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1. Spheres Of Conquest

The flood comes
And who shall stand
Let it rain the bloodshed
Of a millennium in a day
Never again to see the dawn
I come in many shapes and forms
All is lost and death is gained
For I am many and we are one
Human suffering is a wonderful thing
A truly glorious thing
Bring forth the end
Everything is the grand nothing
Through eyes that can't see
Let the blood drip
Up upon the heavens
Glorious suffering
Through war
Crushing the sublime
What the dead see
In a reality without meaning
Born through the eyes of quintessence
A legend of power
Die worthless human
Die worthless human
Die worthless human
Die worthless human
Die worthless human
Die worthless human

2. Assuming The Form

Master I am thee
Assuming the form
Of a yearning Deity
In thy form I shall rule
For master I am thee
I shall always be thee
Fallen gods cry out
Death's unseen in the abyss
Death to the fallen gods
Proclaim their death in the abyss
Lord of the darkness
Lord of death
Lord of all
My soul is marked
I am thy servant
You are me
I serve only me...
I am the creature
I am the beast

3. Pandemonium Incarnate

We are the might of chaos
We are chaos incarnate
With chaos we shall obtain
Chaos be us chaos
Chaos free us chaos
Chaos bring us chaos
Bring me - chaos damnation and war
War-War of the race
War-War for the dark
War-For we are the sons
Show me - chaos pain and war
Chaos come to us we are of thine
We art thy chaos warriors
We burn with thy chaotic hatred
Chaos come unto me
With thy might we shall invoke chaos
Thou made us warmongers of chaos
Thy biding we shall serve for chaos
Chaos bring us war
Chaos bring us death
Chaos bring us pain
We are - pain death and war

4. I Am Hate

Until death takes its mark
I will stand alone
For my Gods might
I slay the fallen souls
Over the lands of the dead
My wrath shall be felt
To be to be
What earth can be!
I am the son of darkness
I am the brood of hatred
I have the strength of damnation
I see the fire in the black abyss
I see the souls of the dead arise
For the wrath I have become
For the hate I shall be
It is all I am
I am all

5. Flow Through The Black Stars

Where They Keep The Dead
Swallow the decay
Where the liquid life flows
Form into nothingness
To have the answer
The clouds beckon
And the soil sleeps
What is shall be of none
Intermingled visions
Of dead dreams
Seek the dead
As a holy sacrament
Obscure sweet wine
The purity of black water
Under the rage
Who shall stand
Why must I be bound to earth
When my thoughts travel beyond
Why must I be bound to life
When I yearn for the end
Why must I be bound to flesh
When my mind knows no limits
The shadows burn
The flame appeases me
Be gone earth and flesh
Take these tired limbs of mine
To where the dead keep their bones
I am the soul of dead
Sinister Hate
Enchanting offerings
So I Scream For Mankind
Only In Death You Are Beautiful

6. For The Sin Of Ages

I stand alone for eternity's unbound
Till the end of time I am the one
Bleeding to the abyss the blood is theirs
Lord of darkness we are thine
Unbound be the darkness
For it is my soul
And the darkness is I
My eternity
For all eternity
Until forever is no more
Ages of wrath grown
Ages of hate grown
Ages of sin grown
I am strong
Standing alone
In the seas of blood
Reaching up
For the skies of fire
All shall be mine
The sun now setting unto darkness
Our time our time has come

7. Thy Altar Of Darkness


8. Burning Hate

Worthless maggot
Inferior worm
Filthy swine
Die by my hands
The hate - It burns inside me
The Hate - It makes me strong
You are beneath content
I'll slay your fucking kin
I'll tear out your filthy guts
The hate - It burns inside me
The hate - It makes me strong
Your blood shall be on my hands
Your futile existence shall met an end
Your miserable pointless being shall cease
As your life leaves your by my hands
You are beneath content
I'll slay your fucking kin
I'll tear out your filthy guts

9. The Coming

To be the river
That flies in my head
To be the land
That burns in my head
To be the air
That flows in my head
To be the flame
That is solid in my head
Where he yearns
I call the storms
The seven winds
Speak my birth
Proclaim my name
The end is here
Bare witness to the I
For nothing shall remain everything
Vile evil demonic fornication
Spawned by blackness
To destroy his creation
Let the seven winds proclaim my coming
Let disease war and destruction
Be the omens of my arrival
Spawned into this earth the I
Let each child commit parricide
For from the womb life essence flows
As does the skies with lunacy
This is the dawn of the end
Like the celestial fire
Burning the red veil
When all comes
It shall be nothing
I am many
And we are one

10. Darkness Is

Before the mask
For the blood it was
It was undone
None shall see
But all shall be
Longing mortal visions
Carried by dead hands
Across the fields of plague
Howling winds of suffering
I feel the dark flames
I see them burning my flesh
And willingly I embrace
What might be
My last breath
Darkness is
What Is Not
I will just sit here all alone
And curse humanity

11. We Take The Throne

Rise the swords in wrath
The day of the new dawn has come
Dawning of the darkness
Blood will we taste
For we are mighty and wise
The day of days has come
Now we take the throne
Souls of the netherworlds - unite in dark triumph
Burning souls of eternities unbound
Stand for the only evil that is true
This darkened day is now dawning
Eternity's from here on after is ours
What once was ours
We now take again
Our ancient throne - shall be regained
Darkness- Darkness
Be my wrath
Demon - Demon
Be my hate
War and domination is our means
The throne is ours once again
Our enemies are all dead and gone
We have conquered our throne
Forever the throne shall be ours

12. The Path

This path I walk
I can't stray
I've chosen my way
Where it takes me
I must follow
Let me demons
Led by demons
Bring me the darkness
Give me the sign
I have yearned for
Guide my dark path
Bleeding the hate
I walk filthy soil
Breathing the wrath
I wander the wasteland
Seeing the soul of innocence
Crushing faithfully of death
On my hands their life has left
My path leads me to the unknown
I am the source of hate
I am the ruin of hope
I am the blood of anger
I am destroyer of life
So where will my path take me
I who man this disgrace towards all
Eternity holds the key to the gate
The gate shall be opened

13. Iamall


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