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1. Act I: Gaze Of Leviathan

Gaping the eternal eye
A colder sun is rising
Dawning creator
I have emerged to pose this world
As the crowning milestone on the path of reason
Born from unending dissension
Prime and sole mover
First and last sovereign form
Feeding on paradoxes
Insurmountable principle of truth
Empowering matter with will
All things shall exist throughout my view
From this frozen orb
I witness the disrupting atoms of cancer
That stream in the veins of human despair
I’ll restore the sacred order
I’ll suture the scar of this terrestrial forgetfulness
I will seal the wounds
I will seal this insignificance
I am primordial vengeance
For all ages to come
Descry me, for I never was
Recall me, for I was here all along
Designing the origin and the doom of all
I scaled every mountain
And slain every god
I am the constant transcendence of every thought
Craving every glimpse of life to enforce my decree
Devouring gaze of Leviathan
Bathing in blood of rotten divinities
I am an act forever lost.

2. Act II: Panoptic Servant

Submit to this hollow structure
we've been conceived within empty signs
tied to a master-signifier
self-replicating masks for the void, is all we are
Our existence united in a painful contortion
swarming like maggots, enduring as an ode to nonsense
that we are forced to repeat through every single act
The myth of creation
the strife for determination
the ever-lasting clash to outreach alienation
projecting our slavery onto cosmic scales
Bound to live through unceasing anguish
we are the wretched servants of a headless tyrant
forever hiding, forever standing as our spectral counterpart
The curse of sight has made us perceive unfathomable glances
constantly obsessing the concept of self
Sentience is but a horde of eyes
chasing us through the glass of our minds
Face the perpetual contradiction
of beholding life as voiceless spectators
Trapped in this conscious inertia
we witness the grin of necessity
There is no escape, for there is no enemy
Only a plague can save us
I am the eye itself
Only the fire can purge us
I am the eye itself.

3. Gather Void

4. Act III: Transcendental Observer

Encircled the struggle
The wound has been sealed
By the weight of revelation
I have been called to operate a superior synthesis
Condemned to unrestraint
Forced to shape the otherness
From which I was produced
One and manifold
Dwelling in endless alterity
I am the act of contemplating an infinite self
An all reflecting stare
A consciousness refracted through multiple patterns
That flows in the intersections of every scheme
I have withdrawn from life
Abandoned the world
To let it exist as its own parallax
Caught in a static ascension to absolute
Embracing divergent polarities
I now perceive the unbridgeable distance
That founds the endless fragments of the whole
Ever-present, ever-aware
Invisible harmony
Arose as a flux of pure intensity
Synolon of chaos and form
I am the self-emptying substance and subject
Perfected in solipsism
Yet engulfed by a sea of ravages
I am forlorn
Have I reached the void to go further beyond?
I shall eclipse the orb
I shall descend.

5. Wither Sight

6. Act IV: Herald Of Blindness

A dim light conceived to set
Invading these gelid grounds
A stillborn prophet descends the mountains
Forsaking symmetry in urge to act
Our possibilities were consumed
The mirage of balance finally traversed
First as tragedy, then as farce
I rejoin with all creatures
To trigger the epilogue
We are the unconscious poison
That sparks the corrosion of every pure image
We are the immanent rupture
That forces horizons to collapse
Dismantling visions for entities to come
We are the terminal negation
In order to affirm
Feast on your idols
Feast on your messiahs
Feast upon me
I offer a body to be dismembered
For this oracle to be achieved
The orb dissolves by the sands of fate
To conquer truth is to wither sight
Trace the line upon our eyes
I am catastrophe.

7. Act V: Dissipating Martyrs

In the beginning was Silence
Perceive the echoes of matter
Cutting across multiplied dimensions
We’ve stood firm through devastation
The bond is now broken
We were tied to an origin
That was lost all along
Eventually authors of inexorable outcomes
Yet called to accomplish a closing gesture
We’ve found ourselves undone in blindness
Still we’ve grasped the intuition of a senseless universe
Searching for a finale underneath our eyelids
We shall transcend extinction
In retrospect we’ll laugh of our tragedy
Our deeds will reunite with the dust of the ages
As we place a stone upon time itself
Our doom is deconstructed
Dualities are forever overcome
Abolish distinctions between chaos and form
What we had we have left behind
Purged from desires of deliverance
We are free to torch the meadows in our minds
Admiring dissipation while memories ignite
Symbols reconvert and dissolve
These words are fading
Ultimately we submerge
Separate from light
Defy unconscious
And sever the archetypes
No Gods, no Saviours
No Man, no Nature
Dare to lacerate the eternal eye
Endlessly impermanent
Infinitely void
All is uncreated
We have chosen to disperse
We are no more.

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