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1. H.A.T.E.

[Lyrics: Knobel, music: Pizzuti]

Repugnance of human beings flows under the skin
It chokes the calm, it kills the right
Not even blood will satisfy
Horrendous aversion towards everything
Towards everyone!
Hungry jackals everywhere
Grows the will to spread a new massage of vehemence
Look at the world that should be banned
Horrendous aversion towards everything
Towards everyone!

2. With Pest It Wasn't Solved

[Lyrics: Knobel, music: Knobel]

With pest it wasn't solved
Seed of shame of human filthiness, born for slavery
In past it was assumed, all you were dead, by hands of the plague
With pest it wasn't solved
Violent resolution
One step forward and thousand back
Among all of you prophets and detectors of nothing resolved
Cold necessary rehabilitation
Worldwide hate, ready to fall
This time for real? …And you will fall!
I spy the world to see how it falls apart
I'll be a hermit and I save myself from the crap like you
From the crap that you have built.
Indelible, desperate truth so sore, this shit never ends
With pest it wasn't solved

I lost my optimism living into skepticism
I'm the man, you are the puke and your morbid fear to lose
Anxious paranoids, driven by through the prejudices
Severe laws of no return
Is this the end that you me owe?
Is the end

3. Painful Obliteration

[Lyrics: Knobel, music: Pizzuti]

Just as we forgot the word respect
It will erase the scum human parasites
As we separate the legs to insects
For them there's only a way to purify within
Painful obliteration
Been created for human waste
Severe annihilation, global pain, the price of indifference
Fate eradicates the uterus of dirt
It will sink roots, depriving the growth
A countdown is started, they march in a row
We will close this chapter, they’ll drown in the void
Painful obliteration
Centuries of perseverance
Harrowing supplication, one by one, the blood deserves to flow
It stabs the good of everything, spreading the disease of own voice.
There's no freedom today
We’re enslaved by whims of human shame
The time has come, we will be erased
Just a matter of time and suffering
A matter of time, a waiting so bleak

4. The End They Deserve

[Lyrics: Knobel, music: Knobel]

Judgement day has come, it rejects this race
Choosing if someone worths, answer already known
Columns of lost souls, bodies lie on roads
Joined hands to save himself, prayers ever heard

This world slowly dies, tomb of the humankind
Suffering they will meet
Pain chokes the weakest screams
All of them prefer to serve instead to face the end they deserve


Icons of inferiority recruited in mass
Worthless organisms, they're compound of shame
Worldwide mass deletion of those who never shown
Who they were and what they could achieve

Now it's the end
The end they deserve: a genocide
Weeping souls emerge during rituals, remembering who they were
Now it's the end, the only end, an holy end
The end they deserve
Each man is war, crowd is destruction
Seriously committed to play God
Source of selfishness and arrogance, sons of creed and ignorance
Core of fragility, false appearances, the first puppets ready to fall
The vision of the end is not far off
You should hear it its voice
Their homes have become tombs
Realize that there's nothing left to do
Farewell for life
Forever, forever and for life

Judgement day has come, it rejects this race
Choosing if someone worths
Answer already known
Stratospheric grave, nothing on surface
Silence everywhere, the famous time has come
A new era grows, nature takes control
Heals all the scars for what happened in past
But it's the end, who foresaw it? I've no regret
Years spent complaining that nothing has changed
Guilty and ungrateful
Now it's the end, the only end, an holy end
All of them get the end they deserve
The end they deserve
Everyone gets the fuck he deserves

5. Counterphobic State Advanced

[Lyrics Knobel, music: Pizzuti]

Living in fear, a step to despair, closer conditions of own decay
Sinister decisions, the will to react, despite the need, the need to be helped
Schizophrenic and unstable inner coherence
Maybe those abuses have nothing to do. Nothing!
Mental detachment, rotten membranes, only the eyes see right through clearly
I must understand if they're corrupted. Grabbing the head and counting the days
This vertigoes are deeper than it seems. Whole grief and hate are keys of discomfort
Frenzied desire to face my fears, upset brain divorced from beginning attempts and failures will dig into veins
Paranoid will to submerge, own existence, into abyss of this domain made by flesh and chronic fears, desperation constantly real
Unstoppable, flow to my head, driven by thrills and hysteria
Stains on the skin, scars of a knife, remnants of who tried to die
Counterphobic state advanced:
Bipolar anxious state
Panophobia depressive
Mental torture and physical by the haste!
Mindful of madness, I'm the wretched, psychologically deranged
I'm scared, my hands are death, my mind a threat
Counterphobic state advanced:
Bipolar anxious state
Panophobia depressive
Mental torture and physical. Being a step, to despair
True conditions, of own decay. Born the will to react but I need to be helped

6. Scars Of Oblivion

[Lyrics: Pizzuti, music: Pizzuti]

Trapped inside a casing of rotten flesh
With brain washed since your birth
Instincts holden by a chained mind.
Express yourself with unspoken words!

Living in fear to be judged
Fear to be inappropriate at this vicious circle
Pushed out from the herd, left alone as punishment
Like a leper: contagious, like a mistake

Don’t ask you any question just watch you what they want
A silent slaughter around us. Keep low your head and pray your God

Programmed and forced to sweat to grow the insatiable pigs
Hungry for authority, free to crush the liberty

Psychological submission
Retribution for your efforts

Brandished scepter in front of cerebral misery
Masses lined up to receive the infected daily bread
Million lives already enslaved, million lives await to follow
Let the fools perish to sustain inhuman stakes

This pandemic sickness and frantic existence
Rabid pawns with fried mind
What is yours? What is true?
Condemned to loose the game
Without say in which name
Face the present day after day
Until death is the same

Psychological submission
Retribution for your efforts

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