
A little fear failure of doom, see the truth

Kingdom of the damned
A legend or a lie?
The myth never dies

Revelation guides the final round
Plead to the folls kneel on the ground
Fear will come closer
A tidal wave the land is torn
The combat's lost a legend's born
The truth of presume inundated?

5. Eraser

Everlasting, evermore
Monotonous daily life before
Think about the evolution of machines
Most are useful, some cruel and mean

They erase all bad souls
Like ticking time bombs
Take control

They escort us to eternity
Mankind seems defeated
Expired by technology
I feel the control by a new machine

Every night the stars are bright
No train of thoughts, a quiet course
The moonset shine, a cold wind blows
But every day the progress grows

They erase all souls and take control

6. Second Face

I've no idea that evil lies in wait for you and me
You catch the side of his second face
Out of control not even your body and your soul come to rest
Envy and hate sadden your mind

Carry all the consequences
You are standing on the edge

My confirmed ignorance
For your desperate revenge

If brothers or sisters acquittance
And relations will always
Stand with you in a place
Maybe you discover as insidious

Carry all the consequences
You are standing on the edge

My confirmed ignorance
For your desperate revenge

7. Pride Of The Mourner

Desire is raging like the storm treats the sea
Rise as high as the sun veneration began
My heartblood is freezing
When the nights surrounding me
My flesh and blood longs to stray
Just hesitate when time melts away

Among the light I run and chase
Hurting words abashed this place
Injustice drawn seems so real
Stand for your right and be a man
Don't suppress all that you can
That's the pride of the mourner

Lonely in the sense of time
Kneeling depressed
In front of the shrine
I'll be waiting for a sign
Dark prediction from a hill
I believe with iron will
Always lose both there's a time
I'm gonna get you

8. Traitor

Betray your race thoughtless
Descent of your kind
I'm a witness of a na?ve
Space and time
Beware of the justice
I believe and have no doubt
Your mercy for today
Is not allowed

It's hard to understand
Your deception
Confide my secrets to you
Chemical chain reaction
Perhaps freak out too

Deepening of healthy visions
Poised stand of your bust
The gratitude to the end
Breach of some one's trust

9. Inflamed

Many times where I don't
Know what I am
Reduce me to reality
Like a heavy rock in the surf
Thoughts surround my brain

Back to the ground of facts
What has happened to me
Indistinct, intolerant, impenetrable
Are the walls of my thoughts

Satan's tears inflamed the cry
Between my thoughts
And the dark side
Try to toil and catch the light
My dive stopped
Returns my pride

One step forward
With the experience attack
Now I'm back and alive
Self assured, resolved
I can break the walls
Of my thoughts

10. Behind The Mask

I don't leave a trace in the sand
I never breathe the air that you spend
Beyond the walls of cold denial
I'm watching you in dust and time
Down there among the ruined bridge
I wait for you to come

Flames of the past burning strong
My journey has come to an end
As I drown in the rivers of oblivion
It's the destiny that takes
Our masks away
Down there among
The ruined bridge
I wait for you to come

Down there
I'm waiting for you
I'll wait forevermore
I'm still there
When you are gone

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