Dark Lyrics


1. Animus


2. Flesh Prison

This ministry we call hope is nothing but a fallen con. The
faith we put into society is foul and useless. False prophets predicting the
end of the world, feeding this surge of terror. Disambiguation of our fear; our
thoughts and our motives. Obsessed until exhaustion, single-minded till
self-destruction. Wrought into this tomb of conformity. We’re doomed. We
breathe in pain and distress. This hell that we live in is nothing compared to
the grave we’re digging. The face of the earth will succumb to the wrath of its
gravity. Why are we struggling to preserve a world not worth living in and
breed life into death?


3. Downfall

Witness humanity's decline as we fade into the nothingness.
Consuming everything on our path, leaving behind nothing but desolation. We are
a self-destructive race, murders within the flesh. We are a contagious plague.
Breeding hatred into our world. Eradication of the masses, our evolution was
built upon failures. Drowning closer to the edge of extinction. Deprived of any
hope, a new era will begin. We are now facing the consequences of our
innocence. Embracing the end with contempt for this life. Restless and
suffocating, I’m barely breathing.


4. Archaic Ascendency

Death through descent. Oppression lies within the hands
of the ancient, forever founding the fallacy of worthlessness. Destined to rot
till the wasted fade. Our defiance disrupting our integrity. Condemned to
depredation, our common adversary: our own givers of life. Bloodshed, torture,
torment. Fortitude, essence to our transgression. Youth ingested through
systematic work and placement. Fate’s already decided, we implement. History
shaped according to a goal and motive. We are the sons of despair, the fathers
of annihilation. We embody a waste of life. We are nothing but a severed limb.
We are amputees of a power above. Their reign shall end now. We’ve squandered
our time enough thus far. It’s time to take death back and rid the ancient.
Rebuild a society not for the living dead. We will not fall we are immortal.
Scorn the breath of genesis; the harmony of heart and decay.


5. Odium


6. Deathsphere

Harvesting the fuel of infection, death stands before us. Slaves
of the modern day, serving doom till our sentence. Wastelands of unwanted
supremacy. Rotting lairs of a scorn empire. We’ve been abandoned, been fooled
into perfecting the lives of The Few. Now they’ve vanished, and we’re left with
nothing but disgust. Behold the terror of dysfunction. Working our way to
honor, shaping our future. Dismantling our mindless efforts. We all believed
the myths, the fiction. Crumbling under the weight of absurdity. We’ve been
lead to being thoughtless and to live a life without thinking about or doubting
a single leader. Now’s too late.


7. Ministry Of Deceit

Welcome to the world of the mislead, where one can scream
and never be heard (by a single lonesome soul). Our systems and conventions are
all fabrication of man's greed and malevolence. Juggernauts of our social
media, ministers of manufactured truth and lies. Keepers of all that's right or
wrong. They who possess the key to our entity. Masterminds of our futile
existence. Calculated deaths, twisting ends and ties. Woes exhibited through
delusion. Between walls slither the mutters of the unseen. Subconscious
manipulation of the mind. This unending plague of animosity. This turmoil can
be no longer. Overwrought, we have become. This is our time, this is upheaval.
This is a revolution. We will never be silenced, so long as we have a voice.


8. Spawn Of Synthesis

This horrid and broken reality will soon cease to falter.
Pursuing the road to eternity to be left with rupture and dissention. These
expectations meet exasperation. Mannerism has lead us to our insanity. Caught
in this vicious epoch of tradition; deception and resentment. These false
alliances serve no purpose. This logic yet to be unearthed. Becoming guilty by
association, to be blamed by affiliation. Limited indulgence; are you worth it?
Eternal ties; forever imprisoned. So be the judge and I’ll be the victim.
Exiled to the depths of my own moral. This fabricated entity is nothing but


9. Revocation

Desolation leading to the obliteration of all reason. Devastating
the underground, the heavens and everything in between. Disgorging the
transcendent of humanity. Corroded intellect disordering the profundity we once
had. Ignorance decomposing the last of our morality. Disengage this endless
brutality. Paradoxal disfigurement, perpetual rounds for a pointless victory.
Just to say, just to prove. The foundation to this sovereignty of fear is
everlasting. Bring forth the soldiers of enigma, the army of putrefaction.
Salvage what’s left; piles of rot. We’ve been ruined. Revocation is our only

Antoine Millette: bass
Karl Desjardins: drums
Martin Trottier: guitars
Dominic D.D.: vocals

Thanks to gibsonberry for sending these lyrics.

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