Dark Lyrics


1. Nefarious Divinity

They feast upon the lifeless.
Awaiting darkness, graves dug at birth.
Yearning for your end; collecting the masses.
Exploited until inheritance.
Enfeebled within the lies and treachery.
We all await an unforgiving fate.
Unlawfulness begins to consume within, devouring all senses.
We all await an unrelenting end.
Unlawfulness begins to consume within, devouring all senses.
Dictatorship of the human race.
Conveyed by greed, squandering eternity.
A lifetime of struggle and sweat.
Mocking our existence, our purpose.
Infiltrating consciousness, altering perception.
Slaves to a savior; save yourself, redeem yourself.
Carve through the innocence of the flesh.
Flourish the skin of our culture with crimson.
Searching on end.
Contrived by a miserly allegiance.
Conveyed by an indoctrination of false promises.
Regurgitating defamation.
Seeking an answer to our well-being.
Disgruntlement extracted with assertion and nerve.
Holding us captive, forever in debt.
Life with no meaning, promised a harrowing death.
Purification of our mindless vitality.
Fated to die in resentment, collapsing under a cursing sky.
Breeding vehemence.
Guided by a blood led religion, amongst a force-fed corruption.
Dwelling a lifeless existence, in this endless damnation.

2. Human Decay

Mindless parasites grinding the gears of society.
The intake of defecation taking its toll.
A race of human waste, wasting away.
Being handed our doom.
Assenting our fate.
Slaves to an adversely systemized dominance.
Governance through bloodshed.
Global extinction.
Manipulated, spiraling towards insanity.
Weak minded, brainwashed and speechless.
Nothing short of maggots for hire.
Mass production of trepidation, discord reigning over thee.
Two faction system; illusion of verdict.
All for a greater power, a jurisdiction above.
The mongrel’s true master; the hydra derives.
Prevailing all life, bestowing all death.
Controlling the masses, nourishing the beasts.
Suppression, decimation, despair.
A world sized casket draining all life.
Profit-driven decay of a world and it's guts.
A derelict authority.
Expectorate our youth, abolish our rights.
Entomb our values, endeavors, our allies.
Tied to this planet, bound to these leaders.
A dismal day for humanity.

3. Secluded Redemption

Eminence in the form of diverse embodiment.
Suppression maintained within a furtive collective.
Oppression holding us as a divided nation.
Subterranean segregation; controlling the population.
Progressively grasping all cognition.
Drudge assimilation, overlord accretion.
Nourishment within perdition, feeding off an abyss of rendition.
Increasingly prominent sacrificial abductions.
The overseer of modern society; humanities stagnant prospect.
Man's sluggish demeanor left unwatched would desert us into the arms of despair.
Give in give up, the scheme to our salvation is upon us.

4. Son Of Perdition

Here lies the burrow of ruination, the harbinger of darkness.
Death awaits the common mortal.
Once wicked breath now buried asunder, unravelment of true inducement emerges.
Pursue the footsteps of evil down to the cavernous lairs below.
There stood thee.
Hastily approaching the sepulchral chambers, incandescence becoming apparent.
Wretched stench starts to consume the soul.
Antichrist stands before my eyes.
His paralyzing gaze, watching you fade.
Antichrist stands before my eyes.
Wrathful grin, pierces within.
Chained and left for starvation, enslaved into regret.
Forced allegiance to the infernal realm, whipped into obedience.
Draining your senses he lies within.
Enthralled for no purpose, obliged false salvation.
The torturous woes are never forgotten, as the insanity sinks in.
Passage unto death, freed from reality.
Enfold the rebirth, a sinner anew.
Approach your new age of depravity; embrace the nether world.
Because truth is, we all go to hell.
Purge your life.
Free your soul.
Cleanse all sin.
Burn in hell.

5. Ill Prosperity

A celebration of abiding decay, fornicating reality.
Contagion expanding, ravaging the populace.
An inner rage of sloth.
Force-feeding the nation with debt, inflicting the bane of existence.
Beholders of wage with no deed pursued.
Occupying a stronghold of degradation.
The plague rises forth to conformity, sweeping the masses.
Crippled, diseased. Judgment so clouded, filth so pervasive.
Visceral acts have become so inept.
Withstanding prosperity; tarnished with misery.
Ill-disposed vermin crawling in waste.
Marching onward through the valley of fate; the precipice of death.
A throne built upon the destruction of prospect.
Near-dead bodies at the mouth of delusion.
Depriving embodiment; throw the herd to the wolves.
When corruption turns to aberration, the worriment ensues.
An illusion of abundance, hastily vanishing.
Sovereign encouraged stupefied state; veracious scum of the earth.
Starving for release; indisposed mindless youth.
Gorging obedience, absorbing riches, our vigor depleting.
Disfiguration, mutation, an alteration so vulgar.
Confined to malnourishment, the quandary arises.
A celebration of abiding decay, fornicating reality.
Contagion expanding, ravaging the populace.
An inner rage of sloth.
Our common demeanor has created inhuman disease.
Fear strikes the wicked as we become a new breed.
Swine for slaughter!
The human race not sane until they bleed.

6. Born Condemned

Ghostly remains scourge my lucidity; the past knocking at my door.
Knife in its hands, cursed is my blessing.
My being is damned.
Hostile advocates of righteousness, disciples of death.
Take me away from this treacherous life, this corrupted world of envy.
These once forgotten deeds, blocked out of my mind.
Orphaned thoughts creeping up past my demise.
Dying acts of displacement catching up with my former sins.
Arriving to serve justice; begging for empathy.
Abandoned rumination turns to sorrow.
Yearning for an alternate past.
Enforced into sin.
All of these demons inside head; once subsided, now arising.
Ascending through my evicted motives, near extinct but never neglected.
These once forgotten deeds, blocked out of my mind.
Orphaned thoughts creeping up past my demise.
We’re all an incarnation of sin; born condemned.
Death is the only answer.

7. Unholy Incursion

The gates of hell have been unlocked; the devil unleashed.
His touch turns life to rot as he traverses our soil.
His venom spreads throughout the land, accelerated, disintegrating with every step.
His army transgresses; heedless, varmint, wreck!
Demented race of ruptured minds, fleeing sentience and sanity.
The globe is their salvation, unleashing an omnipresent havoc.
Profusion of suffering, propagating perdition.
Their burden upon us, fiending damnation. Infernal decay.
The earth goes up in flames.
I start to tremble as I witness his presence.
Cloud of minions in his shadow.
The flames arising, reaching the sky.
Their burden upon us, fiending damnation.
Infernal decay.
The earth goes up in flames.
All hell broke loose and the gates are closing behind them.
Our world has become the devil’s new home.

8. Misery Enslaved

Birthed into a world of hatred, forever adverse.
The thorns are entwining, I feel no remorse.
Visions of carnage, suppress them I must.
Walking the drag, my life on the line.
Take a look around, disorder everywhere.
Horror feeding the mind, constant nag within the soul.
This life of mourning is merely discerning, wholly exposing new filth so vile.
Break through these shackles, my entity is jaded.
Forever flawed; there is no return.
The beast is unleashed I can no longer hide.
Repressed anger brought out the demons inside.
Spew forth the malice, behold my true wrath.
Shake as my wreckage tears all on my path.
Blinded by animosity; vision impaired.
Ignorance is bliss, cognizance a breach for an erratic being.
Fighting infinitum, the pendulum swings.
Open the floodgates to oblivion, unleash the evil within.
Boundlessly bit my serpent tongue.
Witness the scoundrel’s rebirth.
Lucifer! Lucifer! Prince of darkness, whole again.
Fear him for I have seen too much.
The beast is unleashed I can no longer hide.
Repressed anger; brought out the demons inside.
Spew forth the malice, behold my true wrath.
Shake as my wreckage tears all on my path.

9. Buried Affliction

Deprived of all reason, this occurrence surreal.
Can’t cope with the affliction, a bloodshed essential.
The apathy growing, my heart has turned numb.
Stake to the lungs to tarnish my thoughts, feeding my need for revenge.
Shadow of departure; the mourning, the misery.
A haunting vision of what could have been.
Eternal ghost of my defeat.
Spectral compassion, lifeless remorse.
Fathom the need to emerge as a widower.
Gave you away to fulfill my fallacy.
Bewitched I lay besides her, barren and bound.
Necromantic, spellbinding murder.
Tortured by disorder, derangement of sin.
Desolate and dreary, her carcass beside me.
Mangled and mutilated to conquer my sickness.
Strained with this torment of envy and fear.
To not bear this burden; timeless absolution.
Rotting corpse exposed to mere filth, victim of lust and the virtue of agony.
A night for the wicked, horrid rejoice.
Retribution honored through carnage.
An indisposed plot of enduring anxiety.
Improper burial.
My victim abandoned.
Ridding my grief.
Body asunder, I nail the coffin shut.
I take one last look at my departed rapture as I bury my sorrow six foot deep.

10. Exodus

Pursuing the fog lights into the damp well below.
I follow the footsteps to carry out the evilest of deeds.
Sent from the abyss, tormented, alone.
What came to follow I didn’t know.
Promised good fortune for a small fee, I signed my soul away; so the devils may feed.
Vowed to commit a crime, boundless restitution in return.
Onward to the depths below, that’s where I saw him.
Broken and beaten, left withered and senseless.
Begging for mercy, terror and fear.
I close my eyes and lay down the hatchet.
Silence befalls, perception crumbles around me.
My chronicle unfolding, rush spreads throughout my veins, I grasp for one last breath.
Sequential cerebral motion.
Impending fate, the horror unravels.
Voiceless redemption, time stands still.
Putrid smell starts filling the air.
The process of degeneration engaged.
Quickly discharging.
My soul is grasping for flesh as I feel it slipping away.
Bask into the darkness, bleak halls fading to black.
Preach! For Empyrean!
Vultures assembling, the wolves are gathering.
Preach! For Empyrean!
The pale horse approaches, death lays before me.
Slip out of consciousness as my body is birthed into remission.
Lucid dreaming into the afterlife, I meet my demise.
Home at last; this sense of release.
I can feel him; I can hear the reaper calling my name.
Death stares me in the eyes as i start to fade away.
My tainted corpse lingers before being taken to the grave.

11. Immortal

Nefarious thoughts haunt me while I sleep, heinous reflections of vitality.
The madness inside me growing in exasperation.
A necessary evil, crucial surge of dismay.
Losing sight of existence, the terror devours all aspiration.
Deranged if indifferent, bottled up anger finding release.
Exonerate myself from these bitter thoughts; murder, torture, bloodshed.
Clenched fists liberating my hatred, mandatory violence aiding my deliverance.
Tear through the meaning of life, living for no purpose.
Constant struggle, day in, day out.
Everlasting sense of incompetence, failure and defeat.
There is no hope.
Chaos reigns over this world of darkness.
My pain is never ending.
Transgression constantly feeding my essence.
I am immortal.

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