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1. Psychospiritual Mysticism

Lost Leukaristos
Laugaricio found...
Vagus endeavouring dolomite of Carpathia...
Harmony of spheres in sadness of valleys
Voiceless for three years

In embrace of night music is born
Patron of dark lyrics
That breaks mournful echo of silence

We are bright flame of this ball
Where Muse created flower in dance with Psyché
Founded past of eternal magic
Revealed spell of black art

Star of knowledge is ablazing in reflection under our feet
In its light merged five sights in distance
Now we are standing in cinder, new is melting with old one
Wind kindles only smothering embers
And silence dies drop by drop again...

Between the world of logic and fantasy
Techniques and rituals lies the realm of shadows
Space, which is ruled by mighty hierarchists
Of hermetic illusions

It was rejected as a land of maniacs
Which knowledge is wicked and dangerous
Yird where illusion is the truth
And the truth faded away

Space around which religion raised the walls
Having no courage to enter
Space, which exhausts the soul, perforates feeble mind
And rack - rents the skin off mortal body

So it was rejected as a land of maniacs
Which knowledge is wicked and dangerous
Yird where illusion is the truth
And the truth faded away

When the night ravishes the day
And the twilight choir dies away
Green beam burns the inner flame
Scattered star light rules again
State of holy lunacy,
Domination of shaman's space

Psychospiritual warriors swarm
Invoking rebirth of the 'I'
Via rituals of new aeon
Others, who are not only members
Of existential collapse within space and time
But they are becoming its creators
Supremacy of shaman's space

From the highlands beyond good and evil
Governs entities of astral empire
Through magic rhythm finds the keys
Like a mystic bell into the sleeper's soul

Between the world of logic and fantasy
Techniques and rituals lies the realm of shadows
Space, which is ruled by mighty hierarchists
Of hermetic illusions

Shaman's space

2. Blind Equilibrium (A Complete Degeneracy Of Perfect Cosmological Principles)

Within universe without illusions and light
Wanders stranger in human masque
Inside a cage of sickly mind
Dwells clean state, sprouting seed, metaphysics disappears

From darkness we inure to live
Before we start to think
Gnawing worm is inside of me
Preparing in subtlety of heart as a great masterpiece

Musing obstructs internal rest
Knowledge of world drowns in scepsis, everything vanishes in mist
Time evaporates to infinity
And touch of lethargy quickens latent acerbity

Fetter of life forged by the great ideas says
That religion and science transcend living - give it sense
That fallacy on people not living for their lives,
But for hope which betrays them when eternal gloom will come

Collapse of all belief systems leads to universal nihilism,
Hopelessness and collapse of civilisation
All those who search for eternal life will find eternal death
And those who search for logic will swallow absurdity

In their ash I'm wading towards the jerkiness
Where illogical trends formed principles of logic
Wittingly manipulated with "similar" as with "same"
But nothing is the same itself and prevailing winds blind again

From ruins of assertions I'm gazing alone,<,
Reality is a storm which blast dies on horizon
Bottomless void is growing with me
Elusion from light

Idea converges to boundary value
And calmly drifts in dance of absurdity, hope and death

Face the black hole
Embrace the time
Feel the presence
Of Equilibrium

Meaning of life is life itself, nothing else
And logic is only for surviving...
...but nothing more

3. NAVb - Carpathian Sonnet Of The Dead

Solidified clay deceived by faint light of day
Across trees flew short dusk without flame
Today the frost drains marl drunken by rains
Doused will be land tortured by winds

Embrace of mist overflowing the sticks
Eagerly awaits on repulsive gravestones
Under funeral ground is bore nocturnal fear
Silence screams when unrest resides on soul

Chilly timber surrounded chalcedonian seas
Ominous whip of wings spoke from the crests
Crimson eyes flared and clearly burn
Darken skies by quills are declaring Kraèún

Burning crimson of twilight has disappeared
Paraselena is hidden by mist
Funeral calm turned to gale in necropolis
And mortal land crossed the dead

Fiery glances soared over rainy mountains
By mourning screech they are paving their way
Souls that fly will recover on ground
And dead men on hooves will bring the revenge

Behind the gates of life, beyond the fire of torch
From sacred yird, where dead ones dwell
Come souls so silent and secretly

Aeons of wolflike famine howl the choirs
That chant of the dead will burn by blaze
Invisible black hordes will gallop tonight

Clatter turns to silence - majestic and solemn
Seven winters passed away, twelfth fullmoon rules
Spirits are still roaming and graves are emptied
Graves are vacant and spirits are wandering

Marble on cenotaph got so cold
Nightly gesture oranta redeems the forlorns
And carpathian forests will hide the strayers

4. Demonized Muse

Stone of olden ages in the eye's pupil of sculptor of perfectness
Spectre of creation hangs above him, soaking into himself
Everything was here before and everything was somewhere written
Stories with faded face of truth are becoming legends...

Small demon of tumult slowly caught his breath
And showed me the depths of abyss of doubt and disbelief
Closed windows are silent challenge to open them agape
Light will fill the depths of fear of our unconsiousness

Vault of heaven in gleaming night
Principle of creation is falling on us
We snatch the Muse in clear desire
To become prime movers of conception

She's in springs of irascible thoughts
When dusk is nesting in ruins of walls
Assaults memoried souls, resides in recluse's heart
And hidden truth impels us to action

Everyday I discover something new and it multiplies my desire for knowledge
Each gulp urges bigger hunger - infinite choice of chances
...while exhausted mind wanders on mosaic of ideas
Muses always uncover to chosen one only a few pieces of stones

Vault of heaven in gleaming night
Principle of creation is falling on us
We snatch the Muse in clear desire
To become prime movers of conception

The one who held inside indestructable energy
Knows that time ruins only mortal beauty

5. Anamnesis

My origin is in fire of vernal space
Each atom in my flesh
Was here long before living
In flames I witnessed cosmos coming

I hold the legacy of long-lived energy
Floating balance disguised in evolution
Along with dust of space ancestry
I shield the inner flame of stellar cremation

Revolted demigod burned his bridges
Escape from nature, where true wisdom mature
And he never found again the lost virtue

But man stole the fire and all elements enclosed
Searched for Khaos' source, when space-time arose
Staring beyond horizon as his twilight grows

In cold dark oblivion ideas are drowning
Knowing my grave by heart
From beginning I lay inside
Whenever I rise in superior form of living

I materialized and love beauty
But I'm wading in the dirt of world
That mud overflows history of cruelty
Through senses of man to time-eternity

Constant presence of death allures me
As much as it dreads you
I'm being, that came from deep space to Earth

Myriads of fiery spots surround me
In their stable beams I see the past
I remember my burning in stars

6. Beyond The Limits Of Language


7. Metaphysical Implication Of Evil (Spiritual Cremation)

Magic geometry
Forlorn prayer cemetery
False Messiah
Sanguinary gate leading to Assiah

Crown of thorns, baby's giggling
Galaxies created for eternal sin
Moist tombs, guilt of love
Death is the only certainty
Being the route to new life

By destructive flame heavens flared
Cinder is creeping on sanctity chimera
In freezing shine of midnight suns
Lifeless light devoted to night

Everything breeds, everything dies
Eternity between two heartbeats flows
None of the stars is timeless
Only infinite black darkness
It was origin - comprehend
't was beginning, 't will be end

Magic geometry
Desperate prayer cemetery
Fake Messiah
Burning gate leading to Assiah

Pain and delight, temple of lust,
Vision of power and glory wheedles Black and white, no middle curse
Without kiss of vice we don't know virtue
Through evil we learn

Evil is not only absence, it's forcing power,
Living spiritual being,
To which we behold, being aware of it

Blaze communes on heaven's throne,
When weakness and acrimony are born
Creature of angel sows to souls:
Possibility of choice, seed of eternal pain

8. Crepuscular Conquest

Lie down, my friend, into the bed of home
Let the dream protect you from coming of night
Enchained prejudice leave in irons
In celebration of dusk I devote to might

Human era formed by myths at fires, whatever is heard in gales...

Eyes of fear open agape
When night is chilly, tenebrous and wicked
Wait for early coming of new morning
When birth of sun denotes victories

The night arise even from east
And Muses are born by waning Luna
Morel-black art I create with heart
Ambient crawls in silence feast

Search the forgotten light of noon
In unclean powers of silver moon
In its influence well-known timber
Is changing to calm ghastly chamber

Each light is shadowing
And shadows are seducing
Dark companion follows me
From dusk to dusk...

Try to find beauty in miraculous night of Saovine...

Embedded to night like ivy and tree
I wait for hunt with elate soul
Only morning sun will scare away
Feathers of angels under nest of eagle- owl

9. Cosmic Tragedy

Justice and wisdom, as other things
Which are very sympathetic
Which attracts so many souls
Have in their earthly shape barely glitter

Only a few people can face its forms
And enter the palace with numb senses
They hardly notice genuine substance
They hardly notice genuine tenet

At that time of beginning
When we were proceeding
In the cue of beatifics
Glorious beauty was shining

We were staring in bright shine
At immaculate revelations
Rejoicing in dedication of perfectness
Unremarked by something, which name is flesh

Everything here by spirit created
Is bounded back to matter
True pleasure never came here
Lamentable twisted place

Captured in slavery of our passion
For eternal yearning of knowledge
Beings robbed by matter, without memories
With no understanding the causes in wheel of Karma process

Everything like a dream and nightmare is
The truth rests in awakening
We bow before limitations of our mind
Like flowers in breath of nocturnal cold

Lifeless emotions ignorance rules without logic of guilt
Breaking the seventh seal is urgent
In this laterna magika of sorrow
A new king is crowned

However bright flame accrue from the sky
What was dust, stone will be,
Which's glory endures ages

Cosmic tragicomedy for single spectator will be over

10. Heathen Esoteric Transmissions


11. Kisses Of Suffering

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