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1. What Have We Become

There must be a reason, some kind of plan.
Can someone please help me understand.
Crushing everything but I try,
Find some meaning to it but I fail to find some justice as I say good bye.

Rise over the masses what's just up ahead.
There's a message that needs to be said.

This ain't a purpose to fight for what have we become?
Everything turns in to dust.
There's nothing left of you now.
Can you tell what's right from wrong?
Our beating hearts, has turned to solid stone.

We burn bridges.
So ambitious.
Reaching for something but we don't know what.
Marching forward as I as was obsessed.
Breathing fire burning in my chest.
Celebrate one victory as we lose the rest.
We can't show no weakness, its gone to our heads.
Maybe it's best if we give up instead?

Don't persist. It's meaningless to try.
Let's stop it all before we die.
This bitterness that we harvest, a manifest of our downfall.
This emptiness, has lead us to the end.

This ain't a purpose to fight for what have we become?

2. Ashes

Now it seems so lonely
As I stumble through the answers
In this endless agony

The resentment fans the flames

Like pouring salt into a wound
The silence beckons me
Is this the ending?

Through the fire rise from the ashes
Never giving in
Every soul ascends to war
There's a Phoenix in us all

Now theres no surrender (no surrender)
And the anger seems to linger in this hopeless tragedy
A decision has been made
No more broken promises will speak my name

Fans the flames (fans the flames)
Now as I move on
The question still remains
(The question still remains)
Is this the ending?

Through the fire rise from the ashes
Every soul ascends to war
Theres a Phoenix in us all (end)

3. All That It Takes

I fucked up so many times
I've lost count of my falls, but I still recall when everything I did was great.
But all just turned to shit for me.
I need to prove myself, I can be someone else.

It's all that it takes, one moment that change the foundation you stand on
Your time, your one chance to redeem your mistakes.
And your history will be gone.

When will it be my time?
Will I actually leave and actually try?
Somehow I'll shape my fate, just hope it's not too late.
I can make my own luck, just need to brake these chains that keep me stuck.
So I fall to my knees.

Give me strength to rise above.
About time I wake up and save myself.

4. Monster

[feat. Jenny Fagerstrandh]

The weight of the air has been lighter lately.
Feels like I'm leaving ground to fly for the first time, when you're around.
It's stupid I know, I've been told how these kind of stories go.
I think that I'm going insane.
But I don't care I'll take your hand and fly again.

I'm in love with monster.
You are the reason I fear for myself.
A wicked game but I wonder,
Would it be the same without the pain?

Like moths to a flame I am drawn to you.
It's dangerous I know but I just can't help myself.
If you only knew.
This thing that we have is a chronic addiction,
I breathe through you.
A wonderful curse keeps me by your side,
I'm in love with the beast in you.

Yours forever, I swear.
Swear it's true.
Yours forever, if your dare.
Well, do you?
When the darkness grows in me, will this love truly set me free?

I look at you and I ask myself, would you follow me, would you follow me?
Because I would walk to the edge of the world, just be with you,
I'd follow through till the end.
Follow through till the end.
Follow through till the end.
Follow through till the end

5. Overload

That's enough,
Let me specify.
If karma exist, then you'd be dead a thousand times.
You think you're tough?

Come and look me in the eyes, let me be your reaper, repent all your crimes.

I've tried turning the other cheek, be the better man and don't be weak.
I overload.
I'm in fuck you mode and I'm about to explode,
So let's fight fight fight fight,
No matter what you always find a reason to fight fight fight fight
Every goddamn time.
Feeding on the living, like a leach you are depraving.
Only take there is no giving, hear me say

There's a special place for you in hell
Maybe you can tell
You have injected hate in my mind
So why don't you lay down and die
Time to say your last goodbyes.

I'm fed up, you really push your luck.
Can't believe you're so oblivious, everything about you just suck.
Wish you were lightning struck.
I'm so sick and tired of your selfishness.
Unspeakable behavior, somethings you just can't undo.
I've never met someone who act the way you do.
Just stay away, you trigger me, you're fueling all this hate.

What goes around comes around.
I really do believe that justice comes for all, this is my call.

6. If You Believe

I'm standing right here before you.
This is who I am, won't you understand
I am exposing my heart to you.

So come let's go.

Try me one more time, just another chance, have some faith in me.
Try me one more time, we can find romance, if you just believe!
Just believe, just believe, just believe,!

What you see is what you get, there's no Russian roulette with me.
Why would I deceive, so just believe.

I can't persuade you, nothing that I can do.
So much hesitation, but I just can't undo my past.
Wish you could see my point of view.
Please don't let me down,
Please don't let me down,
Please don't let me down,
Please don't let me down,
Please don't let me down!

7. Mimic

It's like you all try to be someone else and I just can't take the hoax anymore.
It's absurd, you're all so lifeless.
On the surface, all the same, the same product with different names.

Trying to be what you see on the screen.
But your personality's dead.
What you try to achieve is obscene.
And it needs to be said.

Don't you think it's time you show me who you are?
It's always an act, just like you're hiding something.
Let me in I want to know the real you.
As a matter of fact, this time it's all or nothing.

Life is more than copy paste, why would you walk on the same old track?
It's yourself that you've erased.
It's not too late, wake the fuck up and just come back!

8. Carry On

A lifetime on the road we've run, never been so satisfied.
Now all we've done is in the past, well at least we've had a blast.

For all the things we've shared, dreams come, true.
More parties will be had.
We will never quit on you.

Feels like it had just begun, now that all is said and done we
Just want to carry on, oh just carry on.
Feels like it had just begun, one last show before we're gone
Just want to carry on, oh just carry on.

Every thought of our nights together fills our heart with contentment.
From the start, you've reassured me, this is why we were meant to be.
Like brothers in arms, you are the reason we travel the world just to meet once again, but in the end.

Far away but we still can remember where we're from.
But it's never until, until the end that you become well aware of the what the journey really has done to your soul.
When you realize, the journey was the goal.

9. Train Wreck

Take me far away to the stars.
Far away from all this hate, and far away to a better place.
Far away to the stars.
Leave this train wreck far behind, just leave this broken state of mind.

Save our souls, we have lost control.
Why are we turning on each other, we are not enemies.
Save our souls.
We have lost all hope.
Our beds are burning
Will we find a way to stop eventually?

Take me far away to the stars.
There's so much that can't be undone, panic affecting everyone.
Chaos spreading everywhere, are we bound to follow this madness through?
This affects you!

Please come hear my prayer, can we go back to yesterday?
We, we dwell fear.
The price to high but still we pay.
Dear God can you hear me, I just want this world to end.

10. One Hour Stranger

Heart is beating.
Late night meeting.
Once again I'm here.
It's dirty cheating and the guilt just will not disappear.

But the thing we share will never be more than this, god I swear.
I'm conflicted, yet addicted to this love affair.
Can't seem to stop all this madness, you're like a magnet to me.
No way this won't end in sadness, but I'm not ready to leave.

I'll treat you just like an angel, then I'll be gone.
You know that I can't stay around.
The one hour stranger, it has been fun.
But times up and I'd better run.

Phone's vibrating, it's you who're baiting, and I receive a text.
Won't keep you waiting, so frustrating, because I know what will happen next.
I'll find a way to believe that you really need me, that there's no other way you'll get what you crave.
I try so hard to work out this bullshit, but I'm your bitch, I'm your fucking slave.

I know it's wrong but it just feels so right.
Can we keep on? So kill the lights.
The things we do, maybe just one more night?
I'm leaving by dawn, and stay out of sight.

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