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1. Bereft

Hills that hide the endless lies or the 213 no one can see
Kenneth Hahn a blinded eye la Brea Hills, and the loss inside.

2. Repeat Until You Fail

Catching the tears in your hands or catching a case on the stand.
One million nukes on L.A. or dump a whole clip on your face.

3. Roll Call

Two of you, I'll be dead or put away. 1 time, zero breaks when it's said and done.
Now here's your stupid roll call.
Fuck you, fuck your friends, fuck the courts, fuck it all. Fuck your job, fuck your pad, fuck the judge and on and on
Fuck you, fuck your friends, fuck the courts, fuck it all. Fuck your job, fuck your pad, fuck this song and on and on . . . .

4. 3/26/2000

The love without condition, the beautiful child.
Cut it across my heart, eight years to the day.

5. Three Day Hold

You're on a three day hold, you're a 5150 and you think we should kick it?
Live up in heaven with Jesus Christ, Sadat, and Reagan.

6. Yes Officer/No Officer

Hand on a bible, a public defender, revenge of a father, a payment to state.
Rise for the judge. Bow to the state.
Chapter is written, a piece of the system, a numbered existence, your life on a shelf.

7. Fear's Song

On the top of la Cienega. Staring out to the north. The whole basin on fire and no one lived, that fukkin rules.

I don't care about you
Fuck you.
I don't care about you

I see manchester blvd. Welfare hotel. I spent all day in jail by the Sandman Motel.


10,000 lawyers dead on robertson. Felt good to just kick back and look at them. We were fucking laughing at them.


See a man shoot a judge and bodies in the street. Some pig was sleeping in puke - Walking down Florence, trying to get some shit to eat.

[chorus 3x]

8. Two Or Ten Faces?

9. Shit Goes In, Shit Comes Out

Call up the pigs, explain to them the reasons you failed but tell them that you always tried your best.

10. You Can't Fix Me, Don't Trip

Fucked with times of misdirection. Those are your friends. Stained you for your "life reflection." All of your friends.
Cut me back to you. Wrap it up and turn your back on me.

11. Painted Gray

The chances were there I didn't use them
The whole day was here but I didn't want it.
Misdirected, fucked, rejected, shut you off, paint the whole thing grey.
Get high and fly away

12. All The Regimes You Hold Most Dear

So tell me when you prayed for change. But end the day with all the same. Son of a zionist, wife of a president.
Son of a zionist, wife of a president, heads of the banking cartell your new regime.
Every empire tried it, every empire failed [2x]

13. Destinial

You won't live
10 years in college,
You won't live

You won't live
The cash is endless.
You won't live

You won't live
You won't live

You won't live
You're fucked you know it
You won't live

You won't live, you're fucking stupid

14. Bankrupt Social Code

The shit that you've amassed, you built it all on sand.
You'll long for nothing real. Who gives a fuck youre all dying anyway
it means as much as shit, been dead since you were 10.

15. Seven Funerals

I waited all this time for life to come true and this was the outcome?
God blessed all your lies. So you could get high while I went to funerals
7 years - 7 years and seven funerals. [3x]

16. They All Died Is What Happened

Most of them you called on, half of them you ran to - gone.
They're all fucking gone
One by one, lying/losing, slope is sliding, dust is burning, running blind and fucking aimless

17. …And Expirations

More of what I thought would happen it's a fukkin dream. Not long for your "world," it's all collapse and expirations.
The buried dreams, the kiss of judas, a lifetime of. . . .

18. Cedar Ave. (Was The Best Place To Watch People Ascend To Heaven)

. . . .regret

Thanks to slmohar for sending these lyrics.

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