Dark Lyrics


1. The Unsubdued

[Music: M.Shafranski/Lyrics: A.Raymar]

Flames of the stake
Will burn my flesh
On final day
They will not see me smashed

My crime is the truth you are trying to hide
Knowledge is poison for the divine lie

God I have sinned
I found the way
For the mankind
That you betrayed
Truth of my words
You can't refute
I'll always stay
The unsubdued

Rebel in heart
I searched the way
Out of the dark
Where you prefer to stay

Victim of ignorance, I'm paying the price
For the triumph of science you cannot deny

2. Massada Will Never Fall

[Music: M.Shafranski/Lyrics: A.Raymar]

High on the rock it stands
Symbol of nation's pride
Written on sands of time

Cry to the sky
Over the Dead Sea
Stones will keep thy call
Massada will never fall

Three years of dreadful siege
Zealots held the onslaught
Until the foe
Brought down the stronghold's walls

One by one
They cut throats of the friends
With words of freedom
Zealots committed suicide
They died!!!

Since immemorial time
Battles tortured this land
In my song
Martyrs to freedom are praised

3. Letter Of Marque

[Music: O.Aryutkin/Lyrics: S.Losev]

33 years, only 3 on the shore
Look in tired eyes as proud as before

Challenge noble's law
Set the justice by arms
Feel the salt on tongue
Yet live sweetest of lives

Here our captain stands
Our brother in blood
Leader of the crew
Second only to god

Oceans open wide
For the holder of key
Letter of marque
License to kill

We are not thieves, simply take what we need
Honor Discipline, the only law...

Those who sail high seas
Have no family bounds
Future covered with mist
Will never reach peaceful grounds

Friends with king and whore
Noble and vice
Free to choose the lord
Fortune is rolling the dice

4. Victim Of The Light

[Music & Lyrics: O.Aryutkin]

Most heroes, who stood for the right and led us to better future,
Were betrayed, tortured, exiled, murdered for sake of cheap ideals
By ones they defended, blinded by false gods!
Thousands were condemned for deeds of glory.
This is the story of saint going down!

They say I am possessed
If so who is my lord
Whom shall I beg?
To give me power to survive
This night

I will be executed by the dawn
Whole town will watch me die
By charges I don't even know
I won't confess in ugly lies

(In) thousand years you will
Call me goddess reborn
Day of reckoning
Will judge upon us!

I will burn to bones
Rise to skies and be called
I will burn to bones
Victim of the light!

I led thy king to throne
Like dogs pave path to blind
I could reclaim the crown and
Kingdom to myself yet I

Believe in God, as most of you forgotten how
And he believes in Joan from the town of Arc!
I won't confess in ugly lies!!

In the chaos of clash
I was wounded hard.
Finest steel cut through chains
Yet my heart still beats alive!

You say I should fall and die
Like some godless mercenary
(But) manage to forget that I
Believe like most of you forgotten how
And god believes in me,
God believes in me,
God believes in Joan from the town of Arc!!!

True prophets fall regardless of time
Ages by ages darkness prevails
Losses for sake of divinity high
Savior will die, savior will die

I Destined by Lord himself
By vision empowered!
Once carried the torch of faith
Now sentenced to fire!

True prophets fall regardless of time
Ages by ages darkness prevails
Losses for sake of divinity high
Savior will die, savior will die
Savior will die, savior will die
Losses for sake of divinity high

5. Release Me

[Music: M.Shafranski/Lyrics: A.Raymar]

At the dawn of the moon
My shadow is rising
Doomed to howl at the moon
For the crime that once did for lust

After midnight I'll come through the mist
Feel my cold breath on your lips
Night with virgin will end eternal pain
Love me and...

Blood of my beloved wife
And my pain only getting worse
Jealousy ate my mind
And my love led me to the curse

Release me...

6. Soul Of A Wanderer

[Music: M.Shafranski/Lyrics: A.Raymar]

Gust of wind is calling you to hoist the sails
Signs of starlit sky will show the way
Raging sea is embracing the ship
Straying by waves is your destiny

So raise your flag up high
Follow your heart and

Master of the wind
Ruler of the waves
Follow your long way
To the Neverland
Lust for the unknown
Restless heart will keep
Fly on freedom's wings
Soul of a wanderer

Endless quest is the meaning of life
Tempt your fate you are born to be wild
Rushing guns are playing death's lullaby
Through the fire of hell you will fly

So raise your sword up high
Follow the wind and

You'll remember
Sorrow in mother's eyes
Praying you to stay home for a while

To the sunset
You are heading the course
Towards trials you're entering the storm

7. Whispers

[Music & Lyrics: O.Aryutkin]

"The only thing I wish for is for you to see the real me, not the disguise I'm wearing since the day I came to this world.
See the other side of mine - a real wicked one, like your deepest nightmare that came true! Would you follow me through this noghtmare till the end?"

Rain... falls down on me.
Rest... so close but never meant to be...
Far from alive,
Here, where spirits whisper I can

How ironic it is
That unholy would pray,
Seeking answers up there
Where no vampires (are) allowed.
Watching time pass me by,
Every color is gray
Will she understand
If I feed her blood?

Every night I wake up to hunt
Keep her out of my wicked heart
Every nightmare she sees - my reality
Will she come with me?

Moon... guides me the way
Mist... is scaring you and makes you pray
I will be near
There... a creature from your horror dreams

When the clock strikes at midnight
I will be your guide
Let me show you the path
Out of dead to alive
Let me take you away
To the cursed other side
Only one bite of lust
I will make you mine

The choice is not mine, she has to know!

My heart doesn't beat
But it pulses with pain
If I'll tell the truth
Will you call me insane?

Decide - eternal love,
Is it worth betrayal?
Is it worth the god?

Lose the soul,
Trade for strength -
Draw the line
Between night and day!

8. Lament For Soldier's Glory (Order 227)

[Music & Lyrics: O.Aryutkin]

Decades ago
Before our fathers were born
Empires clashed
In fury burning millions
Among these men
Were outlaw soldiers who's
Names is the time
Are lost forever
Fighters stood
One hundred times outnumbered
Time to attack
Break through the line of fire
No turning back
"Surrender means die!"

On the ashes of war
(Redemption by blood!)
Villains rise, heroes fall
On the ashes of war
(Now you steal my glory!)
Villains rise, heroes fall

One by one
battalions went to heaven
Given no chance
Betrayed by motherland
Sent to advance
Fatalities not counted
Sent into hell

You dare to be my judge
But seem to forget
My blood is red as yours
Was split on this land
Answered the call as one
United we stood
Till order 227 was misunderstood

9. Star Of Delusive Hopes

[Music: M.Shafranski/Lyrics: A.Raymar]

Smoke of Waterloo scattering dreams and hopes
My crown of empire is turning to crown of thorns
They can take my home, nation that I belong
But they never break my will of steel

Blessed will be nation of Liberty
I devoted myself to your fame
Triumph of heroes and glory of steel
Will forever hold sacred my name

Through Europe I passed leading the march of armies
Force of bayonets crushed and erased the orders
From Africa's bounds to woods and fields of Russia
I brought the new world and freedom's breath

I will spend my days on distant land, forgotten
There will end my path, there I'll become immortal
Years will pass away; History's page will turn
Words written by fate will never burn

"Even when I am gone, I shall remain in people's minds the star of their rights, my name will be the war cry of their efforts, the motto of their hopes."

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