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1. Optimism's Victim

Holding on, with nothing but dark days around you. Just can't shake that
sinking feeling. Moving on, you're left behind and still breathing. Hope
runs thin and your wounds aren't healing. Lost in this hole of mine, but
I'm trapped in this mind all the time. Dark denies you chance of survival.

Now, all that's left to do is suffer. Just suffer. Cold takes no
prisoners. You know, but you're trudging on. Hope that you won't be
another stepping stone. Keep moving on. Noone makes it out of this place
alive. In the dark, I force myself on your mind. Open up and let hate come
inside. Now, look back with me at all the faces that I've stepped on, just
to make it this far and not feel a fucking thing. I told you the truth. I
told you this is what I'd do: fake love, so that I could step on you too.

Hope's gone. Keep moving on.

2. Stoke The Fire

Why do I do this to myself? I leech off the dreams of someone else.
Wanting to be part of your perfect lives, just so I can feel “alive.” And
it’s killing you inside, just to keep up the fight. You took a shot in the
dark and I can’t see the light. I don’t need another excuse, to hate all
the things I do. I told you I could help, then dragged you to my private
hell… with your hopes and desires in tow. Stoke the fire, so I won’t be
cold. This place is never-ending. Soon you’ll learn to call it home. Stoke
the fire, so I won’t be cold. Stoke the fire… burn it all. Soon, there
will be nothing more than lies left. You smile, just to pretend you don’t
share a bed with death. But, I am holding you close and you know, it feels
so good for anyone to want you in this hole. And it’s killing you inside.
You’re no longer able to hope for flight. You took a shot in the dark and
now you can’t see the light. Why do I do this to myself? I leech off the
dreams of someone else.

You know as well as I, that it’s killing you inside.

3. Trash

How much longer will you wait? You waited so long and you listened so
well, but it was all a lie and you could never tell. So, forgive me for
every look that passed right through you and every single glance that
reassured you none of it was true. But, look at what words can do: I still
fucking used you. Dear left behind, I know I threw you out. Because, I
knew in time that your faith in me would turn to doubt and I’m sorry… that
I’m not sorry. The worst part is I only feel bad for myself. Now, all that
we see, when the snow has melted, is the trash we threw out before the
winter came. You may linger in the warmth of the season’s sun, with
fingers crossed, that it will grant you new life, but we all know that
you’re dead inside.

Dear left behind, I’m sorry.

4. The Plunge

I am a: prisoner of my imagination, trapped, tortured and going mad. Lost
all sense of direction, when I lost all that I had. Moving onward and
upward, the race to fade to black. I’ve found a way out of here and I’m
never coming back. Fuck the world… take my life back. Fuck the world… the
race to fade to black. Throw myself from the highest rooftop, face up, to
perpetuate my fall from grace. Sunlight slipping through my fingertips. My
soul and body rot in the same place. 602-52-8353 is all I will ever be.
Nine numbers: identifiable only by blood on the concrete and a crooked set
of teeth. Take me back. Death is what I’m after. I’m not afraid anymore.
Can you hear my laughter?

Fuck the world.

My soul and body rot in the same place.

5. The Afterglow

You know that you’re just a product of the afterglow. It’s the same every
time. I look to you, when things aren’t right. You said you’d save me, but
you won’t catch me praying. I scoff at souls on bended knees, like they’re
all so fucking weak. Take the coppers from my eyes and leave me, staring
at the sky. With hands outstretched, I hope for nothing less, but I see
every breath and I know that every prayer is wasted on a name that’s
faceless. Dear God, I’ve been waiting for so long, but I just couldn’t
wait another day to see your face… so perfect, so nothing and so nowhere
to be fucking found. As far as I can see, he’s nowhere to be found. I’ve
looked everywhere… who’s the king of this God forsaken town? The name
that’s faceless wears the crown. Permanent resident of this ghost town. No
days to count since I’ve ceased to exist. I’ve been let down. Let down my
hands outstretched. I hoped… I saw… I know… every prayer is wasted on a
name that’s faceless. The faceless king will save you a seat, right in
front, beneath the weight of his feet. But, will the faceless king be
watching me fall from heaven to concrete? With hands outstretched…

we hope.. we see.. we know.. every prayer is wasted on a name that’s

You know… you’re just a product of the afterglow.

6. One Is Too Many


7. D.R.E.A.M.O.N.

Sometimes, I dream that I am God… I stop the human race, before it starts.
But, then I wake up and we’re still here. Suicide to conquer fears.
Because, opportunity ends when I wake up. I pray for sleep to a God that
doesn’t give a fuck. Grinding my teeth all day, I’m screaming:


I’m pleading for temporary escape. Don’t let tomorrow be haunted by today.
Another chance, but no chance for change.

Destined to Regret Everyday Alone. Marry Only Negativity.

8. A Day As The Moon

Suddenly, I am awake. I see the earth from outer space. I feel the warmth
of the sun’s rays, but he never sees my face. This is a dream I’m sure,
but I can see the world and as long as I’m asleep, I feel as if I can
almost reach. I can almost feel your touch. Hope is such a rush, but I
can’t conjure love. Even in dreams, I’m just not enough. The endless cycle
of hoping that I’ll wake up, just to go about my day in the fucking hole
that I create, in hopes that tonight I dream and that just for once it
grants me peace… please. I am the moon, so cold and blue, so many holes in
me from you. Did you take a piece of me? I feel so fucking empty. Cold as
ice, but I’m not melting. I feel the light, but it’s not fucking helping
now. Please God, just wake me up. I’d rather suffer through reality than
curse the day for what I see in my dreams.

How could he ever feel the same, when he doesn’t know my name?

9. God Is Green

Both our gods are green. I’m just a product of the whiskey and the weed.
We’re all some kind of fiend and you’re just a product of the hustle and
the greed. Behind your suit, you’re just another junkie. Disapproval when
you pass me by, but we’re all looking for the same thing… what gets us by,
with another day of our wasted lives. It’s the cash and the clothes. We’ve
indebted our souls. You’ve got bills, but the brands. I’ve got pills in my
hands. I buy smoke just to breathe. Now, maybe you will see, we’re not so
different you and me, hoping our drugs will set us free. It’s just what
gets us by. Work for the weekend. I can’t comprehend, because I know. I
saw the afterglow. Maybe I’m jaded? The drugs have aided in feeling like I
know for sure, that your god won’t show. So, in the meantime, we’ve both
got to find what gets us by. We just want to end the suffering, no matter
what the price.

Buy some kind of freedom with lies.

10. The Black Sheep

I carried on, but the 9 to 5 just didn’t seem right. I don’t belong, this
is the black sheep’s code. So, go ahead and sell me the road. I’m taking
off. I get high and lower my expectations, because I’m losing all and I
have no clear destination. But, death is certain… if I stay or if I go.
What fools will follow from the cliffs to the undertow? All along, you
knew that I would never make it. My higher power has six chambers and a
hammer, and my darkest hour was on the day that I was born. Grow up. Break
down. Give in. Sell out. Mother, are you proud of me now? It took so many
years to realize that nothing fucking matters. If you looked into these
eyes, all you’d see is scorn. I grew up and my faith just slowly faded. I
broke down and I spit at my creator. I gave in and indulged in a life of

I sold out, because I knew I couldn’t fucking win.

11. Scream

It just never ends. Lied to another friend. Missed another call. The
lights and the phone turned off. Keep it all to myself and lie when I’m
asked if I need help. I smile so you can’t tell. Now, I scream the things
I could never say. Naked and alone, cling to the memories that I made. And
you dream, because you no longer pray. The smile on my face, is a mask
engraved with your name. Already broken, but still pretend I can bend.
Selfishness determines who I still call a friend. Living in my own hell.
The lies have built me a cell. How long it’s been, I honestly could not
tell. It’s time to go home and you still don’t know how I really feel or
what it is that you did wrong.

So I scream the things I could never say.

Naked and alone, cling to the memories that I made.

And you dream, because you no longer pray.

The smile on my face was a mask engraved with your name.

12. The Slow Rythyms Of A Dead-Beat

Here it goes again, time to fake a smile. Life has been this way for quite
a while. I fucked it up all by myself. I couldn’t bear to ask for help.
Now, there’s nothing fueling all the hate inside, it’s just another day
without my child. I abandoned hearts. I abandoned homes. I did this all on
my own. Here it goes again, pretend that it’s all fine. Hate’s all I’ve
got, but at least it’s mine. I fucked it up all by myself. I left love
behind all on my own. So, bear witness to weakness, he’s staring right at
you. It’s taken this long just to tell you the truth. You’re looking right
back, but there’s nothing to see. I hope when you grow up, you’re nothing
like me. And the worst of times… they last forever.

Just like the hands on a broken clock, time just seems to have stopped and
yours will never rest on mine again. The slow rhythms of a dead-beat.


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