Dark Lyrics


1. Skyline In Flames (Intro)

Fanfares peal in the mists-Heaven burns !

2. In A Winter Battle


...where brave men stroke down their holy oppressors

onward they ride to the land
red are the swords in their hand
black are their souls
hate in their minds
so they are going to fight

crushing all holy and weak
burn their churches they love
burn all they have
let the blood flow
this is the hour of revenge

hear the sound of the steel
mixed with their screams
fire and flames
shine into the night
shining so bright
die by the sword
mendacious gods

unleash the unholy storm
celebrate a rebirth in the night
destroy all the sacred
destroy all the blessed
and built the vast kingdom again

on dragonships they come to the coast
to enter the sanctuary
odin's strike has begun
and will not end
till'the last one has died

[repeat chorus]

this is our war
and the saviour is dead
fighting so proud
for the bastard's end

3. A Touch Of Medieval Darkness

[Okkulto 8/95]

A night by the castle's side,enjoy the power of the silence and obscure
nature,feel the forgotten spirits

the last weak light
is burning on my skin
when i feel the shadows
a message of the night

mountains rise
before the dying sun
night will rise
till'the next short day

all sunlight is gone
black clouds wander
i sit under the nightsky
by the castle's side

dream and reality unite
everything seems endless
the pictures of the time
here they rule forever

through the depths of mind
i fly alone
crossing ages so dark
when the lie was brought

shadows dance around me
a whispering into my ear
those who died proud
take me to their realm

faster goes my journey
deeper in the time
will i reach my goal
before dawn will rise ?

horses storm through valleys
warriors call my name
the skyline is in flame
blood drops in my hands

a travel in eternity
passing my whole life
wounded is my body
in which battle i fought ?

sorrow falls upon me
i dream in time and space
i fought i fly eternally
a sunbeam kills my dream...

4. Fields Of Triumph


the fire of revenge surrounds the holy throne,take your weapons and fight on
the fields of triumph

thunder a lightning grow
breaking the silence of the night
a bloodred horizon
behind mountains of black
now we will return

through the wood of damnation
we ride
on the fields on triumph
we fight

in sorrow we waited
in hate we come back
a fire is burning
called revenge

fanfares and drums
a demonic chorus
bring the sound of your defeat
when we arrive
spread the message of rebellion

[repeat the chorus]

the ride of blasphemous masses
has just begun
like a nocturnal hurricane
blow away the holy earth

what once was a vision
is now a reality
what now is made
shall forever be

your suffering should be endless
like the time of waiting was
crawl under the hoofs
of my horse

loss of pride and will
no strenght is in his body
kneel down by your cross
pray to your lovely heaven
i will crush and destroy

the world
of your fuckingod...

our banner is rising
high on the mighty hill
i ride the over the field
in satisfaction
the battle is won forever...

5. Devil's Sword

[Okkulto 8/95]

never forget the roots,this song is done in honour of the godfathers of
unholy metal.the beginning rules supreme !

once a sword was forged in hellfire
to bring all the evil to men
hate,death and destruction
should be spreed on earth

an edge harder than all
forged with the wrath of satan
the prince of the underworld
awaits now his return

damned into the abyss
black creatures formed the steel
his origin in his power
nothing resists his stroke

prepared in endless hours
ready to serve the lord
leave the empire of satan
to fight the world of god

blood is freezing in my veins
your wrath reigns in my soul
i raise my armand say:


[repeat first verse]

6. Into A Magical Night


two warriors wandering through the night,longing for the magic of a primeval
ritual place

take my hand and walk with me
walk with me through the night
to the place of dark desires
to the tree of sorrow

we are marching and no one
can stop us
till'we found the place
of endless loneliness

do you feel what i feel
my son
this night is ours

the wintermoon is calling
and we follow him
endless in our desire
to get what we want

raise your hand to the sky
listen to the silence
the tree is spreading his arms upon us
we are him...

[repeat chorus]

my eyes burn like fire
as i gaze upon the land
i get my power
from the silence around me

i wait for the darkness
i wait for the silence
when everything sleeps
except the dark warriors

when the land is dark
the air is cleansed
fullmoon can rise

7. Crypt Of Dracul


beware your mortal soul from the bloodsucking creatures of the night,or
taste the wine of immortality

the midnight bell stars to toll
a cold mist surrounds the shining moon
the cemetary lies in a delusive sleep
someone prowls through the dark

deep in the icecold mountains
where the air freezes the souls
where all human life ends
the palace of dracul is built

young innocent life
taste the wine of immortality
the flavour of the sweet death
an elixir to infinity

a restless coffin in the crypt
the smell of blood fills the air
wolves howl to the moon
i awake. dracul's son.

8. Visions In The Autumn Shades


tortured by the heat of endless summer days,awaiting the vast autumn storms

feel the winds of vengeance
around your soul
await the first storms
you are longing for

feel the growing cold
from day to day
as the autumn shades rise
more and more

the last warmth is feeble...

i start my ceremony
lonely and dark
summon the almighty forces
for another curse

hear the lonely cries
of a sufferring soul
tortured by light and day
seeking his time

i bath in solitude...
and drown myself in sorrow...

abstract figures
appear in the fire
when the summer is gone
and cold rules night and day
now the time is near
many days i counted
now the storm is blowing
i summond before
welcome to another
hellish dream
all my spiritual power
is now within

flames are dancing
in my glancing eyes
i stare in the dark
and the land beyond
burning october sky
hear my screams
make my vague visions
a clear world

9. Porter Of Hellgate


the infernal first song of the new formation,we'll never stop because the
final disaster is near !

now as you die pain comes quickly over you
your mind is fulfilled with fear
shadows of darkness apear in the light
when your life is running away-DIE !

suffer now in darkness lonely and see
living proud is nothing worth
fall down when you realize the end
on a path to hell into the fire-BURN!

memories of a life in pleasure and light
say goodbye to the world beyond
surruonded by shadows of darkness and cold
your soul to the porter of hellgate-FALL!

10. Home For The Brave (Outro)

follow us into an ancient world,feel the spirit of those glory days and
prepare for war !

Okkulto - vocals
Infernal - guitar
Odin - bass
session drums by Tobias "Thorim" Molich
keyboard arrangements by Chorea Minor/Hekate

recorded at G.birth music ,Koblenz
19.10 - 22.10 /1995

Thanks to felrotten for sending these lyrics.

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