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1. Verge Of Ending

[Lyrics: Pizzuti, music: Pizzuti]

Horrors, endless wars
Eyes turned into despise
Despise for this world

No excape from this painful fall

How I see is damnedly real
Broken promises, growing bloody deals

Mindless waste, face your sentencing

2. Final Heritage

[Lyrics: Pizzuti, music: Pizzuti]

Pyroclastic toxic storm
Infestation of the womb
Crushing winds of disgrace
Sublime ending of the race

Beyond warning and advises
Still incrementing the demise
Global chaos: true carnage
It's our final heritage
Victims of selfishness
With delusions of leadership
Disgust for altruism
Stab wound to serenity

Atmosphere erosion
Meteors lethal collisions
Cataclyism: nature's rage
It's our final heritage

Agonizing rush to death
Termination of the breath
Screams of anger to declaim
The countdown of our time

When the light turns into darkness
The blackest day of humanity will come
No more reason to fight, no more reason to live
Extinction shall be done

Earthquakes strike and erase
They will take us to the own grave
Polar ice caps slowly thaws
There'll be denied a new dawn

Omnivore to survive
Ethnic bloodbath where can dive
Low curtain: last men stage
Was our final heritage

3. Coils Of Vengeance

[Lyrics: Knobel, music: Knobel]

Hanged bodies on the trees
Pleasant way to see their cruel demise
Sickness comes from within
Grows out from the entrails, develops in the throat
Gripping the despair flow
Wrapping the core of pain
Claim all things denied
It's a flow's abysmal hate
Torture treatment of revenge
Carving their own sign, unsatisfactory
Needles onset of decay
Inject all the will to erase somehow
It's a tank of diseases
Harder core of disgust
Blend the strength, with your hate
Fistful filled of revenge

Every facts deserved in past
Someway it damaged our-self
All the visions of torment
These are the coils of vengeance
Sold in the name of shame
Lost the dignity and become nothing
Forced to to eat the feces
Enslaved by something that rules all your faults
Day by day I declare my hate
Sweating violence within
Day by day I swear
You'll pray for the bitter guilt of your birth

Day by day I declare my hate
Sweating violence within
For all faults without remorse
They will be the coils of vengeance

4. Nihilism Dawn

[Lyrics: Knobel, music: Pizzuti]

I'm surrounded by useless corpses, one bother that feeds my rage
There's always someone that reminds me they exist as a thing called "life" has given them a trace
I'm so disgusted, blinded by my mind. Are we unable to be alive?
United in illness, sadness and hate
But here everybody think with their brain
The weak are injured by the truth
Scars of a low conception of life
Give them a reason to survive
As they realized they don't possess nothing
Nothing at all
Fake! Another step in the void
Into involution we're drowned
No need to explain
When darkness comes you need to fail
The sky it's turning grey
Messages fall with the rain
It's so insane
No one had ever thought for a day
If nothing had really been created
"How it's possible?" you say
No one was born
Believers will disagree
For me this is a true
A lot of this facts are clear
I'm so conceived
We are walking under the breeze of this holy
Nihilism dawn
Nihilistic awakening
Nihilistic awakening
Pull the noose, around the neck
Thrown down from the chair, and I'll be proud
If it is too much for you, get your death
I am waiting for the last act
As rival you suck! Useless piece of humankind
I'm surrounded by you
So irritable sense of disgust
Dirty atmosphere insane
I am waiting for your last lethal act
I am waiting for the last, newest act of a cruel suicide

5. Foreplay / She Cums Pain

[Lyrics: Pizzuti, music: Pizzuti]

Non-existent iron immunity
Unconscious of some rotten thinks
Begotten in a tortured brain
Why believe to be the one?

Heart's beat begins to accelerate
Your fetid breath was never be so loud
Sweat's drops drain on the back
Damping a deflorate cunt
Torn clothes at this disgusting whore
Face smashed on the floor
Suffering is the price for your attitude
Abused body uselessly screams

Just the beginning of a nightmare awakened
To test an holy desire with his reactions

This empty carcass starts to bleed
Now just one need
Grabbed from the hair her fucking head
On the wall will be spread

Abused body uselessly screams

Sadism, determination
An horrifying dissection

Difficulty to swallow
Through lacerated mouth
The punisher gallow
Slash your throat in half

Wriggle is not a solution
Disfigured face
An unbearable pain
For this fucking race

Vomit increases
To maximum pressure
Made of blood and sperm
The slow choking is sure

The pain that I cause
Feeds me everyday
And when the pleasure grows
I punish, you decay

6. Basement Torture Killings

[Lyrics: Knobel, music: Knobel]

Seized and sedated
Chosen with criterion
They are beaten if they don't cooperate
Closed into the basement, tortured in every way
Obey to satisfy the author of so many killings
Basement, torture, it's so real
Killings, of innocents. I'm the maker, omnipresent, maniac
Swollen torso, teeth everywhere
Thousand hammer blows on these heads
Seven inches blades, to carve out the flesh
Gutted bellies with a screwdriver
Nauseating stench
I use up to let you die
This horror makes me horny
It's so exciting to see you submissive
Forsaken, naked and nailed
Pavement of severed heads, eyes wide open
Gaze the monster who done this
You have been conceived for this!
Basement, torture, it's so real
Killings, of innocents, I'm the maker, omnipresent, maniac
I'll set you free, maybe!
No one gets out alive

Your remnants will lie into my heart

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