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1. Dawn Of The New World (Intro)

2. Prophecy Of The Madman

[M. Shafranski, A. Raymar]

Look into my eyes
Do you see the fire of hate?
They are predicting the end
Of this rotten goddamn world

[Verse 1]
People think that I’m an insane
Poor old man who lost his mind
They hate me for my predictions
About future of mankind

On the squares of dirty cities
My words are reaching to their hearts:
“This world is doomed to be destroyed
And age of purity will rise!”

One day thunder from the sky
Will burn this world of fear and pain
Earthquakes will shake Mother Earth
Flood will wash all sins away

Rising dawn of the new world
Blinds my eyes and makes me cry
Listen to the prophecy of madman
And prepare yourself to die

How could you be free
When you’re led by other’s will?
In the name of God you kill
But worship to the gold!

[Verse 2]
Lust and filth wear mask of love
They rule hearts and souls of men
Selling women, raping children
Find delight in suffering

Our mind decays progressing
Brining mankind to its end
We must pay for our sins
And expiate them by own death


The Prophecy

My old eyes could see the signs of Apocalypse
My fevered heart feels the coming end
I can hear wrathful thunder roaring from the sky
And the earth shuddering from rage

Purifying fire will burn this world away
And in its flames you and I must die
But from the ashes will rise a seed of a new life
That will be free from vice and full of light!


Look into my eyes
Do you see the fire of hate?
They are predicting the end
Of this rotten goddamn world!


3. Lion And Hawk

[M. Shafransk, A. Raymar]

[Verse 1:]
Banner with cross is flying on the horizon
Hot desert wind is drifting dust on steel
Knights of the Temple are returning to Holy Land
The will of God must be fulfilled

They are led by the hands of Rome
Dogs of war with hearts of stone

Light of the crescent flows on the cross
And the eternal battle will rise again
Where the tears of Virgin Mary have fallen
There bloodshed will proceed and forever…

[Verse 2:]
The Tomb of Christ is in hands of the infidels
Jerusalem now is bleeding in chains
Templars are marching to bring the deliverance
Warriors of Allah will pay by their lives

Sack and rape, burn and kill
Pope have blessed all your deeds


The lion will tear the hawk!!!

[Verse 3:]
Since the inglorious crusade was over
Thousand years there is no peace on this land
And lion’s stripes are still reaching out
For the hawk that flying high in the sky

Rivalry of two worlds
Why men must die for gods?


4. The Desert (In Your Soul)

[M. Shafranski, A. Raymar / D.Kovalev]

[Verse 1:]
Is it right?
When you’re alone in this desert
And the only thing around you
Is the ocean of sand

Or stay alive
You have the choice, you’ll have forever
But there’s no escape from it
It’s just illusion in your mind

Great desert in your soul
Great desert will eat you all
Sun shines and kills you in the bottom
And there’s no way to get no water

[Verse 2:]
To survive!
But the miracle you’re waiting
Is the trap you have created
Find the will to eliminate it!

Look up to the sky!
You’re praying God to help you
But mysterious are his ways
And he have brought you to this place


[Verse 3:]
A thin line
That could bring you out and rescue
When you’re dying alone
In the depth of this desert

With the sun
In your soul you’ll find the darkness
To protect your mind and body
From it’s killing light


5. Sacred Throne

[M. Shafranski, A.Raymar]

[Verse 1:]
Destiny’s calling
“Fulfill the oaths
And step forward to the quest
For the sacred throne”

Through the dimensions
Spaces and times
Lies our way of trials
And never ending fight

We trod on this path together
My faithful friend
And sworn the oath to fight the Evil
With sword in hands

Somewhere beyond lies the kingdom
Of justice and truth
And on it’s throne of ancient wisdom
I will rule

[Verse 2:]
Do you remember
Rage of the fight
You crashed helmets by your sword
And you saved my life

Our path of glory
Is hard, my brave friend
But together we will
Pave the way to Promised Land


Hordes of Darkness surround us
But we’re standing strong
Your helping hand is by my side
So we’re holding on

I will return to the kingdom
That’s waiting for me
And on it’s sacred throne
I will rule free

Now draw your sword my old friend
And fight to the end
Forever we stand
For our Promised Land

Our dream’s coming true
For me and for you
The King will return
To his sacred throne

[Verse 3:]
We stand on the way
Of courage and might
Will of Gods protects us
And honor is our guide

Forgotten kingdom
Is waiting for us
Drink your ale my friend
And prepare for the ride!


Our friendship forged
In fire and steel
Brothers in arms for all times
We were born to win

Our union is sacred
It leads me to throne
And our journey has an end
However it’s long


6. More Than My Life (New Version)

[M. Shafranski, A.Raymar / D. Kovalev]

[Verse 1:]
I see gloomy sky
And nobody’s near
Darkness so close
I’m wet by my tears
All closed by the clouds
Grey world fall on me
Such a long way to you
That I’m going on

I’m used to fall
Strong winds are slowing me
The rain is coming down
I’m alone in the sea
My flash getting cold
Awfully right now
Strength’s dropping in body
But I’m walking somehow
You'll never know my own distress
Ocean of tears is not only mess!!!
But I can survive
I have one more chance
Impossible way
This trace is my place

More than my life
Is my love for you
Keeps me alive
Cause it lives forever
More than my life
And the night will stay behind
When I’ll bring my love to you
Ooh, I’m here!

[Verse 2:]
I see smiling faces
Surrounding me
I’m so alone now
But I still believe
On skin painful wounds
And my way is so long
Your heart is by my side
I know what I want!!!


[Verse 3:]
And a miracle happened
I see a new sunrise
It’s so blinding me
Amazing my eyes
All walls were destroyed
And rainbow in the sky
My way must come to an end
Welcome to a new life!



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