Dark Lyrics


1. Thy Flesh Consumed

Rising from the grave
Crawling through the dirt
Legions of the dead
Hunt across the earth

Trapped by cold and lifeless hands
A feast for the walking dead
Your entrails spread on bloodstained ground
They feed on your severed head

Earth transformed to hells domain
The dead will rise and kill again
Reanimating dead remains
Terror from beyond the grave

Thy flesh consumed
Into the void
Thy bones scraped clean
Thy soul destroyed

The dead replace the living
Forsaken by their god
An endless wave of killing
A world with no more life

Thy flesh consumed
Thy flesh consumed
Thy flesh, thy flesh consumed

2. Desolated

Fire will scorch the skies
Eradicate every sign of life
World reduced to dust
Thermo nuclear holocaust

Dead forever, desolated
Dead forever, desolated

War consumes the earth
All mankind will burn
Cities burned to ashes
Ruins of the madness
Worldwide mass destruction

3. Gravefeast

Cannibalistic presence
In the holy crypt
Deviant encounters
With the dead divine

Overtly sick ideas
Transformed into reality
A gravefeast on the dead
The epitome of brutality

Gravefeast, so carnal
Beauty of the dead devoured
Gravefeast, so carnal
Indulge in the rotten

The dead are eating back
Joining the feast
Draped in disease
Are these hungry beasts

Gravefeast, so carnal
Beauty of the dead devoured
Gravefeast, so carnal
Indulge in the rotten flesh


4. Mass Human Pyre

Endless purgatory
Crimson wave of death
A stench of burning flesh

Nuclear deformity
Radiation, suffering
Fallout of eternal war

Die, revel in pain
Shiver with fear

Mankind laid to rest on a funeral pyre
Graveyard of mutation
Asphyxiating air
Desolate landscapes
Chemical devastation

Carnage is unbound
Human race enslaved
Abhorrent burning wasteland
Abysmal of remnants of war

What remains are twisted
Shatters of a life
Like lepers molded in fire
Scavenging this

Mass human pyre
Genocide by fire
Mass human pyre
Genocide by fire

Mass human pyre

5. Infernal Gathering

We call upon you, our brothers
To bear witness
As we gather under the sign of horns
Before the mighty and ineffable prince of darkness
And in the presence of all the demons of the pit

Invoking his blasphemous names
The lord of Sodom, the god of Cain

Dreadful minions come forth
Swear allegiance
Bow down before the throne of hell

Make the final sacrifice
A brutal mutilation
Spill the blood and hail
The beast of revelation

Make the final sacrifice
Unholy desecration
Spill the blood and hail
The angel of destruction

My body is a temple of the pit
Wherein demons dwell
A host of spirits
A pantheon of flesh

Hear our offering
As we praise
The infernal father of the dark flame
Grant us power

6. Feeding Frenzy

Malevolent creatures
Drawn by the scent of blood
Hordes of disease and plague
Regurgitate human remains

Tied and bound
For rodents to feast
Eaten and devoured
Sickening beyond belief

Drifting in and out for days
No answer for your prayers
Drifting in and out for days
Until all life fades

Feeding frenzy
Victim of the carnivores
Feeding frenzy
Devoured by the hungry hordes

Feeding frenzy
Feeding frenzy

Torn apart and wretched to nothingness
Decrepified mutation of putrid flesh and bones
A trail of corpulent vermin
The last remains of the massacre

7. The Triumph Of Death

Carving a path of death and destruction
An onslaught that’s second to none
Leaving a trail of grey devastation
The end of the world has begun

Conquering our legacy, stand the test of time
Disciples of the ancient art, breeding death and slime
Bloody gore and slaughter, a sonic invocation
The purest form of total death, monuments of desolation

Hail the destroyer, the slayer of light
Cover before the relentless attack
We kill the old way, we show no remorse
A statement of power, that we are fucking back

Clouds of human ashes
Destruction of cold flesh
The silent hand of darkness
The triumph of death

8. Bludgeoned, Beaten And Berated

Saw you die in blood red dreams
Flayed by my piercing sight
Heard your agonizing screams
Wallowing in murderous delight

Wake up full of hate
Now death becomes reality
I will hunt you down
Make you suffer horribly
You will die
Bludgeoned, beaten and berated

Blood and slaughter, endless torture
Victim to my blood lust
Lacerate you, desecrate you
Mutilate you

I have no mercy left
Set fire to your flesh
Gasp for final breath
Burn you until your death

9. Second Killing Of Christ

Return of Christ
The lord of filthy lies
He speaks of god, of hell
You know his lies so well

Emerge, come forth
The horde with flaming swords
Sworn to cleanse this world
Behold the Christians scorned

A vow to kill Christ upon his return
Crucify the bastard, let his flesh burn
A vow to kill Christ upon his return
Let him burn

A crown of thorns, of horns
He stands forsaken
Melt away his flesh
Pour the lead down his throat

Nail him to the cross
He's heaven's loss now
We at least stand free
From heaven's blasphemy

Second killing, second killing
Second killing of Christ

A vow to kill Christ upon his return
Crucify the bastard, let his flesh burn
A vow to kill Christ upon his return

10. Impaled

Lifeless, deathless
Victim of eternal horrors
Endless pain
Tortured, impaled, abhorrently crucified
He felt no guilt
Death to Jesus and his minions

Blood upon the ornaments, spatters of flesh
Priest impaled upon the symbol of his Jesus divine

Psychopath going after the clergy
Feel the wrath of the crucifier
Possessed by the fires of hell
Feel the wrath of Lucifer

Viciously impaled
Viciously impaled
Viciously impaled

Into the furnace fire
An eternal life expired
Death unfolds
Joined with Jesus in rotten soil
Occult final act
Abhorrent shrieks of blasphemy

11. Age Of Annihilation

Ancient god of evil
Lifeless dead and dreaming
Slumber in the abyss
Sunken city of R'lyeh
Lost in the deep
Eternal aeons of sleep

Servant, hear my call
Servant, release me

Resurrect the old ones
Spread insanity
Worship the beyond ones
Evil blasphemy

F'ai trhodog!

Tread under the stars
On mortal soil once more
Spill the blood of chaos
Upon the altar of Yog-Sothoth

Come forth from the anti-cosmos
End of all creation
Harbringer of burning times
Age of annihilation

When the start alight
From the darkest deep
The ancient ones arise
Preserved by the spells
Glorious resurrection
The gate is open

12. Antimortem Autopsy

Carve and hear you scream
Explore your anatomy
Flesh, blood and steel
My morbid fantasy

Internal organs
Left to decay
Your ribs spread open
Bleeding away

Crude amputations
Done viciously
Draining the limbs of
Their last lividity

Antimortem autopsy
Antimortem autopsy

Surgical invasion
Until the last animation
The desecration
Brought to new heights

Death welcomes you

The final morbid rite
The pleasure of carving your insides
From death there's no release
Beyond death exists no peace!

Jonas Bergkvist ‒ Bass, Vocals (additional)
Joakim Rudemyr ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Stefan Nordström ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Victor Parri ‒ Drums

Thanks to anhate for sending these lyrics.

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